8 Mistakes People Usually Make When Learning Mandarin Language in 2021

8 Mistakes People Usually Make When Learning Mandarin Language in 2021

8 Mistakes People Usually Make When Learning Mandarin Language in 2021

Learning a new language initially looks like an impossible task, but after some time, you will realize that it was not so hard. If a person believes that he/she can learn the language, they will quickly adapt in a short period of time.

Researches have proved many ways how to learn a new language. People spend years in adopting a new language and failed because of no clear understanding & goals. Understanding language, culture and study smart will be the most helpful thing while learning a new language.

The Mandarin language is amongst the most popular languages in the world. It has been declared the official language of China. According to researches, around 1.2 billion people speaks Mandarin in their daily life.

How long it takes to learn a new language?

Remember, learning or adopting something new is not just a piece of cake. You have to put your effort and energy in it and wait for the fruitful results. People think that they should get results in a week while learning a language.

Research shows that it may take 3 months to adopt the fluency and writings for a simple language learning. And for difficult language learning, it might take up to 6 months to gain excellency in speaking and writing. Mandarin is known as simplified Chinese is a hard language to learn due to the tone and accent.

8 Mistakes While Learning Mandarin Language

When you are trying to learn Mandarin or taking Mandarin classes, you sometimes make mistakes. Running in the wrong direction or driving a car with handbrakes on will not help you get anywhere but will be proved as a factor of time wastage. If you understand the common mistakes, people make while learning Mandarin and not repeat them, you can learn it in a short period. Our team found the most common & popular mistakes newbies make while learning Mandarin. The common mistakes are as follows:

  1. Not setting learning goals

Setting learning language learning might sound foolish to some people, but it’s been proved as a helpful strategy/technique while learning something new. Having no goals where to go will not help you achieve anything.

You should set small daily, weekly, and monthly goals to get a proper image where you are going. Goals should be specific and not too hard that you get bored. Challenge yourself is crucial while setting goals. And objectives should be presented in written form.

  1. Misconceptions about tones

Tones are an essential part of every language. Four kinds of tones are available in the Mandarin language. Students are taught at institutions that they should intensely focus on tones. If not, no one can understand what they are saying.

In my opinion, Chinese people will clearly understand you even if your tone is not perfect, but if the pronunciation is inaccurate no one will get you. Learners should have a balance between pronunciation and tones because both are a crucial part of learning.

  1. Chinese characters

Before you start your learning, you should have a clear image of whether you want to speak or write/understand the Mandarin language. The Chinese writing system is the most complicated part of learning. Characters are frustrating for beginners before they are short and contain different meaning. Learning Mandarin only for speaking will take a few months while teaching writings & characters might be boring and long-term.

  1. Learning most used characters

The Chinese/Mandarin language contains the top 3000 characters, which are found 99% in the text.  This may be proved helpful while learning a new language, but you will never understand the meaning of any Chinese word.

No matter how much good your memorization is, it is a frustrating and third-class way of learning. If you want to gain a proper grip on a language, you must focus on the proper way, which will help the long run.

  1. Wasting time on pronunciation & grammar

Students while learning the Chinese language spend most of their time in grammar and pronunciation. Although it’s an essential part of a language, it doesn’t mean that you should devote all your time and energy on it.

Students should maintain a balance between characters, tones, pronunciation, grammar, and meaning to have a grip on the Mandarin language. Your efforts will not be wasted, but it will take some time to give you a return.

  1. Over-use of

The most common & foolish mistake students make is the use of ‘和’. English language is versatile & straightforward, so you can use ‘and’ anywhere to link two phrases while in Chinese can be used only at specific places.

For example, In English “I went to a restaurant and ate dinner with my friends.” This sentence in Chinese can’t be linked by . In simple words, can’t be used as a word to link phrases or sentences.

  1. Problem in sentence making

Beginners & newbies face a major problem while making sentences. In Chinese, you have to make your sentences small, so other person can easily understand. In English, we make long sentences to clarify other what we want to say.

The mandarin language prefers sentences to be efficient by making it small and precise. At this point, students get depressed and tired because their efforts are not getting any award. You should be stable and relax because sentence structuring only needs time and practice.

  1. Speaking language daily

The biggest blunder or mistake a student makes while learning Mandarin is not speaking or practicing. We all have heard it “Practice makes a man perfect”. Students should practice in front of the mirror at their learning stages because this may boost your confidence & energy.

No matter how much you learn daily if you didn’t practice in spare time, everything will be lost and is only garbage in your mind. Setup days, weeks, and monthly plans of speaking in front of people and mirror to learn Mandarin in only a few months.

After reading this article, we hope you will have a clear image of how to learn the Mandarin language. These were the most common mistakes beginners make; if you avoid all of them, we bet you will learn this language in a short span of time with a proper grip on speaking & writing.