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Grammar excercises in Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese

How to have healthy habits

What’s your healthy habit? 你有什么健康习惯? 获得187.1k好评的回答@Venkatasubramanian Meenakshisundaram: •Drinking a liter of water empty stomach as soon as I get up. •我一起床就空腹喝1公升水。 •No coffee or tea; […]

Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong – Beauty is subjective

Every now and then, someone tries to make a case for objective beauty – the notion that there is a quasi-scientific way to judge whether […]

16 Things Women Hate to Hear the Most

A convenient checklist of common phrases to avoid when in the company of women (including your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend). To learn and understand sex […]

Chinese people Like Tailor-made cosmetic products

Chinese people Like Tailor-made cosmetic products It was as easy as 1-2-3. I refer, of course, to the so-called Clinique “computer”. Launched in 1968, the […]

Why Chinese People have to pay more money at the airport?

A duty-free company that operates at London’s Heathrow Airport has apologized after Chinese customers accused it of discrimination. 英国希斯罗机场一家免税店在遭到中国消费者消费歧视的投诉后道歉。 Chinese social media users alleged Chinese […]


English Language: Chinese Language: “Come writers and critics who prophecise with your pen. “来吧,用笔预言的作家和批评家们。 And keep your eyes wide. 请睁大你们的双眼。 The chance won’t come again. […]


当我们学习英语时,其实哟很多种方法表达一种意思,比如当你想说对不起的时候: 非正式的道歉 Sorry Sorry一词常用于口语,多用于非正式的道歉。 I’m sorry to disturb you, but can I talk to you for a moment? 对不起,打扰你一下,我能跟你谈一会儿吗?   My bad! my bad 表示道歉,美语里常用,与I’m […]

Tell you something you don’t know about Pizza

周末朋友小聚,有时候就会选择吃Pizza。在您享受美食的同时,您知道Pizza的一些小趣闻吗?下面,就让我们一起来看看Pizza12个鲜为人知的“小秘密”吧! Just hearing the word “pizza” brings a smile to the face of just about every American. Whatever style or variety — from thick, Chicago-style […]

Amazing Super Blue Blood Moon!

此次“超级蓝月”与月全食组合为何如此受瞩目? 其实,“蓝月”并不稀有,但如果“蓝月”是一颗“超级月亮”,又同时发生月全食,那就是十分罕见的天象。 On January 31, you will be treated to both a visible supermoon—what we call a full moon at its closest orbital point to […]

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