The relationship between intelligence and getting up early

The relationship between intelligence and getting up early

Morning offers several benefits that can’t be found at other times of the day. Shifting your schedule might take some adjustment , but it’s worth it, and it’s good for learning things early in the morning.
早上有很多好处是其他时段所没有的。虽然你可能需要一些适应时间才能改变你的时间表,但是这是值得的, 而且对学习很有帮助。

You’ll have more energy.

Doing your best work means managing your mental energy, and you automatically have more mental energy in the morning when you wake up.

Even if you didn’t sleep great but enough, you probably have much more mental energy to willfully refocus and let things go that don’t matter.

You can think creatively and have more capacity to use your prefrontal cortex.

This makes a huge difference for using your time productively as you can choose what you want to work on, and stay on track and follow through.

You have fewer decisions to make.

You don’t have to do the things that drain mental energy, like making a lot of small decisions.

Small decisions use up our self-control regulator abilities.

It’s not a finite resource that runs out, but it gets harder to do as you go along.

You go from thinking fast to thinking slow. You get hungrier.

Mornings allow you the time and space to work on things that are important.

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English language lesson – How Holidays release your work pressure

English language lesson - How Holidays release your work pressure

Depending on the root cause, some stressful situations unfold over long periods of time–a few days, a couple weeks, even the better part of a year.

If you work for a company that’s struggling to survive, you may see no end in sight to the high-pressure environment you’re working or learning within.

In cases like these, you need to find ways to escape at least for a while.

Unfortunately, many people’s first reaction is to do the reverse–cutting back on personal time in order to slog through a tough situation.

Remember, stress isn’t just a response to what’s already going on around you–it’s also your reaction to negative things that might happen but haven’t yet.

So it’s important not to sacrifice the habits and routines that sustain you over the long haul.

And somewhat counterintuitively , one solution is to do things that lessen work-related stress in the near-term.

Yoga and mindfulness exercises are common ways to create a sense of peace and serenity.

No, they won’t eliminate your dread of what might still be on the horizon, but they can dampen the arousal that’s getting the best of you right now.

The other alternative is just to find something truly enjoyable to do, whether or not it induces calm or mindfulness.

Go to a movie or concert. Play a game. Do some exercise.

In this case, you’re focusing your motivation on something desirable, rather than something stressful.

The motivation to do pleasant things competes with the motivation to avoid negative ones.

So if you can immerse yourself in positive activities, you’ll shift your motivation away from the focus on the stressors for a while.

This can at lest help you keep stress that you can’t totally eliminate at manageable levels over long periods.

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English Jokes – A New Mother

English Jokes - A New Mother

Today’s English Joke is called A New Mother

Like a good father, I took my 4-year old daughter to a so-called “rug concert”(地毯音乐会) at her music school one Saturday morning. It was called that because you sit on the rug in a group and sing songs. We sat beside a young, attractive(迷人的) mother and her son, and I talked with her in a friendly way.

I thought I was in trouble. As soon as we got home, my daughter ran through the front door and announced to my wife: “Daddy met a new Mommy.”



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English Jokes 英语幽默小故事 – Being considerate 善解人意

English Jokes 英语幽默小故事 - Being considerate 善解人意

英语幽默小故事带翻译:Being considerate 善解人意(中英双语) English Language Jokes

Being considerate


I had iust learned to drive and, like most teen-agers,begged at every opportunity to take over the wheel. During a family vacation my father finally allowed me drive on a long,straight stretch on highway.I was in my glory until there was a sudden turn in the road.Caught unaware, I swung too wide and ran into a service station’s advertising sign. I stopped the cat and waited for a lecture.


My father,always considerate of his children’s feelings,turned back to the rest of family and said. “As long as we’re here,does anyone need to use the rest room?”


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实战口语情景对话:English Travel Tips 英国旅行小贴士

实战口语情景对话:English Travel Tips 英国旅行小贴士

Todd: Steven, if I go to England, and I can choose between Manchester, and Liverpool, (right) and speaking English in London (right) those are the only three major cities I know, which one would you say is the best?


Steven: Out of those three, well I would have to say London. I’ve never actually been to Liverpool so I can’t comment on Liverpool. I have spent a short time in Manchester before. Uh, I enjoyed Manchester. It’s a very lively city. It has lots of good clubs and it has some interesting shopping, there’s some interesting shopping in Manchester, uh, there’s some good markets, but I’ve actually lived in London and I feel like my heart is in London. I feel like a Londoner, and London has everything to offer. Again if you, I’m not particularly into clubs but if you’re interested in clubbing then there are great clubs. There are some good pubs. Um, it has the theatres, hundreds of cinemas. The architecture is fantastic.


Todd: Well, what about in London there’s many parts, right, so if I do go to London what part of London is the best place to go and stay, I would like to study a bit before going there.

托德:如果我去伦敦,那伦敦最棒的游览地和住宿地是哪里? 我想先学习一下

Steven: Um, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to, if you want, if you want to see the sites then well you’d want to, you’d obviously want to stay centrally, I’d have thought. Um, most of the famous landmarks are in the center. However, if you’re going to spend some time living in London, and if you want to experience maybe a more, just an ordinary side of London, then you can live a bit further out. I actually lived in the south of London, just below Brixton, maybe you know Brixton. I lived in an area called Strettom, and the atmosphere there is very lively, also very lively. I enjoyed South London. In the past South London had a bad reputation. People didn’t think South London was a very nice place to live, but over the last few years the quality of life in South London is improved, has improved a lot. More and more people are moving in to South London and, well, consequently, as a result the prices are going up and up and up, but it’s actually a nice, a nice area to live in, in South English London I think.


Todd: Oh, sounds good. Thanks.


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实战口语情景对话:The Time Change 时间的改变

实战口语情景对话:The Time Change 时间的改变

Todd: Now Steven, I’m single and, but you are married and you are a father, correct?


Steven: That is correct, yeah.


Todd: OK. I’m just curious. What is it like being a father?


Steven: Ah, right. OK, well, I think if I first of all talk about what it was like not being a father, being me and not being a father. I think I used tomake the most of my free time, well in fact I didn’t make the most of my free time. I was a very lazy person. I was an incredible time waster, so I would have all of this free time to make use of and I would probably just sit in front of the TV, or I’d probably go to a pub and drink, but anyway I took my timefor granted. I thought I have this time. It wasn’t such a precious thing for me. I had so much of it. Once I became a father, suddenly my time disappeared but strangely enough, now that I’ve become a father and I’ve, it’s taught me to appreciate the time I have. My time is now very limited. My work has become busier but I actually make much more use of my time now than when I did so much of it. It’s kind of strange.


Todd: And how many children do you have?


Steven: Ah, two. Boys.


Todd: Oh, two boys.


Steven: Yep, they’re both still very young. They keep us very busy. The eldest is four and the youngest is three.


Todd: Wow!


Steven: So they need, they still need quite a lot of attention.


Todd: Yeah, so when you first have kids do you lose a lot of sleep? I’m always worried that I won’t be able to sleep.


Steven: Well, something that carried over from my previous lifestyle was an ability to sleep very well, and, um, fortunately I have a very understanding wife so if the children woke up, yeah, well because I had to work my wife was, my wife tended to be responsible. She would look after the children if they woke up during the evening, during the night, sorry, and I’m such a good sleeper that even if they were crying incredibly loudly I could just go back to sleep. I don’t think there are many fathers like me. I’ve spoken to some other fathers and they don’t have the same talent as I do.


Todd: Oh, well, thanks Steven.


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Study finds longer people spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes

Longer time spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes

Study finds longer people spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes
研究表明:做饭时间越长 身体越不健康

Home cooking may not be as healthy as you think.


The longer people spend preparing meals, the worse their health becomes, a study found.


The result contradicts the popular public health message that it is better to cook from scratch than rely on ready meals.


And it suggests that food isn’t healthy just because it is cooked at home.


Possible reasons include home chefs being extra generous with unhealthy ingredients such as butter and salt and feeling they have to eat more because of the time and effort that went into preparation.


Frequenting tasting of food as it is being prepared can lead to pounds creeping on over time.


It is also possible, say the researchers, that convenience foods have become healthier.


The researchers, from Rush University in Chicago, analyzed 14 years of data provided by more than 2,755 women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.


This included information on how long they spent cooking and the results of annual health checks for something called metabolic syndrome.


This is the medical term for when someone has three out of five risk factor that raise the odds of heart disease and strokes.


Warning signs include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.


The women who spent the longest cooking and clearing up meals were more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, the journal Preventive Medicine reports.


Similarly, if a woman started to spend more time cooking, her odds of metabolic syndrome rose more quickly than average.


However, females who did less cooking as time went on cut their odds of health problems.


Researcher Dr Brad Appelhans said that we may have to rethink public health policies that make home cooking a ‘cornerstone’ attempts to improve health.


He said:‘In the past three or four decades, the proportion of our food that we prepare at home has decreased, and the prevalence of obesity has increased. Noting this, public health experts frequently promote home cooking as a way to curb the obesity epidemic and reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. However, our research with over 2,700 women that greater time spent preparing food each week is actually linked to increasing odds of having risk factors for heart disease and diabetes over time.


‘While the reasons underlying this association are still unclear, we think these findings indicate the need to revise our public health messaging, including the need to emphasize healthy cooking methods and to consider the potential benefits of healthy convenience meals.’


He added that it is important to cook healthily, not just frequently.


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Basic Cantonese Course – Nice to meet you

Basic Cantonese Course - Nice to meet you

A:Excuse me,is this seat taken?

A:  唔好意思,呢度有冇人坐啊?

A:  mh hóu yi sī ,nē dohk yáuh móuh yàhn chóh ā ?

B:Er…no, go ahead

B:  冇,请随便坐啦!

B:  móuh ,chéng chèuih bihn chóh lā

A:  You work upstair,right? I think I have seen you before.I’m Karren,Karren Brown.

A:  你公司系楼上系唔系啊?我好好似见过你,我是凯瑞,凯瑞 布朗。

A:  léih gūng sī haih làuh séuhng haih mh haih ā ?ngóh hóu hóu chíh gin gwō léih ,ngóh haih hói seuih ,hói seuih bou lóhng .

B:  Nice to meet you ,Karren.I’mTim Wang.

B:  好高兴认识你Karren,我系Tim Wang。

B:  hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih Karren,ngóh haih Tim Wang.

A:  Happy to know you ,Tim.

A:  好高兴认识你,Tim。

A:  hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih ,Tim.

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Statistics show women are easier satisfied than men

Statistics show women are easier satisfied than men


The Office for National Statistics has been taking happiness measurements for six years following former prime minister David Cameron’s push for statistics that would describe the state of the nation in emotional rather than numerical terms.


Over that time, the figures show, all of us are generally happier. In the five years between the late summer of 2012 and September last year, the general level of happiness went up by more than 3 per cent, they indicated.


ONS statisticians linked the general rise in happiness last year to economic improvements, but gave no reason why women should have been cheering up more than men.


Nor could they explain why the improvements in well-being were detected in English while there was no noticeable change in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


The well-being ratings are produced from questions asked of more than 300,000 people in the ONS Annual Population Survey.


The four well-being questions ask whether people felt happy, if their lives were worthwhile, whether they were satisfied with their lives, and how anxious they felt on the day before they took part in the survey.


The ONS report said: ‘Over time, women have consistently reported higher levels of life satisfaction and worthwhile every year, but have also reported higher levels of anxiety since we first began collecting data in 2011.’



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Learn English in Hong Kong – Fire Fighters

Learn English in Hong Kong - Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters 消防员

There are about 5 ,000 fire fighters in Chicago.大约有5、000年在芝加哥消防战士。

Tim is one of them. He is on duty eight hours every day. 蒂姆就是其中之一。他值日每天八小时。

During his shift, he eats and sleeps at the firehouse.在他的转变,他吃和睡在消防站。

The fire fighters have to be ready to answer消防员必须准备回答

an alarm at any hour of the day or night. 闹钟在一天中的任何时间或晚上。

Most of the alarms are for small fires. 大多数的警报是为小火灾。

They can be put out in a few minutes.他们能够熄灭几分钟。

Big fires are very dangerous. Most of the time, 大火灾是非常危险的。大多数时候,

the greatest danger comes from smoke. 最大的危险来自烟。

Sometimes, fire fighters have to enter burning buildings 有时,消防战士已经进入燃烧的建筑物

in order to rescue the people inside.为了营救里面的人。

Tim has been a fire fighter for five years.蒂姆已经火战斗机五年了。

He’s proud of himself and of his service.他是骄傲的对自己和自己的服务。

He does exercise every day to stay strong.他每天都做运动保持强劲。

WORD BANK in English and Chinese

fire fighter n.救火队员


firehouse n.消防队 消防站

put out扑灭;熄灭

dangerous adj, 危险的

in order to为了


proud/ praud/adj自豪的; 得意的


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