8 Different ways to say relaxed in English

Different ways to say relaxed in English

1  unwind

例句: I’m beat. We need to unwind. Let’s get a drink.


Wind 有上紧钟表的发条的意思,那么unwind也就是“松开、解开”,用在这里就是“放松”的意思。

2) mellow out

You need to mellow out a bit. Don’t get yourself so overworked.


3) let your hair down

Vincent’s been feeling so stressed these months, but he can’t let his hair down until the end of March.



4) Put your feet up

Vincent worked evenings preparing the next day’s presentation. His colleagues came over to his cubicle asking him to go get some late night snack:

“Hey, don’t be so committed, u need to put your feet up a bit. Let’s go get a bite”。

“Who’s paying? You said you would get it this time”

“Oh, boy. I forgot to bring my wallet in the morning”

“Look into my eyes and say that again”






5) Chill out

When I’ve got a lot on my mind, I prefer to chill out a bit with a coffee with friends.


He chooses to chill out in his beach house.



(=relax/rest and recreation)

Hey. I’m new here. Do you know where I can get some R&R after work?


7)loosen up

Vincent cracked up some sick and silly jokes in the class, to get his students loosen up a bit. It turned out that, it literally sicked a girl out.


8)Kick back

I was working my ass off when my boss kicked back in the pub.


On the weekend, I can kick back and relax, but I dread going back to work when the weekend is over.


When I want to kick back and relax, I usually flip on the TV and see what’s on.


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