It is the best time when you cook dinner for her

It is the best time when you cook dinner for her

Woman: Hi Sweetie. Welcome home. We’re ready to eat.

Man: Well, there’s something I . . .

Woman: We have salmon and your favorite salad.

Man: Oh, yeah. That sounds . . . great.

Woman: Um, what’s . . . what’s the deal? I worked really hard. Look, Look. For dessert, I made apple pie.

Man: Well . . . under most circumstances . . .

Woman: Hon. What’s? You . . . I’ve never made a pie before. It took me like three hours.

Man: Well, to be honest . . .

Woman: What’s wrong? [ Man laughing. ] Don’t you like my cooking?

Man: No, no, no.

Woman: I worked really hard!

Man: I know, I know, I know, but to be honest, I just had a hamburger, fries, and a chocolate shake.

Woman: Why? WHY?

Man: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Woman: I told you this morning I was making something nice. Didn’t you listen?

Man: I’m sorry, I forgot. I mean . . . Wait . . .

Woman: Serious.

Man: Yeah, wait. Wait, wait. What are you doing? Why are you putting the food in my shoes?

Woman: So you can enjoy it as you walk to work tomorrow.

Man: Oh, no. I’m sorry!

Interesting English Conversation – Having a nice dinner

1. What kind of meat did the woman make for dinner?

A. chicken

B. beef

C. fish

2. She also prepared __________.

A. a salad

B. baked potatoes

C. rice

3. For dessert, she _____________.

A. bought a cake

B. baked some cookies

C. made an apple pie

4. The man isn’t hungry because he ________.

A. already ate something

B. is feeling sick

C. doesn’t like her food

5. The woman feels _______ at the end of the conversation.

A. surprised

B. angry

C. confused


1. fish

2. a salad

3. made an apple pie

4. already ate something

5. angry