Afghanistan landslides are expected to exceed 2100 people were killed

Afghan officials gave up hope on Saturday of finding any survivors from a landslide in the remote northeast, putting the death toll at more than 2,100, as the aid effort focused on the more than 4,000 people displaced.
Officials expressed concern the unstable hillside above the site of the disaster may cave in again, threatening the thousands of homeless and hundreds of rescue workers who have arrived in Badakhshan province, bordering Tajikistan.
“More than 2,100 people from 300 families are all dead,” Naweed Forotan, a spokesman for the Badakhshan provincial governor, told Reuters.
巴达赫尚省的一位政府发言人Naweed Forotan告诉路透社:“300个家庭的2100多人全部死亡。”
Villagers and a few dozen police, equipped with only basic digging tools, resumed their search when daylight broke but it soon became clear there was no hope of finding survivors buried in up to 100 meters of mud.

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan said the focus was on the more than 4,000 people displaced.
Their main needs were water, medical support, counseling support, food and emergency shelter, said Ari Gaitanis, a spokesman from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.
联合国驻阿富汗救援团的发言人Ari Gaitanis表示,目前灾民们的急需物资包括水、医疗支持、咨询服务、食物和应急避难处。
The impoverished area, dotted with villages of mud-brick homes nestled in valleys beside bare slopes, has been hit by several landslides in recent years.