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Vince: Morning, Zina. Just wanted to say thanks again!

文斯:         早安,吉娜。只是想再次说声谢谢!


Zina:           Hi, Vince. Thanks for stopping by. How’s the work coming along for the 1) online auction?

吉娜:  嗨,文斯。多谢你又顺道过来了。线上竞标的工作进行得如何?


Vince:         Oh, yeah. I’m glad you 2) mentioned that. I think we need to hire somebody new to 3)manage it.

文斯:         对了。我很高兴你提起这件事。我认为我们得请个新人来负责这部分。


Zina:  Can’t Elvin 4) handle it?

吉娜:         艾文他处理不来吗?


Vince:         I think he’s got too much on his plate.

文斯:         他手边有太多事要做了。





A: Will you tell your boss I’m interested in a job?



B: I’ll mention it tomorrow.



have too much on one’s plate 贪多嚼不烂】


就算一个人的能力无穷,他的时间终究有限,若此时工作任务如排山倒海而来,难免让人怀疑他就算能一心二用,恐怕也免不了焦头烂额的下场,最后没有一样事情能做好。这种情况你就可以用Someone has too much on one’s plate.来形容“(某人)贪多嚼不烂。”


A:  I think he has too much on his plate right now.


B:  I agree. He’s too busy to return my calls, and we have some important business to




跟这个惯用词相近的还有have a lot on one’s plate,“有很多事要忙”。


A: I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. But you also have to consider your health.


B: I can’t agree more.



1) online auction  线上竞标

2) mention  (v.)  提及,说到

3) manage (v.)  管理, 处理

4) handle (v.)  料理,处理。take care of…亦为“料理,处理……”的意思。

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