Best Things to do When Studying in the US

Best Things to do When Studying in the U.S

Todd: OK, Yoko! 洋子!

Yoko: Hi! 你好!

Todd: We’re going to talk about your trip to America. 我们来聊聊你在美国的旅行。

Yoko: Trip to America. OK. 美国的旅行,好的。

Todd: OK. When did you go to the U.S.? 你什么时候去的美国?

Yoko: It’s about 4 years ago. 大约4年前。

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Todd: And what did you do? 你都做了什么?

Yoko: Actually, I went to Michigan and I worked as a volunteer teacher in public school. 事实上,我去了密歇根州,在一所公立学校中做志愿者老师。

Todd: OK. What was the public school like? 那所公立学校怎么样?

Yoko: It was not big, and so it was not big. I don’t know how to say that, so what should I say…. 不大,那所学校不是很大,我不知道怎么说,我该怎么说呢……

Todd: It was just a small school? 那是一间小学校?

Yoko: Yeah. Small school. So only maybe 200 students I think. 是的,一所很小的学校。大概只有200名学生。

Todd: Oh, really! 真的!

Yoko: Yeah, it was really small. 是的,真的很小。

Todd: Wow, that is small. 哇,很小啊。

Yoko: Yeah, yeah. 是的。

Todd: Did you know all the students? 你认识那儿所有的学生吗?

Yoko: I don’t think so. I just visited some classes. Yes. 我不这么认为。我只是去了几节课。

Todd: So what did you think of America? 你对美国有什么看法?

Yoko: I think it is a great country for many people who wants to try new things. 我认为美国是一个伟大的国家,在美国,人们想要尝试一些新的东西。

Todd: OK. 好的。

Yoko: You know, so for example I did not have any special skills to teach, but they let me to work there as a volunteer, and they gave me a great oppurtunity to meet a lot of students, who are really nice I think. 例如,我没有教书的特殊技能,但校方允许我作为志愿者在那里工作,他们给了我一个机会去接触那里的学生们,学生们都很友好。

Todd: Ah, OK. I agree. What were your students like? 哦,好的,我同意。你的学生怎么样?

Yoko: They were really motivated to learn Japanese, but they didn’t learn a lot. They just, they just wanted to play with me, from other countries. Who is from, sorry! 他们对学习日语很积极,但他们并没有学多少。他们只是想和我玩,和来自其他国家的人玩。

Todd: OK. Do you have any special memories from your trip? 你对这次美国之旅有没有留下什么特殊的记忆?

Yoko: Yes, I visited lots of places by myself and I was really afraid of speaking English to people there but they tried to understand me, and they helped me a lot and I really think OK, they are lots of people who are nice all over the world. 是的。我自己去了很多地方。我真的很害怕和当地人说英语,但他们总是努力地理解我,他们帮了我很多很多,这让我觉得全世界有很多好心人。