5 Reasons Why You should Learn a Foreign Language


There are so many good reasons for you to learn a foreign language, learning is always good for our brain, for our mental health, by why learning a foreign language is one of the best way to stay away for dementia? We will talk about different reasons why you should learn a foreign language.

Reason 1: Prevent Dementia

Learning a foreign language is good for your brain, it will decrease the speed of getting old, research that investigated the grey issue of taxi drivers exhibited actual proof of plasticity, the brain’s capability to form new nerve organs paths and also connections. London taxi cab drivers who invested lots of time on the highway had much more grey issue in the hippo campus, the particular area of the brain that works with unique storage.

Researchers claim languages should be a requirement for any kind of degree as bilingualism could protect the brain in later life

Studies have shown that certain types of dementia appear up to five years later for people who speak a second language compared with monolinguists.

Reason 2: Gaining competitiveness

The world is becoming more and more competitive, knowing a foreign language can help you stand out from the crowd, many companies when hiring employees, they see foreign language ability as a important factor, now not only you need to learn English, but also another Asia language will help you to find a better job, like learning Mandarin, or Japanese, or Korean language.

Reason 3: Seeing a different world

Every language has it’s own culture which is different from your own culture. It could be very interesting, like the Arabic language, they read from right to left! Learning another language will help you to see a different world from your home, you will understand different culture and customs which are very exciting.

Reason 4: Easier for your business

If you are doing business with different people from different nationality, learning their local language can be a big advantage, China is growing rapidly, the population of learning Chinese is increasing every year, there are more and more people learning Chinese language, as well as learning Cantonese in Hong Kong.

Reason 5: Good for traveling

one of the good reasons for you to learn a foreign language is for travelling, image an Asian people travel to European countries without English or any European languages, they will be in trouble for sure! Learning English language is a must now for the whole world, if you travel to Asia, China, then learn Chinese language is necessary, since not many people in mainland China can speak English, in this case, you must have to learn their Language, Chinese!

The earth is becoming connected every day. The online world has helped persons from opposite sides of the earth to connect very easily with each other, many people are learning English, and other people are learning Chinese. This has spurred individuals to wish to learn new languages so they can connect much better with the new buddies they’ve made from around the globe. There are much more factors and also advantages to grasping a new language.

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