Business English – Get the card from the bank

Business English - Get the card from the bank

Good morning. Madam. What can I do for you today? 早上好,女士。我今天可以为您做些什么吗?

Hello. I hope you can help me; I’m a little worried about my new card. 你好。希望你能帮我,我有点儿担心我的新卡。

What seems to be the problem? 有什么问题呢?

I received my new card this morning, but I’m unable to use it. 我今天早上刚收到我的新卡,但我无法使用它。

Oh? You mean, the ATM machine has eaten it? 哦?您是说,自动取款机呑了您的卡?

No, it’s right here, see? 没有,在这里呢,你看?

The ATM will not accept it! 自动取款机不受理!

You said you received your card this morning, am I right? 您说过您今天早上收到的您的卡,我没说错吧?

Yes. I was told it would be activated and ready to use right away. So, what’s gone wrong? 没错。我被告知它已被激活了,并马上就能使用了。所以,出什么问题啦?

Did you receive your PIN number yet, Madam? 您收到您的密码了吗,女士?

You see, unless you have your new PIN number, to match your new card, you cannot use it. 您知道吧,除非您有新的密码,来匹配您的新卡,你就不能使用它。

We usually send that separately, around one day after the card, for security reasons. 我们通常会分开邮寄,出于安全的原因,密码在卡寄出大约一天后才寄出。

Well, that explains it. I’ve been using my old PIN number! 嗯,原来如此呀。我一直在使用我的旧密码!

Thanks for explaining everything to me. 谢谢你帮我解释这些事情。