Business English Lesson – I am a freelancer



Dave:  Yeah. You don’t need to rub it in.

戴夫:         是啊。不劳你落井下石了。


Mary:  And then she 1) made the deal with MicroPower. Vince wanted to sell for fifteen million…

玛莉:         然后她跟“微力”谈妥了条件。文斯本想用一千五百万卖掉的……


Dave:  Fifteen? And Zina pushed them up to seventy-five?

戴夫:         一千五百万?而吉娜逼他们出到了七千五百万?


Mary:  That’s right. Vince still stops by her office every day to thank her.

玛莉:         没错。文斯到现在都还每天经过她的办公室,跟她道谢呢。


Dave:  Anyway, I’m still happy I left. I’m working as a 2) freelancer now.

戴夫:         不管怎样,我还是很高兴我离开了。我现在是自由工作者。


Mary:  You really should have stayed with us, Dave.

玛莉:         你当初真该留下跟我们一道的,戴夫。




A: Who do you work for?



B: No one. I’m a freelancer.



rub it in 落井下石】


rub it in 的这个动作就像是一抹再抹,越抹越进去的感觉,而这个片语在使用上,就是“落井下石”的意思,明明人家已经很惨了,却还要打落水狗,在伤口上撒盐。


A: So, your sister beat you in bowling!


B: Stop rubbing it in, OK?



A: Didn’t I tell you over and over again she doesn’t like you?


B: You don’t have to rub it in.



1) deal (n.)  交易;make a deal with…与……交易

2) freelancer (n.)  自由工作者

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