Business English for Beginners 4 – Transfer Money

A: Could you do me a favor?
B: I want to remit some money to my father, what should I do?
A: Please fill in this form first, by the way, do you take your number?
B: Yes.
A: Ok, please take a seat and wait your turn.
B: Thank you
A: You are welcome.

A: 可以請你幫個忙嗎?
B: 我想要一些錢匯給我的父親,我該怎麼辦呢?
A: 請填寫這表格,順便說一句,你帶你的號碼了嗎?
B: 是的。
A: 好吧,請坐下來,等輪到你。
B: 謝謝你
A: 不用客氣。

A: Hello, I am the manager, is there anything I can do for you?
B: Hello, This teller said my 100 yuan note was a counterfeit note and must be confiscated. My money can’t be a forged one.
A: Calm down, please, I am sorry to hear that, but according to the regulations, the counterfeit note must be confiscated on the spot, once it is found, the bank will issue a certificate of confiscation to you. Let’s identity it again.
B: OK.

A: 是的經理你好,,有什麼可以幫你嗎?
B: 你好,這個出納員說我 100 元的紙幣是一張假鈔,必須予以沒收。我的錢不能是一偽造的啊。
A: 冷靜下來,請我很抱歉聽到這個消息,但根據規定,那張假幣必須當場沒收,一旦發現偽鈔,銀行會向你發出沒收的證書。讓我們再一次來標識它吧。
B: 好吧。