Business Chinese Course – Did it work?

SCENE ③  C  电话响起



Zina:           Hi, Dave. This is Zina.

吉娜:  嗨,戴夫。我是吉娜。


Dave:  Zina? Zina the Snake?

戴夫:         吉娜?诈包吉娜?


Zina:           I got your e-mail a couple of months back.

吉娜:         几个月前我收到了你寄来的电子邮件。


Dave:  Yeah? Which one was that?

戴夫:         是吗?是哪一封?


Zina:  The one that said, "You’re a 1) creep. / From me you won’t hear another 2) peep. / I hope you3) wreck your jeep."

吉娜:         上面写着:“你这讨厌鬼。/休想我会再理你。/望你吉普车会撞毁。”


Dave:  Right. That one. 4) Did it work?

戴夫:         那一封啊。灵验了吗?




A: I told dad you wrecked the car!



B: You’re not going to get away with this. It was your fault, not mine.



Did it work? 灵验了吗?】


要注意work 并不专指“工作”,有时指“灵光、有效”。


A: My brain doesn’t seem to work well today.


B: You’re better take a walk outside. But be back soon. We have a lot of work to do this  afternoon.



A: I understand you had a bad cold yesterday.


B: It’s gone. My grandma’s prescription really works.



1) creep  (n.) 令人讨厌的人

2) peep  (n.)  小的声音。这里是指“消息”。

3) wreck  (v.)  撞毁

4) Did it work?  有用吗?有效吗?

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