8 Tips When You Choose a Cantonese Tutor to Learn Cantonese Language

8 Tips When You Choose a Cantonese Tutor to Learn Cantonese Language

8 Tips When You Choose a Cantonese Tutor to Learn Cantonese Language


Language learning is amazing, it brings you a complete new world. Have you ever tried to learn Cantonese by yourself? Do you find it difficult? Yes. Cantonese is a very difficult language. You need the help of a teacher.

When you read this article, I think you are interested in learning Cantonese, whether you are in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world, you can learn Cantonese, but after you decide to learn it, finding a Cantonese teacher is the first step in learning Cantonese. Finding a good teacher is crucial to your studies.

Today I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how to choose a Cantonese teacher that suits you.

1. The tutor must be smart enough.

Everybody knows that Cantonese is a very difficult language, therefore, we need a smart teacher to make us more successful when learning this tough language. When we choose a teacher, we should see whether the teacher has experience in teaching Cantonese, whether he has a thorough understanding of the content of the teaching materials, and he must understand the content of the textbook. Moreover, he must understand different student’s need and adjust his teaching method and learning materials accordingly. Also, Cantonese is even more difficult than Mandarin, therefore, you must follow your teacher’s instruction when learning the language.

A good Cantonese teacher must have extensive knowledge. To give students a glass of water, teachers must have a pool of water. As a teacher, we must establish the concept of lifelong learning. Through learning, we can continuously improve our subject expertise and educational expertise, so that we can truly teach students well.

2. The tutor must have been trained as a language tutor.

We must admit that Cantonese is a difficult language to learn. If you want to learn Cantonese, you need a professional Cantonese tutor to guide you. As a good Cantonese teacher, she must go through strict training and must Learn teaching skills in the training center and put them into practice.

Also, to do education and teaching work, it needs to devote wholeheartedly to it. It must not be distracted. You may not do well if you don’t  do it wholeheartedly. Another thing I understand about the work of teachers is that teaching is not only a profession, but also a career and a belief.

3. The tutor has to understand your needs.

To be a guide for students, a Cantonese tutor must understand that their role is to help students to learn Cantonese in any means. The role of teachers is precisely to inspire students’ subjectivity, initiative and enthusiasm. That is what Confucius said, “If you don’t get angry, don’t start, and if you don’t get angry, don’t let it go.” Teachers should understand the needs of each student and help students design a learning plan that adapts to their development. Therefore, teachers in the new era should become the designers, guides, helpers and partners of students’ learning.

For example, teaching adults and children will be completely different, when they teach Children with Chinese books, the lesson must be fun and interesting, but for adult students, depending on their purpose, it could be more formal and structured.

4. He or she must know how to teach.

A perfect Cantonese tutor is not somebody who just knows how to speak the language. Instead, he or she must know how to teach the language, we would high recommend any Cantonese tutor to first study the course syllabus of the Cantonese textbook before they teach any student, moreover, we also recommend teachers to use different methods to teach different students, and make sure the class is fun and interesting.

Some native Cantonese speakers can only speak the language but they don’t know how to teach, in order to teach the language, you must understand the structure of the language and also the grammar and pronunciation systems, also when you teach, you need to adjust your method accordingly to the student’s level and learning speed, this requests the Cantonese tutor to have a great teaching methods and skill to make students fully understand the logic of Cantonese and improve rapidly.

5. The lesson must be fun and interesting.

Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, and this process must be fun and playful. Cantonese itself is not an easy language to learn. If the class is boring, the students’ interest will not be high, and the students’ motivation to continue the students will decline. This is not a learning experience that a teacher should bring to the students.

Therefore, To improve your Cantonese we believe that a good teacher must bring students a good learning experience. When taking Cantonese classes, they must design good teaching materials, allocate good time, and make the class as interesting and lively as possible, so that after a class, students will not be able to It will feel boring, students’ interest has also improved, and learning has become a kind of fun.

6. Cantonese teachers must also improve themselves when teaching languages.

The best way to face new challenges is to learn. For example, a Cantonese tutor can learn from other teachers in their language school, learn from their strengths, compare with their own shortcomings, and constantly improve; learn from books, learning books for education, you can also learn across borders; you also need to put down the air and learn from students, the so-called “” Teaching and learning”. In my opinion, the most important thing is to improve one’s own culture through study.

A good Cantonese teachers must also keep pace with the times. There can be no high-quality education without high-quality teachers. In the stage of high-quality development of education, teachers should think about how to improve their professional level. This question concerns both the overall situation and the growth of each child.

7. Teacher is not a machine but must be better than a machine.

Nowadays, modern science and technology are highly developed, and teachers are no longer the only carrier for students to acquire knowledge, but we have to also admit that teachers are indispensable. Some scholars put forward the theory of the disappearance of schools and the disappearance of teachers. I am afraid this view is untenable, because no high technology can replace the role of human beings.

Online teaching during the epidemic also shows that without the careful guidance of teachers, it is difficult for students to conduct self-study courses, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of learning Cantonese. Moreover, the growth of children is not only about acquiring knowledge, but more importantly, growing from a natural person to a social person, which depends on the nurturing and training of parents and elders, especially teachers. Therefore, teaching is an irreplaceable profession.Online Cantonese class

8. Make sure he or she must have love and patient.

Love is a prerequisite for this work. Only our teachers love students sincerely and have the dedication spirit of “holding a heart and not taking away half a blade of grass”. Be a strict teacher of children in learning, and be a loving mother in life. Without love, you can’t educate your students well, and you can’t have a successful education.

I remember a saying: the love of a teacher should be sprinkled in every corner of the classroom. Whether it is an outstanding student or an underachiever, all should pour out their own love. First of all, let the students feel the love of the teachers, let them feel that the teachers like them, value them, and care about them.

Every day in class, I have to say it over and over again, demonstrate it over and over again, I have to say it every day, that is, we have to repeat it all the time. I found that stroking the child’s head and patting him on the shoulder was especially rewarding for the children, who felt it was the greatest reward. Each student’s ability to accept is different. We can’t force uniformity, but we should be patient and counseling. If we get a little result, we should affirm it in time, find the bright spot of the child, and let the children be more active and love learning and like learning. No luck today, will teach tomorrow.

In Conclusion:

Being a good Cantonese tutor is not a easy task! According to the students’ academic performance , we need to write detailed comments to the students, make suggestions to the parents, point out the strengths and weaknesses of the students, and tell the parents how to cooperate, which will be well received and supported by the parents. Only when the head teacher is careful at work can he fully understand the psychological characteristics, personality hobbies, willpower, and family situation of the students, so as to better do patient and meticulous persuasion; Be careful at work to improve work efficiency.

Finally, I hope you can find a great Cantonese tutor in Hong Kong!