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How to lose weight after Chinese New Year

Instead of gulping your food, try eating more slowly.It may help you drop those unwanted pounds, a new study by Japanese researchers suggests. 与其狼吞虎咽,不如试试悠着点。日本研究人员的一项新研究表明,细嚼慢咽可以帮助减掉多余的体重。 Also helpful: Avoiding […]

Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong – Beauty is subjective

Every now and then, someone tries to make a case for objective beauty – the notion that there is a quasi-scientific way to judge whether […]

Would you like to teach in the overseas?

John: So Sarah, you’re an English teacher, right? 约翰:萨拉,你是名英语老师,对吧? Sarah: That’s right. 萨拉:没错。 John: You must have taught in many countries before. 约翰:你之前一定在很多国家教过英语。 Sarah: Yeah, I did. I taught […]

You Should Go to the Best Beach in Sri Lanka!

Widuri: Now, I am learning from a tourist website, can you tell me more about another famous place in Sri Lanka? 威杜里:你能再介绍一个斯里兰卡的著名景点吗? Danu: Sure. As I mentioned […]

What age of students do you like to most?

Aimee: So Katie, you’re a teacher. 艾米:凯蒂,你是老师。 Katie: Yes. 凯蒂:对。 Aimee: What is your favorite age group of students? 艾米:你最喜欢教多大的学生? Katie: Probably my favorite age group is around the […]

If you’re good at games, you might also be good at everything else

If you’re good at games, you might also be good at everything else. 如果你擅长打游戏,你也许做其他事也很在行。 That’s according to a new study that found two of the […]


English Language: Chinese Language: “Come writers and critics who prophecise with your pen. “来吧,用笔预言的作家和批评家们。 And keep your eyes wide. 请睁大你们的双眼。 The chance won’t come again. […]

Tell you something you don’t know about Pizza

周末朋友小聚,有时候就会选择吃Pizza。在您享受美食的同时,您知道Pizza的一些小趣闻吗?下面,就让我们一起来看看Pizza12个鲜为人知的“小秘密”吧! Just hearing the word “pizza” brings a smile to the face of just about every American. Whatever style or variety — from thick, Chicago-style […]

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