A Mainland exchange student in Hong Kong







Mainland China exchange students studying in Hong Kong 大陸交換生在香港學習的日子

With exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong more and more frequently, exchange becomes a new mode of education, which promotes cultural exchange and integration between the two regions.

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I am beyond impressed Hong Kong TVB Hong Kong Opera excerpts, for the true Hong Kong also does not understand for yourself and how you can fit this new environment was a bit worried, and even some worries from Hong Kong people will look down on Chinese students. This is not just my concern but most of exchange students from Mainland China.

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I have changed my views, and begin to truly feel the environment of Hong Kong. Education in Hong Kong and the Mainland is different in many ways. Hong Kong is small, but well appointed; education sector is well developed, or better than most cities in China. Hong Kong people are generally very friendly, they like to speak Cantonese, but also can speak Chinese Mandarin, they are willing communicating with you in Chinese. Even many Hong Kong people are very interested in mainland culture, they like to listen to Mainland students to talk about Chinese history, Chinese culture.

After I lived in Hong Kong six months, my Cantonese has improved a lot, from originally knew nothing about Cantonese to now getting around with my Cantonese, I feel very proud, and my Hong Kong friends Putonghua are also improved a lot.

Learning methods at the side of the University of Hong Kong pay more attention to cultivation of spirit of collaboration among students, they love by sharing in a way that students can appreciate the importance of unity, learning to accept others ‘ advice to stimulate everyone’s potential. And mainland students are more focused on books and reading.

Lack of communication between the students is a problem in Hong Kong and Mainland China, some student only like to read books, In language learning, the Mainland is also required to study English, but pay more attention to the written test, many mainland students poor on oral, but written well. But Hong Kong is different language requirements for students in Hong Kong is very high, teachers use English language teaching methods so that students have a good environment to learn English, improve the students ‘ oral ability.

Therefore, said the Exchange is a real manner conducive to cultural exchanges between the two places. After I have the chance to live and work in Hong Kong, I believe it changes my life.


隨著大陸和香港之間的交流越來越頻繁,關系越來越緊密, 交換生是一種新興的教育模式,他可以促進兩個地區之間的文化交流和融合。以我為例,我就是大陸到香港的交換生。在剛剛到香港的時候,我對香港的印象隻停留在TVB港劇裡的一些片段,對於真正的香港也並不了解,對於自己能否適合這個新環境有點擔心, 甚至有些擔心香港人會不會高傲,會不會看不起大陸學生。這不僅僅是我單方面的顧慮,也是多數大陸交換生真實的想法。