About Learn Mandarin – 关于学习普通话

About Learn Mandarin - 关于学习普通话

In China, every kid has to learn English, which is the compulsory subject. What’s more, as it is the international language, so the parents pay special attention to it. They spare no effort to help the kids to improve English. Mandarin as our mother language sometimes is treated less important. As a matter of fact, mandarin should be learned in the first place.


Though English is the international language, Chinese economy develops fast, a lot of foreigners have learned mandarin. They want to do business with Chinese businessmen, so it is of great importance to master mandarin well. Seeking cooperation and doing business with China have been the trend for foreign countries. Chinese great market potential attracts them to seek chance.


Mandarin as our mother language, then it is our duty to learn it well. We not only need to learn its grammar well, but also need to appreciate the beauty of our language and culture. We are so proud that Chinese plays such important role in the world, which means our country has become stronger. The importance of Mandarin makes us feel more confident.


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