Advantage of mandarin classes in Hong Kong

Advantage of mandarin classes in Hong Kong

Advantage of mandarin classes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an International city

Hong Kong is an International city and a part of China, therefore, you can find mixed culture here in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people mainly speak Cantonese language, but at the same time, they also speak good Mandarin, given that the economic growth in China is increasing, the number of the students who learn Mandarin is also soaring. We can see that in recent years, Mandarin language is becoming more and more important in Hong Kong, from kindergarten to University, from local Cantonese to westerners, many people are starting to learn Mandarin, indeed, there are lots of advantages taking Mandarin classes in Hong Kong, below are some of them.

Hong Kong is a place where Chinese people gather

Hong Kong is a place where Chinese people gather. Here, you can easily find people who speak Mandarin very well, and it is extremely convenient to communicate with and learn from them. In addition to taking Mandarin classes, communicating with people around you is the fastest way to learn a language, because if you only going to class, and no practice at home or office, it’s far from enough. We must try our best to have more opportunities to get in touch with Chinese in our spare time so we can learn more and make progress faster. Hong Kong is such a place full of opportunities to learn Mandarin. You can practice what you have learned anytime, anywhere.

Hong Kong People Speak Good Mandarin

Since Hong Kong was a British colony before, most people in Hong Kong can speak very good English, so it is especially convenient for foreigners to learn Chinese. Unlike learning Chinese in China, learning Chinese in Hong Kong is generally done in English. In your Mandarin classes, they are very nice to foreigners, and it will be clearer and easier to understand when explaining Chinese grammar. This makes it easy for foreigners to learn Chinese and feels very interesting. Suppose that if your Chinese teacher does not speak English, this is more troublesome. In case you encounter something you don’t understand, the teacher may not explain it so clearly, which will hinder students’ understanding.

The Chinese teachers in Hong Kong are generally very professional

The Chinese teachers in Hong Kong are generally very professional. They are all graduated from universities or postgraduate students. It seems that the teachers in our language school all have professional diplomas in Chinese as a foreign language, and their Putonghua level is very standard and they have taken the Putonghua proficiency test and have more than 5 years of teaching experience. So in Hong Kong, finding a professional Mandarin teacher is not particularly difficult, and they can speak fluent English, which is very helpful for foreign students.

Easy to communicate with businessman in China

Another advantage of studying Chinese in Hong Kong is that you can communicate with mainland businessmen in Chinese. As the relationship between the mainland and Hong Kong is getting closer, there are more and more opportunities to do business between mainlanders and Hong Kong people. Learn Chinese in Hong Kong You can have more opportunities to communicate with merchants in the Mainland, so that your Chinese level will improve faster. For example, I have a student who often travels between the Mainland and Hong Kong to do business, and he takes Chinese classes twice a week. In this way, in less than half a year, his Mandarin has improved very quickly, which is very surprising.

Schools in Hong Kong are teaching Mandarin

Schools are teaching Mandarin for all students in Hong Kong now. After the handover to China from the U.K, Mandarin is getting more and more important everyday, therefore, school started to teach Mandarin language long time ago since 1997, this is a great opportunity to learn this language given the school environment is perfect for learning languages, I think Mandarin language will be more and more easy and convenient to learn in the near future. Taking Mandarin class is as important as learning English in Hong Kong!

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