What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite movie

Todd: OK. Jamie, we’re going to talk about movies.

Jamie: OK. Great!

Todd: What is your favorite movie?

Jamie: My favorite movie is kind of a heavy movie. It’s a called Sophie’s Choice with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline.

Todd: OK.

Jamie: It’s a movie, it’s set in World War II. Meryl Streep plays a Polish woman who has come to America and she’s met a man, Kevin Kline. Who has a series of problems of his own, mostly psychological which she is not 100 percent aware of and she does a bunch of scenes where she thinks of the past and the very difficult decision she had while during the war living in Poland. She had to decide between two children which one would be murdered by the Nazis and which one wouldn’t. It’s an ethical delimma that she faced at that time. She made andimmediate decision on and it affected her the rest of her life.

Todd: OK.

Jamie: It’s a fantastic movie. Not the story in itself, of course the story was brilliant but theacting, the fact that she speaks Polish, she speaks German, she speaks English with a Polish accent which is amazing. A writer who is actually a narrator to the movie as well, his character is great. Kevin Kline’s basically a psycho character. He is a little bit deranged in itself is pretty neat. All in all, the characters, the plot line, the movie it’s fanatasic.

Todd: OK. Great. Sophie’s Choice.

Jamie: Sophie’s Choice. I think it actually won an academy award in 1985 or ’84.

Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot.

Jamie: My pleasure.

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Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

heavy movie

My favorite movie is a heavy movie.

A ‘heavy movie’ has an intense plot that makes you think or is very suspenseful. Notice the following:

She only likes to watch heavy movies.

The movie was good, but a little heavy for my mood.

aware of

She was not aware of his psychological problems.

If you are ‘aware of’ something you see or recognize it. Notice the following:

Were you aware of all the changes that happened when you were there?

I wasn’t even aware of the fact that you were there.

ethical dilemma

It’s an ethical dilemma, having to decide which child would be murdered.

An ‘ethical dilemma’ is a difficult decision that tests what is the right thing to do. Notice the following:

It is a real ethical dilemma about what I should do.

There are many ethical dilemmas in life.

psycho character

Kevin Kline is a psycho character in the movie.

A ‘psycho character’ is crazy and unpredictable because of mental problems. Notice the following:

He was kind of a psycho character when he was younger.

She is a psycho character when she gets mad.

all in all

All in all, the movie is fantastic.

We can use the phrase ‘all in all’ when we want to make a summary of everything that has been said in a writing or conversation. Notice the following:

All in all it was a really good trip

I am satisfied with my experience there all in all.

Beginner English Lesson – Talking about my favorite movie

Chinese people Like Tailor-made cosmetic products

Tailor-made cosmetic products

Chinese people Like Tailor-made cosmetic products

It was as easy as 1-2-3. I refer, of course, to the so-called Clinique “computer”. Launched in 1968, the computer was actually a plastic diagnostic tool with a sliding bar — like a beauty abacus — that sat on shiny white counters in department stores and swiped to reveal a personalised solution for your every skincare need. Every skincare need, that is, as long as it was one of four: normal, oily, dry or (more radical at that time when there really weren’t any other options) combination.

一切就像是数1、2、3那样简单。我指的当然是倩碧“皮肤分析器”(Clinique computer)。1968年推出的这款皮肤分析器实际上是一台带滑杆的塑料诊断仪,看起来就像一个美妆算盘,摆放在百货商场洁白光亮的柜台上。划一下,就可以针对你的每一个护肤需求,显示出一个定制方案。每一个护肤需求,确切地说,只要属于以下四种肤质之一:中性、油性、干性或(在那个年代更具创新性,因为当时真的没有其他任何选择)混合性。

Personalised skincare has come a long way since Clinique’s pioneering skincare programme became one of the world’s best-selling “bespoke” ranges (50 years later, a bottle of Dramatically Different Moisturiser — from £30 — is sold somewhere in the world every four seconds). Wander through a beauty hall today and aside from the ubiquitous monogramming, you’ll find personalised skincare programmes wherever you look.

倩碧具有开创意义的护肤方案一举成为全球最热销的“定制”产品系列之一(50年后,全球平均每4秒就能卖出一瓶售价30美元起的倩碧特效润肤露(Dramatically Different Moisturiser))。此后,私人定制护肤品突飞猛进。如今再逛化妆品区,除了无处不在的倩碧身影,量身定制的护肤产品随处可见。

From Dior’s new Capture Totale serums, which address an array of individual concerns — be it plumping, redness, lifting, mattifying or getting extra “glow” — to face masks by Fresh designed to be layered and alternated according to the day of the week, brands today are catering to a consumer who, rather than being boxed into a “type”, wants a moisturiser for every mood.

迪奥(Dior)新推出的活肤驻颜修复(Capture Totale)系列可解决多种个人需求,例如丰盈、抗敏、紧致、控油、或增加“光泽”;蕾诗(Fresh)面膜则可在一周不同日子叠搭、交替使用。现在的消费者不想再被笼统归为某类“肤质”,而是希望每一种心境都有对应的润肤产品。对于这种新趋势,各大品牌都在竭力迎合。

“It makes sense,” says Noella Gabriel, the co-founder of Elemis, whose skincare analysis relies on detailed facial mapping and lifestyle consultations, as well as a choice of 10 different treatments, all of which help explain which of its 450 products are right for you. “Skin type will fluctuate throughout the month due to hormones, stress and varying factors as well as age. So, although you may have a combination skin type there will be times that oiliness and breakouts are more the norm, when you feel that your skin most needs the attention.”

“这很有道理。”英国品牌艾丽美(Elemis)联合创始人诺艾拉•加布里埃尔(Noella Gabriel)表示。艾丽美为顾客出具护肤分析报告前,要进行详细的面部测绘和对生活方式的咨询,有10种不同的护理可选。所有这些手段都有助于顾客在其450种产品中选择适合自己的产品。“整个月,肤质类型每天都会随激素分泌、压力和其他因素,还有年龄的变化而不断波动。因此,尽管你或许属于混合型肤质,但有时会更偏向油性和出痘,这时你会感到自己的皮肤最需要注意。”

According to a new report by Mintel, this demand for individualized beauty is in its infancy. It predicts a big increase in customization beauty in the year ahead. The demand is driven by the Asian market: in the same survey, 31 per cent of Chinese consumers aged between 20 and 49 said “individuality” was the definition of luxury. “More than ever, customers are seeking experiences and products that are tailored rather than a one-size-fits-all approach,” agrees Emily Saunders, the beauty buyer for Self ridges and its Beauty Workshop. The newly opened 5,000 sq ft space offers a range of “bespoke” services, from facial massages at Face Gym to skincare from Geneu — a British brand that sells tailor-made serums (from £200) based on a 15-minute DNA test.

根据国际市场研究咨询公司英敏特(Mintel)新近发布的一份报告,这种对个性化定制护肤品的需求才刚刚兴起。报告预计,未来一年这种定制化美妆的需求会大量增多。需求主要来自亚洲市场:在同一份调查中,中国31%的20至49岁消费者表示,“个性化”代表着奢侈。“消费者比以往任何时候都更加关注量身定制的体验和产品,而不再是无差别的成品。”埃米莉•桑德斯(Emily Saunders)也这样认为。她是Selfridges百货公司及其美妆馆的美妆产品买手。这家新开的美妆馆占地5000平方英尺,提供一系列“定制”服务,从FaceGym的面部按摩到英国护肤品牌Geneu——该品牌提供一次15分钟的基因测试,根据测试结果量身定制护肤品(售价200英镑起)。

For stores, personalisation has the added advantage of offering a flexibility that can’t be delivered as easily via e-commerce. The Clinique “computer” (a version of which they still have for those of us nostalgic enough to miss it) is now the ubiquitous iPad, while other skincare counters offer high-tech equipment or hands-on mini-facials, all of which require the advice of a consultant.


“The customer wants to walk away knowing they have received something that’s bespoke to their needs and haven’t just been sold the latest launch,” says Emily Soulsby, beauty buyer at Liberty, whose beauty rooms offer a pop-up facial service that delivers a detailed skin analysis. “It’s about the service rather than what’s on the bottle. We have customers who come in for a facial and go on to purchase the products recommended in their treatment.”

“顾客希望买的化妆品是专门针对自己的需求定制的,而不是被兜售了最新产品。”Liberty商场美妆买手埃米莉•索尔斯比(Emily Soulsby)说。这家商场的美妆馆提供限时面部护理服务,可以为顾客出具一份详细的皮肤分析,“关键是服务,而不是瓶子上的标签。我们有顾客来做面部护理,接着就买了护理时推荐使用的产品。”

The potential for sales is enormous. When QMS Medicosmetics took over the beauty room for a week, offering tailored consultations, its in-store sales tripled.

定制产品的销售潜力惊人。药妆品牌QMS Medicosmetics曾接手在美妆馆布展一周,提供专门的咨询服务。期间,其店内营业额增加了两倍。

Yet while the diagnostic tools are personal, are the products all that bespoke? Elixseri, a new range of serum-only skincare (from £76), is an innovative line designed to work according to how your skin feels at different times of the week, month or year. You pick a serum that deals with your most pressing concern, then layer on another to address other issues as and when you feel the need. This “wardrobe” approach is definitely a step in the right direction, but Dr Liudmila Korkina, the chief scientist behind it, agrees that — like most skincare offerings — it’s far from being fully personalised yet. “In order to create a truly personalised diagnostic, we need to determine many more factors than the standard lipid or moisture levels that we do today,” she says. “From a medical and formulation perspective, personalised skincare is one of the largest challenges of modern dermatology and cosmetology.”

不过,尽管诊断工具的使用做到了个性化,但产品都做到了量身定制吗?新推出的纯乳液护肤系列Elixseri(售价76英镑起)大胆创新,会根据你的皮肤在一周、一个月或一年内不同时间的不同感受来选择配方。你选择一款针对你最迫切需求的乳液,在需要时,再叠加一层针对其他问题的乳液。这种“衣橱”式护肤的思路肯定是正确的,但该品牌首席科学家柳德米拉•科尔基纳博士(Dr Liudmila Korkina)也赞同一点,即与大多数护肤产品一样,目前该品牌还远远称不上完全个性化定制。“要想做到真正个性化的诊断,我们需要确定多得多的因素,绝不仅我们现在依据的标准脂质或含水量。”她说,“从医学和配方上讲,个性化护肤是现代皮肤科和美容业最艰巨的挑战之一。”

One brand attempting to meet that challenge is Allél, a Swiss-made skincare label created by two Swedes. Allél’s products and nutritional supplements are prescribed only after the customer has had DNA testing and a professional evaluation (available at the Cadogan Clinic in London for £1,500, and including three months of products). Allél looks at 16 genetic markers in five different categories of skin ageing, including skin’s collagen, pigmentation and how it responds to inflammation.

一个试图应对这一挑战的品牌是Allél。该品牌由两位瑞典人创建,在瑞士生产。只有在顾客经过基因测试和专业的评估后,才会配出护肤品和营养品(目前可以在伦敦的卡多根诊所(Cadogan Clinic)进行测试,收费1500英镑,含3个月用量的产品)。配方依据为5种皮肤衰老类别的16种基因标识,包括皮肤的胶原蛋白、色素沉着及抗敏性等。

“Our products have been tested in clinical tests, showing significant results within 28 days of use, with improved skin firmness and elasticity as well as reduction of wrinkle depth and volume,” says the brand’s co-founder Dr Elisabet Hagert.

该品牌联合创始人伊丽莎白•哈格特博士(Dr Elisabet Hagert)表示:“我们的产品都经过了临床测试。测试结果显示,在连续使用28天后,皮肤会得到显著改善,更加紧致,有弹性,皱纹也会变浅和减少。”

Of course, the real test is whether having such a personalised regime will make a significant difference. “Everything about skincare is psychological and we must learn it,” says Elixseri chief executive Alicia Schweiger. “The placebo effect is at least 50 per cent of the entire learning experience.” Knowing it’s just for you might give your skincare a head start. For once in your life, perhaps you should take it personally.

当然,真正的考验在于,这样的个性化定制护肤能否为皮肤带来显著改善。“护肤完全是心理感受。”Elixseri首席执行官艾丽西亚•施魏格尔(Alicia Schweiger)如是说,“安慰剂效应至少占到整个体验的50%。”想到这些产品是专门为你定制的,可能会让你的护肤赢在了起跑线上。或许,你一生至少应该选择一次私人定制。

Why Chinese People have to pay more money at the airport?

Lose is the real wealth for you

Lose is the real wealth for you

A “loser” is someone who doesn’t know what they have and fucks it up. They are always making bad choices and fuck up their and everyone’s lives around them.

Have you ever failed? (in English)
你曾经失败过吗?(in Chinese)

If you haven’t, I suggest you try some.

I have failed, many times.

And some of these failures were even painful.

But I cherish them more than I cherish my success.

Success sometimes makes you numb .

But failures make you awake. Failures are cleansing.

Failing is not necessarily losing. Neither does a failure make you a loser.

Failing is just the name we give to the state you stay in until you succeed.

A failure is a precious opportunity to learn new things.

And trust me. You always rememeber what you learn in failures better than those you learn in success.

Failing doesn’t mean you lost something forever. It only means that you didn’t get it yet and you have to find another way to get it.

And isn’t that a treature? A new direction to think.

Don’t pray for easy success. That’ a curse.

Pray for hard failure.

As long as it doesn’t kill you, it will definitely make you stronger.


Why Chinese People have to pay more money at the airport?

Why Chinese People have to pay more money at the airportA duty-free company that operates at London’s Heathrow Airport has apologized after Chinese customers accused it of discrimination.

Chinese social media users alleged Chinese customers had to spend more than 1,000 pounds ($1,387) to qualify for a discount voucher at World Duty Free. The Chinese social media users claimed customers from other countries had to spend just 79 pounds to receive the 20 percent discount voucher.
中国社交媒体用户称,中国消费者在World Duty Free免税店购物时,消费金额超过1000英镑(约合8752元人民币)才能获得一张八折优惠券,而其他国家的消费者仅需消费79英镑(691元人民币)就能得到同样的优惠券。

爆料此事的是微博用户“人间奶泡”,自称是在该免税店打工的学生。他在长文《致在英国希思罗机场免税店购物过的中国人们》中说,消费者在这家免税店购物满一定金额可赠送一张VIP券,下次再消费可打八折。中国消费者必须消费满1000英镑才能获得这项优惠,而外国人只需满79英镑。 “明明中国人是最主力的消费团体,这帮人却把他们当猴耍。”该学生在文中怒斥道。

这篇文章迅速打破早晨的宁静,在网上激起热烈讨论。截至12日23时,该文章的阅读量已超过1144万,微博被转发8万多次。在微博和推特上,众多网友都加入吐槽行列。有网友说,自己在这家免税店购物已“累计不知道多少钱”,却从未被告知可以打折。 “歧视”“恶心”“气愤”“吃相难看”,网友们表达着愤怒情绪。

The claim that Chinese travelers were being discriminated against went viral with people posting to complain about mistreatment.



网友@Bin Chen:


希斯罗机场随后回复网友@Bin Chen称:


The company, which is headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, did not respond to requests for an explanation of whether it did discriminate against Chinese travelers.

A Heathrow Airport spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of this offer which we find unacceptable. We are currently working with our commercial partner to understand how this happened and ensure it does not happen again.”


@Julialovekshwrote on Twitter: “Will never shop in the duty free store at Heathrow any more. Chinese customers deserve to be treated with respect!! What a hideous and discriminating event to happen in 2018!! Disgusting.”

@QianyunZhu_zqy tweeted: “Shame on you World Duty Free! When celebrating Chinese New Year with promotion info in Twitter, please remember Chinese customers are still waiting for your official explanation and apology for the racial discrimination.”


网友Zhang Jinshi:这样的行为会让你失去更多效益,外国人(非英国人)可能不会再去你们的免税店。这就很严重了。

网友Delia Wang:我在英国生活了7年,回家的飞机多半是从希斯罗出发的!猜猜我要说什么?我昨天才第一次听说,呵呵。我每次都在免税店花很多钱!真的!真为你们感到羞耻!



World Duty Free免税店对此在推特发布声明。





12日晚些时候,该免税店所属的全球免税店营业集团Dufry决定作出正式道歉。北京时间13日凌晨5点44分,World Duty Free免税店在官方推特上发布中英文致歉声明,向中国民众表达万分歉意。


Increasing numbers of Chinese tourists are visiting the UK and other destinations and they are known for being big spenders. The number of Chinese visitors to the UK increased by 33 percent in 2017. They collectively spent 667 million pounds, according to UK tourism authority VisitBritain.
越来越多的中国游客前往英国和其他国家旅游,以买买买著称。根据英国旅游机构VisitBritain 的数据,2017年,去英国旅游的中国游客人数增加了33%,共消费6.67亿英镑(约合58.4亿元人民币)。



change the world

English Language:

Chinese Language:

“Come writers and critics who prophecise with your pen.

And keep your eyes wide.

The chance won’t come again.

And don’t speak too soon, for the wheel is still in spin.

And there’s no telling who that it’s naming, for the loser now will be later to win.

For, the times, they are changing.”

This is the lyrics of one of Bob Dylan’s song – The Times They Are a-Changin’

And this was what Steve Jobs read to the board of Apple in 1984 when he presented Mac to them for the first time.

And what happened after that are well known by us all.

Apple achieved great success and changed our life.

But in those years, few people believed in Jobs.

They saw him as an idealistic young man without any experience or common sense.

But what do we see now?

You don’t know who those men are. But you know Jobs.

The world has never been built by common minds.

It is built by generation after generation of crazy minds.

So if you ever find yourself not seeing the world in the ways that your friends see it in, don’t panic.

A different point of view is powerful.

Don’t just look away.

Find your inner strength in it.

You may be the next one to make a difference.

Hutong Culture and the Change of Siheyuan 胡同文化與四合院的變遷

Chinese Class in Hong Kong – A Lesson Learned at Midnight II

Chinese Class in Hong Kong – A Lesson Learned at Midnight II

This belief helps me because so long as I remember that there are certain forces of evil ever present in me—and never forget that there is also a divine spark of goodness in me, too—then I find the “score” of my bad mistakes at the end of each day is greatly reduced. “Forewarned of evil, in other words, is half the battle against it.”
I believe in trying to be charitable, in trying to understand and forgive people, especially in trying to forgive very keen or brilliant people. A man may be a genius, you know, but he can still do things that practically break your heart.
I believe most if not all of our very finest thoughts and many of our finest deeds must be kept to ourselves alone—at least until after we die. This used to confuse me. But now I realize that by their very nature, these finest things we do and then cannot talk about are a sort of, well, secret preview of a better life to come.
I believe there is no escape from the rule of life that we must do many, many little things to accomplish even just one big thing. This gives me patience when I need it most.
And then I believe in having the courage to BE YOURSELF. Or perhaps I should say, to be honest with myself. Sometimes this is practically impossible, but I’m sure I should always try.
Finally, and most important to me, I do believe in God. I’m sure there is a very wise and wonderful Being who designed, constructed, and operates this existence as we mortals know it: this universe with its galaxies and spiral nebulae, its stars and moons and planets and beautiful women, its trees and pearls and deep green moss—and its hopes and prayers for peace.







zhè zhǒng xìn yǎng ràng wǒ shòu yì ,yīn wéi zhǐ yào jì zhù zì jǐ shēn shàng yī zhí cún zài zhù mǒu xiē xié è de lì liàng —— dàn yě cóng wèi wàng jì zì jǐ shēn shàng yě yǒu shàng dì cì yǔ de shàn liáng huǒ huā —— wǒ jiù huì fā xiàn měi tiān jié shù shí ,cuò wù hé huǐ hèn de “dé fēn ”dà dà jiàng dī 。kě jiàn “shì xiān jǐng tì è xíng shì yǔ zhī dòu zhēng chéng gōng de yī bàn ”。

wǒ xiāng xìn rén yào jǐn liàng lè shàn hào shī ,jǐn liàng lǐ jiě hé kuān shù bié rén ,yóu qí yào kuān shù tè bié mǐn duì hé cōng huì de rén ,yīn wéi jí shǐ tiān cái yě huì zuò chū ràng nǐ shāng xīn de shì qíng 。

wǒ xiāng xìn ,jí shǐ bú shì quán bù ,dà duō shù wǒ men tí chū de zuì fù chuàng jiàn de sī xiǎng ,dà duō shù wǒ men shí shī de zuì fù chéng guǒ de xíng wéi ,dōu bù yīng ràng rén zhī dào wǒ men tí chū hé shí shī de —— zhì shǎo yào dào wǒ men qù shì zhī hòu cái néng ràng rén zhī dào 。zhè yī diǎn guò qù cháng ràng wǒ gǎn dào kùn huò ,dàn rú jīn wǒ míng bái ,wǒ men wán chéng zhè xiē zuì měi miào de shì qíng què mì ér bù xuān ,shí zhì shàng shì àn dì lǐ yù jiàn wèi lái gēng měi hǎo de shēng huó 。

wǒ xiāng xìn wǒ men bì xū zuò xǔ xǔ duō duō xiǎo shì cái néng chéng jiù dà shì ,nǎ pà zhǐ yī jiàn dà shì 。zhè yī guī lǜ wú fǎ táo bì 。zhè zhǒng xìn yǎng shǐ wǒ zài zuì xū yào bàn dà shì de shí hòu hěn nài xīn 。

hái yǒu ,wǒ xiāng xìn yào yǒu yǒng qì hái zì jǐ běn shǎi 。huò xǔ wǒ gāi shuō ,yào duì zì jǐ shí shì qiú shì 。yǒu shí zhè jī hū bù kě néng ,dàn wǒ què xìn wǒ yìng gāi yǒng yuǎn nǔ lì wéi zhī 。

zuì hòu yī diǎn ,yě shì duì wǒ ér yán zuì zhòng yào de yī diǎn ,wǒ shēn shēn xìn yǎng shàng dì 。wǒ què xìn yǒu yī wèi fēi cháng ruì zhì hé shén qí de shén líng shè jì 、jiàn zào bìng tǒng zhì zhè gè shì jiè ,jiù xiàng wǒ men fán rén suǒ rèn shí de yàng zǐ : zhè gè yǔ zhòu yǒu xīng qún 、luó xuán xíng de xīng yún 、xīng xīng 、yuè liàng 、xíng xīng 、měi nǚ 、shù mù 、zhēn zhū hé shēn lǜ de tái xiǎn ,hái yǒu xī wàng hé duì hé píng de qí dǎo 。