Business English in Hong Kong – At the Trade Show

Business English in Hong Kong - At the Trade Show

◆ An American importer talks with a Chinese salesman at a trade show . 

◆ Salesman: Good morning. May I help you? 
◆ Importer : I wonder if you can give me more information about this computer model you’re showing? 
◆ Salesman : I’d be glad to help. Would you like a packet of our promotional literature? 
◆ Importer : Thank you. I see your computer is fully IBM compatible. 
◆ Salesman : Yes, this model can run any software or DOS program and IBM personal computer can run. 
◆ Importer : These models seem to be quite small. 
◆ Salesman : Yes, one of the problems our company was trying to solve when we worked on this model was to do away with the bulk of IBM desk-tops and their clones. Our computer is only 11 pounds. 
◆ Importer : Remarkable! There’s nothing quite like seeing a problem and solving it to create a good product. Are all the components made here in Taiwan? 
◆ Salesman : Yes, we do some subcontracting, but only in Taiwan. These computers are made here. May I ask what company you work for? 
◆ Importer : I represent Reese Computer and Supply Company.We’re a high-volume, discount mail-order house. 
◆ Salesman : Would you like to tour our factory and perhaps.even one or two of our subcontractors? 
◆ Importer : Yes, if it wouldn’t take too long to arrange. I’m due to fly back to the States on Friday. 
◆ Salesman : I’m sure we can arrange it before then. How about meeting the founder of our company? Would you be interested in talking with him about our ideas for upcoming models? 
◆ Importer : Yes, I think that would be useful. Thank you for your help.

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