6 Tips for Learning the Arabic Language – You Must Learn!

Arabic Speaking Countries
Arabic Speaking Countries

Learning to speak Arabic as an additional language is beneficial in many ways regardless of your language goals and purpose for learning, Learning Arabic as a foreign language is fun but not easy. A person needs to work hard on the Arabic vocabulary, grammar, and expressions to get the basics correctly. Here are some tips that would help you to learn the Arabic language faster and easier:


Listening to Arabic news ( BBC Arabic & Aljazerah) and conversation, in particular, will help you to get correct Arabic pronunciation especially for common greetings and everyday phrases etc. listening has to be your first priority in order to get over the foreign sounds. you can Listen to something that you enjoy. Developing Arabic listening skills takes, above all, time and patience. Do not get discouraged if you can’t completely understand what is being said the first few times. It’s all part of the learning process.

Learn 5 words per day

After a period of time, you’ll know common Arabic words and phrases well enough to understand the context in which they’re used without feeling the need to translate them in your mind. Use the words you learn in active interactions, whether speaking or writing, it will pay off that it will be hard to forget them over time, try to memorise 4-5 words a day.

Get social

You’d be surprised by how many people try to avoid talking while learning Arabic! The more you speak, the faster you learn – and that is why you’re learning Arabic. Practice speaking every chance you get: whether it’s ordering coffee, shopping or asking for directions, Try to practice Arabic by conversing with native Arabic speakers in your social circle.

Travel Abroad

No matter how good the Arabic class is, it is never exactly the same as actually living the language. Taking frequent trips to countries that speak Arabic will help you to understand their practices and the Arabic culture. You can see and understand their values, traditions and importance of language attached to it. Sometimes you may come across the native tongue in a particular area and learn even more words that are new to you. You will learn Arabic much faster and speak better if you can afford to spend a few weeks in any of the countries where they speak Modern Standard Arabic ( Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon..etc).

Read out loud

Try your best to pronounce the words correctly, but don’t obsess about it. Reading aloud helps to train the muscles of your mouth and diaphragm to produce unfamiliar words and sounds. While this is not easy, you can practice this with your Arabic tutor or if you have Arabic speaking friends.


When watching Arabic news on TV or movies or listening to radio & music in Arabic, try to repeat the dialogues as you hear them, you may not get it %100 correct but making the effort will get you there after some time.

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