8 Methods for Children to quickly learn Cantonese by reading Chinese book

8 Methods for Children to quickly learn Cantonese by reading Chinese book

8 Methods for Children to quickly learn Cantonese by reading Chinese book

Learning Cantonese is not only to learn how to speak, but also learn how to write, it is extremely important for students knowing how to read and write Chinese. For Children who are trying to learn Cantonese, we all know that the great importance to reading comprehension in school, but also worry about what to do if their children don’t like reading?

If you want to improve your Cantonese in Hong Kong, you must read more. Although the Chinese teacher has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to guide, cultivate reading interest, and create a good home reading scene. Helpless parents don’t always have the time. When their children have reading comprehension problems, they often need to spend a lot of time and energy to work with their children on reading.

Therefore, paying attention to the reading comprehension guidance of primary school students, parents should not be afraid that their children cannot read or understand Chinese, but seek help from various answering routines to improve the correct answer rate. As long as we first understand the emotions the author wants to express, understand the structure of the article and the method of word expression, the problems faced by our elementary school students can be easily solved.

How to use extracurricular reading materials to supplement material content comprehension

There are many other books that you can learn Cantonese after the school. In daily reading practice, parents like to do questions for their children. A reading comprehension workbook is all reading material with the same structure and clear test points. Is such reading accumulation useful?

Brushing the questions before the exam can be done, but it is not very useful for daily reading accumulation. Because for elementary school students, whether they should not understand or not understand, I know every Cantonese word in these short stories, but after reading each word, I look at the reading comprehension topic, but I can’t understand it at all.

I didn’t understand the topic, I didn’t know what to write, and I didn’t know which option to choose. I closed my eyes and chose one blindly. I quickly finished my homework. My parents might even let me play with my phone for a while.

What are the most difficult things to deal with when learning Cantonese?

What can parents do when they can’t read the structure of an article?

In Cantonese reading comprehension, there will definitely be exercises on test points such as the structure of the article in short articles. In this regard, parental counseling often ignores them and does not know how to read articles. When we can’t understand the text, parents will personally go into battle to tell their children, but what parents talk about is also different from the goal of reading training. When we can’t understand the structure of the article, we will not understand the writing method and the author’s emotions.

At this time, it is useless to read repeatedly. We have to start with the details, find key sentences, find central words, and spread out a piece of material little by little. This process takes 30 minutes. I wonder if parents have such patience and can help Children explain. Most parents can’t do it. They don’t want to spend energy and time to help their children solve problems. They are only willing to find problems and hand them over to remedial classes or let their children solve them by themselves.

Put it aside for the things you don’t understand

Traditional Cantonese characters might be hard for student to understand and write. When we can’t understand a material or article, the only way to change the reading method is to put it aside first, that is, let it rest for a while, and then read it again. Because words and images leave an impression in our minds, during the process of rest, our brains are equivalent to restarting the exchange. The important principle of parental guidance is not to tell children that if they can’t do it, they will give up, and if they can’t understand it, forget it. It is to help children dispel the fear and difficulty of reading comprehension.

Most parents can’t do this, they think that the child is stupid, and others can understand it. If you write it wrong, a teacher taught it, and the only explanation is that your own reading ability is not good. Even if there is a real gap in children’s reading ability, parents should talk to their children more about what is the total score structure and what is the total score structure when facing the child who can’t understand the structure of the article, so that the child can feel the language Only when you read easily can you be motivated to read again and again and find out details and answers.

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How to guide children to find key sentences in the text

Guiding children in lower grades to read is not only a process of expanding their knowledge, but more importantly, a process of cultivating language literacy. Parents need to help their children combine textbook learning. Therefore, both extensive reading and intensive reading must be practiced, and one or two books should be selected for intensive reading in the reading list.

During intensive reading, in addition to the storyline, it is also necessary to guide children to accumulate words during reading, pay attention to commonly used punctuation marks, appreciate the beauty of words (including simple rhetorical devices), and feel the beauty of language.

Only by doing these exercises can we begin to guide children to learn to find key sentences in the text and improve the efficiency of classroom listening. Reading comprehension not only has input, but also output. After reading all the texts in the textbook, key sentences and key words can be clearly distinguished.

Writing is the key to reading

Sentence writing is a must for reading comprehension. Some parents will ask: I thought reading was reading books, but so much preparation is needed for reading comprehension practice. It is recommended that children study and practice seriously, and parents should give their children appropriate reading and expanding content.

Writing Chinese sentences is the beginning of reading comprehension. Many parents of children in lower grades talk about reading habits and methods every day. In fact, reading is also a form of training for Cantonese writing sentences, and it is relatively easy, because reading accumulates the material for writing good sentences.

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