Luckin有望取代星巴克成为中国最大的咖啡连锁店 Luckin Coffee to be the biggest coffee shop in China


Beijing-based Luckin Coffee, a domestic rival of Starbucks of the US, said it aims to become China’s largest chain coffee brand in the number of outlet stores and sales this year.

Luckin 咖啡总部位于北京是美国星巴克(Starbucks)的国内的竞争对手。该公司表示:“其目标是在今年的门店数量和销量方面,成为中国最大的连锁咖啡品牌。”

Luckin plans to open 2,500 more stores this year to raise the number of its coffee outlets to more than 4,500 nationwide, Qian Zhiya, founder and CEO of Luckin, said on Thursday at a meeting in Beijing. Achieving that goal would take it past Starbucks, which has more than 3,600 stores in the Chinese mainland market.

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Qian said that Luckin, which started trial operations on January 1, 2018, had sold 89.68 million cups of coffee by the end of last year and opened 2,073 stores in 22 domestic cities.


Luckin aims to tap the great growth potential of the Chinese coffee consumption market, Yang Fei, co-founder and CMO of Luckin, told the Global Times on Thursday.


Yang said that annual average per capita coffee consumption in China is four cups, compared with more than 200 in countries like Japan and South Korea.


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Luckin posted a net loss of 857 million yuan ($124.7 million) during the first three quarters in 2018.


Yang said the loss was “within expectations,” and Luckin will keep offering discounts to consumers in the next three to five years as part of the company’s long-term growth strategy.



Learn English – You know a good place?

Shirley: Josh, I’m really hungry now. Do you know a good restaurant we could go to?

How to Make Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants

Josh: Yes, there’s a really great chicken restaurant near my house.

Shirley: Chicken?

Josh: Yeah, they have lots of different types of chicken. They have fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, and so on.

Shirley: Hmm, chicken. You know, I don’t really like chicken that much. Do you know about somewhere else, somewhere that doesn’t have chicken or beef?

Josh: Yes, there’s a vegetarian restaurant near my house, too. But it’s in the opposite direction.

Shirley: Great. Okay, what kind of food do they have?

Josh: They have lots of salads, fresh salads. And they also have some stirfry.

Shirley: Okay, and what’s the restaurant like?

Josh: The restaurant is really nice. It’s pretty small, and there’s not a lot people usually.

Shirley: Okay. Is it light or dark inside the restaurant?

Josh: It’s a little bit dark but the food is really good.

Shirley: Okay. What about the tables? Do they have tablecloths or do they not have tablecloths?

Josh: There’s no tablecloths and the tables are a little bit low.

Shirley: What about the price of the food? Is it expensive or is it cheap?


Josh: It’s very cheap.

Shirley: Hmm, that’s good.

Josh: Yeah. For example, you can buy a salad for only 5 dollars.

Shirley: Wow. That is cheap.

Josh: It is.

Shirley: Okay. What about a soup?

Josh: A soup is usually 6 dollars but they’re really good.

Shirley: Okay. Well, I have my car today, so is there parking at the restaurant?

Josh: There’s some parking but there’s actually a lot nearby.

Shirley: Okay, so no problem to park my car.

Josh: It’s no problem.

Shirley: Great. Then, let’s go for vegetarian.

The benefits of a vegetarian


Josh: Okay, sounds great.

End of Transcript


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!


They have fried chicken and broiled chicken.

Broiled food is cooked by direct heat. Notice the following:

I love to eat broiled fish.

Broiled food is usually healthy.

and so on

They have fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, and so on.

And so on means et cetera or more like this. Notice the following:

You sell apples, oranges, bananas and so on.

They serve soups, salads, pastas and so on.


And they also have some stir-fry.

Stir-fry is food cooked quickly in a pan (often a wok) at high heat. Notice the following:

I love to eat chinese stir-fry.

Stir-fry is tasty but often not healthy.

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Do they have tablecloths?

A tablecloth is a cover for a table. Notice the following:

Nice restaurants often have white tablecloths.

When we have guests for dinner, my mom uses a tablecloth.

sounds great

Okay, sounds great.

The phrase sounds great means you agree with an idea or sugguestion. Notice the following:

Let’s meet tomorrow for lunch.

Sounds great!


Let’s go for vegetarian.

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat. Notice the following:

She is vegetarian but eats dairy products.

I tried to be vegetarian but I missed eating fish

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英語口語會話:Teachers 老师 English Conversation: Teachers

Todd: OK, Tini, you were saying that you enjoy being a student.


Tini: Yes.


Todd: So, I’m a teacher. I have a couple of questions for you.


Tini: Sure.


Todd: First one, what type of teacher do you like?


Tini: What type of teacher? Well, I would prefer a teacher who has like very high standards towards their students, but at the same time, very understanding.


Todd: Well, that’s interesting. So, by high standards, do you mean that they’re very demanding?


Tini: Yes.


Todd: So, you think that the teacher should give difficult assignments and give lots of homework?


Tini: Well, demanding in the sense that probably because they know that the students can do more than, is more able, is able to do more but what they can do right at the moment, and probably in that way the teacher can, how do you say, develop the students more.


Todd: Interesting. OK, so that’s the most important thing is the teacher is somewhat demanding and sets high expectations.


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Tini: Well, I like teachers who are demanding but of course, I give very much respect to teachers who actually care about their students and try to understand their students.


Todd: Right, so they have empathy and understanding.


Tini: Yes.


Todd: Well, what about qualities you don’t like in a teacher?


Tini: Qualities I don’t like in a teacher? Favorites.


Todd: Favorites.


Tini: Favorites. You know, teacher’s pet.

Chinese Language Teachers


Todd: Right, can you explain teacher’s pet?


Tini: Teacher’s pet is that, you know, sometimes teachers like one student more than the other students, and then so they give like, I don’t know, like more attention to that student, and then they are nicer to that student, or. Yes, sometimes gives better grades. I don’t know.


Todd: Do you think that maybe that’s just human nature, that all teachers have favorites, or do you think some teachers, no matter what, treat everybody equally?


Tini: Well, I think that it also deals with experience, and you know, the period of time you are engaged teaching activities. I think, probably, initially, like, you know, like teacher, initially are human nature, we all have favorites, like we all have like people who we want to be around with and people who don’t want to be around with. That is human nature, I think, but then like, probably, as time goes by, and as experience is gained, I think that, like if I’m a teacher, I think I will gain a more, like objective perspective towards the student and teaching I guess.


学习英语 每日一词 Mediocre:平庸

过节第一次带对象回家 这些小心机让你避免尴尬





If you’re bringing a significant other home, you’ll need to run it by your family and make sure they’re on board.


“You need to have a preparatory conversation with your family,” said Winter. “Tell them that you’re seeing someone special and you’d like to integrate them into the holiday plans.”





Every family has its quirks and kooky relatives that join in on holiday celebrations. Give your partner an idea of who will be there and the protocol for their behavior, and highlight relatives that you think they’d get along with.


“Give them a ‘what’s up’ as to each person and tell them the conversations to avoid and the conversations they might want to enter,” said Winter.


kooky[‘kʊki]: adj. 乖僻的




Even if you and your partner spend the night at each other’s places all the time, your family’s standards can be a different story, making sleeping arrangements a potentially fraught topic. Winter recommends treading carefully.


Women should love themselves

“This depends on how close you are to your parents and how open-minded they are,” she said. “You don’t have to stay with the family. You can stay in a hotel. You’re adults. If you do stay in the home, you know your parents well enough — know the ground rules and don’t push it.”


fraught[frɔt]: adj. 担心的,忧虑的




The holidays center around food, so make sure your partner doesn’t go hungry. If they keep kosher, have allergies, are vegetarian or vegan, or have other dietary restrictions, whoever is cooking needs to know that in advance.

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Winter also suggests bringing food with you that you know your partner can have to make it easier on everyone.


kosher[‘koʃɚ]: adj. 符合犹太教教规的,干净的




You probably have a good idea of what the holidays with your family are like. Set yourself and your partner up for success by choosing the parts of the celebrations that will be the least intimidating and the most enjoyable.


If baking holiday cookies or decorating the tree before Christmas are fun family affairs, include them.





You want your family to get to know your partner and vice versa. But if your partner’s political views differ from your family’s, now is not the time to hash it out.


“You’re meeting parents and family for the first time, you want to give a good impression,” said Winter. “Now is not the time to air your political views, especially if they’ll be in opposition to this family. No good can come of it.”


hash out: 消除,经过长时间讨论解决一个问题



Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

Meeting a partner’s family can be overwhelming. Introducing your partner to your family can be stressful. And spending lots of time around relatives during the holidays can be a lot to handle regardless.


Winter recommends factoring in some time and space to breathe during your visit, even if it’s just a walk around the block or a coffee run.


She said: “Keep in mind that your partner is having a new experience. Have your partner keep in mind that you’re having a new experience. Just because it’s the holidays, you don’t have to spend the entirety of the time with your family.”


factor in: 将……纳入;包括,把……计算在内

养宠物也会压力山大! Pets give you a lot of pressure!

通常大家都说养宠物可以缓解人们的工作生活压力。但是英国每日邮报的一篇报道说养宠物会让人产生压力,这是为什么呢? 养宠物也会压力山大!

The Daily Mail: How pets make us MORE stressed?A survey finds more than half of cat and dog owners lose sleep because their animals wake them up early. One in two pet owners say they regularly lose up to 90 minutes’ sleep because of their pets mewing, barking, scratching or nuzzling them awake – with many saying their pets ’caused them lots of stress’. A survey of 1,000 cat and dog owners from around the UK found that 54 per cent often lost up to an hour-and-a-half’s sleep from being woken up early by their pets.

想在事业上更成功?养這種動物吧!Want to be successful in career, raise this animal…


Owning a lovable, cuddly pet can unquestionably make one’s home life better — and apparently, it can affect pet owners’ professional lives as well. In fact, according to a new survey, people who have owned pets may be more professionally successful, and this is definitely good news for ambitious pet parents.


The survey was conducted by Kelton Global Research for Banfield Pet Hospital, according to Fast Company. The researchers surveyed 857 adults in the United States with a variety of careers, as explained in the survey summary on Banfield’s website.

据《快公司》杂志报道,这项调查是凯尔顿全球研究为班菲尔德宠物医院开展的。医院官网公布的调查总结称,研究人员调查了来自各行各业的857位美国成年人。 Among the C-suite executives (CEOs, etc.) surveyed, 93 percent grew with a pet in their home, with 78 percent claiming that growing up with a pet helped cause their career success as an adult. Interestingly, 83 percent of C-suite executives who participated said they grew up with a dog, 59 percent of them said they grew up with a cat, and 37 percent of them said they grew up with another kind of pet. (You’re correct — these numbers do not add up. It would seem that many of the people interviewed grew up with multiple kinds of pets.)


So, how exactly does pet ownership cause career success? Well, according to Banfield’s research, executives reported that their pet helped teach them lessons like responsibility, creativity, empathy, discipline, and organization, which have all been invaluable in the business world.

那么,养宠物到底能在多大程度上促进事业成功呢?根据这家医院的调查,受访的高管们表示,宠物教会了他们责任、创造力、同情、纪律和组织,这些在职场都是宝贵的品质。 “At Banfield Pet Hospital, we’ve long recognized the special bond between people and their pets, as well as the positive impact pets have on our society,” Brian Garish, president of Banfield Pet Hospital, said in a statement on Banfield’s website. “From the pet ownership lessons we learned as children, to the ways our four-legged friends currently help us evolve, connect with others, and stay grounded, our latest research supports the notion we’ve had all along – that there may be a link between pets and their ability to help shape us as people.”


stay grounded: 脚踏实地 But what about people who grew up pet-less, but have adopted pets as adults? Luckily for those, the survey showed that current pet ownership can also help with professional success. 但那些小时候家中没有宠物,成年后又养了宠物的人呢?他们也很幸运,调查显示,成年后养宠物也有助于事业成功。

According to the research, 86 percent of current pet parents surveyed said owning pets helps them stick to a routine, better manage their time, and more efficiently multitask. But even if you don’t think your pet has directly helped you, your coworkers’ knowledge that you have a pet may actually be beneficial for your career. In fact, 80 percent of people surveyed said they “feel more connected to colleagues who are pet owners,” and 79 percent of those surveyed believe that fellow co-workers who have pets are “hard workers.”