英语美文 – 旅行的意义不在于新风景


Talking about traveling or new jobs, many people often think of “change of environment, change of mood”.

But is it really helpful?

I remember reading a sentence before:

Life sucks no matter where you are. So don’t be fooled by location changes.

This seems a very passive statement, but it does make sense.

Changing jobs is like traveling. The meaning often does not lie in seeing new landscapes, but rather in examining yourself with new eyes.

In the end, what you probably find is that these places are not all that different.

Always looking forward to changing the environment, in fact, is running away from the problem instead of solving it.

If you really want to make a better life for yourself, calm down and face the trivialities in it.

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Why is Learning English so hard for a Chinese person

Why is Learning English so hard for a Chinese person

Why is Learning English so hard for a Chinese person?

获得132.5k好评的回答@Rebecca Ann Zimmerman:

I teach English as a Second Language in Taiwan, so I see native Mandarin speakers struggle with English every day. Below are some of the things my students do that make learning English more difficult:

Not having a clear idea of why they are learning English, or how to make a study plan to help them reach a realistic goal.

When I ask them their goal, every single reply is the same: I want to be fluent in English.

It sounds awesome, but it probably won’t happen.

If you imagined yourself in a meeting with foreign colleagues; expressing your thoughts well, impressing others with your ideas; then, that’s where you start.

Start reading industry websites and blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts to see and hear how people communicate.

Learn and know the vocabulary about your job, then join discussion groups and practice expressing yourself.

If you picture yourself traveling the world, making new friends, then do the same with travel shows, videos, blogs, etc.

You probably won’t, or don’t need to be fluent, so relax and focus on your specific goal. Figure out why you want or need to study English and go from there.

Learning a language is a journey- not a destination.

If you are like my students, you have probably studied English for years, but still don’t feel confident using English.

How can this be?

The more we do something, the better we will be, right?

If you study by memorizing words and grammar patterns; English will be hard and boring.

Change your thinking and change your study method. Make English a fun part of your daily life and you will learn and enjoy the process.

When something becomes a habit, we no longer think about- we just do it.

Daily: Start with 10 minutes a day. Making daily contact with English depends on your personality and schedule.

Schedule: Can you wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and read English aloud? Do you have 10 minutes on your way to/from work or school to listen to English, write in a journal, or use a learning app? Find your 10 mins each day.

Personality: If you’re not very motivated, start with an app that will remind you to study. Challenge a friend or classmate to study for 10 mins a day and do it together. The point is: if you don’t have an English environment, you can make your own. If it interests you, you’ll stick with it!

Good luck!

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15 Words you should learn in Spring Season

15 Words you should learn in Spring Season

1. Vernalagnia

Derived from lagneia, a Greek word meaning “lust,” vernalagnia is a more formal name for what’s otherwise known as “spring fever”—a brighter and often more romantic mood brought on by the return of fine weather in the spring. One 1958 medical dictionary described vernalagnia as the “awakening of sexual desire in the spring.”
“Vernalagnia(春躁症)”来自希腊语单词“lagneia(情欲)”,与“spring fever(春心荡漾)”意思相同,即因春光明媚,人们心里感受到的一种更加愉悦而浪漫的情绪,vernalagnia是一种比较正式的说法。1958年版的医学词典对“vernalagnia”的解释是“春天性欲的觉醒”。

2. Reverdie /rɛvə’diː/

Borrowed into English in the late 1800s, the word reverdie has a long history in its native French dating back as far as the 14th century at least: Derived from a verb, reverdir, meaning “to become green again,” a reverdie is a song, poem or dance performed in celebration of the return of the spring.

3. Valentining

Since the 19th century, the chirruping of birds during the spring mating season is known as valentining.

4. Chelidonize

If you want to be even more specific, though the verb chelidonize is a proper word for the chirping of swallows as they fly overhead. It derives from the Greek word for swallow, chelidon—which is also the origin of the 17th century adjective Chelidonian.

5. Chelidonian

As well as being used to describe anything the deep red color of a swallow’s throat, Chelidonian winds are warm spring winds, so called because they tended to start blowing around the same time that swallows and martins began to return in the spring.
“Chelidonian”除了可以指代像燕子喉咙部位的深红色一样的颜色之外,“Chelidonian winds”还有和煦春风的意思,这样表述是因为春风轻拂大地之时正是燕子归巢的时候。

6 – 7. Erumpent [ɪ’rəmpənt], breard

A word for the re-emerging of plants above the ground in spring, the 17th century adjective erumpent describes anything that bursts forth. The very first appearance of a plant above the ground, incidentally, is called the breard.

8 – 11. Frondescentia, frondescent, frondescence [frɔn’desəns], and frondesces

According to an 18th century dictionary of botanical terms, Frondescentia is “leafing season,” or “the time of the year when plants first unfold their leaves.” Likewise, a plant that is frondescent is just beginning to bud or produce leaves; frondescence is the process of budding or producing leaves; and when a plant frondesces, then it grows or puts forth leaves or buds. All four of these come from the Latin word for “leaf,” frons.

12. Routering-bout

Router is an old Yorkshire dialect word meaning “to rush around noisily,” or, as the English Dialect Dictionary puts it, “to make a search amidst a confusion of things.” Derived from that, a routering-bout is a thorough spring-cleaning of a house.

13 – 15. Floriage, floriation, and efflorescence /ɛflə’rɛs(ə)ns/

Coined in the 18th century, floriage is blossom, or the collective flowers of a plant or tree. Likewise, a floriation is a decoration made of flowers, while efflorescence is the development or production of blossoming flowers.

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Eat these 10 things to make you healthy in Spring Season

Eat these 10 things to make you healthy in Spring Season


Spring declares the great rejuvenation of nature from its wintry slumber. As the temperature picks up, animals and plants all start a new growth cycle – which offers the perfect window to nip the freshest ingredients to add some seasonal delights to your dining table.

Since the quick weather transition may leave your body vulnerable to diseases like the flu, spring is also high time for you to recover vitality and have a healthy kick-start to 2018!

1. Spring bamboo shoots 春笋

Bamboo shoots are rich in various amino acids, vitamins and inorganic salts. Braising them with pork or shrimp brings out the best flavor of this seasonal delicacy.

2. Chinese yam 山药

Steamed, stir-fried or put into gruel, Chinese yam is always the key to a healthy meal.

3. Strawberries 草莓

Fresh strawberries contain tannic acid, which is anti-toxic and are said to have cancer-fighting properties. In addition, strawberries are said to help protect your body from blood diseases.

4. Leeks 韭菜

Spring leeks are the most tender and delicious of the year. TCM says that eating this fragrant vegetable can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach.

5. Honey 蜂蜜

On dry and windy spring days, adding honey to your lemon tea creates an ideal detox drink. Have one spoon of honey every day and night, and keep the flu away.

6. Soybean sprouts 黄豆芽

Soybean sprouts are a perfect source for Vitamin B2 and dietary fiber.

7. Red dates 红枣

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends more sweet and less sour foods during spring. Red date proves to be very efficient in nourishing the blood and avoiding drowsiness.

8. Duck 鸭肉

Instead of mutton or beef, meats like duck, chicken and fish are said to be better suited for springtime. Enjoy some homemade duck soup or even better, go to a restaurant with friends and order a Peking duck!

9. Shepherd’s purse 荠菜

As an edible wild herb widely spread across China, shepherd’s purse is the signature of spring. According to TCM, it can fight against stomach cancer and improve gastrointestinal motility.

10. Turnip 萝卜

Turnip soup with pork rib, carrot and Chinese wolfberry helps to increase the appetite and nourish the blood.

How to have healthy habits

What 3 habits can transform my life completely?

What 3 habits can transform my life completelyWhat 3 habits can transform my life completely?

获得546.1k好评的回答@Erick Diaz:

1.Blind showers.

I discovered this a couple months ago when I thought: Why do I need to see what I’m doing? I know the dimensions of my body, the space of the tub and what I need to get accomplished. Closing my eyes is one less form of stimuli my mind has to process. So showering becomes a type of meditation rather than a tedious chore to get through.

2.Air tight work windows.

No matter what, from 2:00–3:00 p.m. I will work on _____. I don’t care if my girlfriend texts saying she’s pregnant, a squirrel flies through the window or a robber busts down the door. I will NOT leave the desk until 3:01. Having this level of discipline will show how productive you can be in a short amount of time with proper focus and attentiveness.

3.Shrink your world down to a more manageable size.

I get it. In the age of information it’s never been easier to get swamped by the tidal wave of (seemingly) important content. Limit yourself to what you pay attention to. For me it’s filmmaking and basketball. If you paid attention to world politics, entertainment, music, sports, fashion, cars, technology and business on a daily basis, you’d never get anything done.

获得279.1k好评的回答@Fernando Tudela:

1.Exercise and drink plenty of water

I understand this might sound basic, but realize just how important this is. Your body needs to exercise and water to thrive. You’ll wake up with more energy and you’ll feel much better about yourself. Plus having a great body is just a plus.

2. Have a positive mindset

Wake up every morning thinking it’s going to be the best day of your life. Smile plenty, be kind to people and always be an optimist. Turn any negative situation into a positive one and you’ll succeed in anything you do.

3. Read and Learn

Reading teaches you how to become an interesting person. You’ll retain all the qualities of the main character. Your vocabulary will expand and you will be eloquent. Reading stimulates your brain, improves concentration and memory, reduces stress, improves critical thinking among other things.

How to have healthy habits

How to have healthy habits

What’s your healthy habit?

获得187.1k好评的回答@Venkatasubramanian Meenakshisundaram:

•Drinking a liter of water empty stomach as soon as I get up.

•No coffee or tea; teetotaler

•No water while taking food. Drink water about 20 to 30 minutes after food.

•Avoid beverages, instead take fruit juices without sugar or just plain water.

•Drink 3 liters of water every day.

•Eat always on time. If delayed, better skip and have fruits rather than having late food that upsets my system.

获得5.3k好评的回答@John Smith:

I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. My breakfast is always oatmeal with blueberries, raisins, and walnuts. I usually put turmeric on top, and add a little raw honey. Never sugar. I’m a Beekeeper, so I have lots of honey. I have a cup of green and black tea mixed. No teabags. Most teabags are unhealthy. I also take a few vitamins, and a low-dose aspirin. Plenty of water, but no more food until about 2:00 pm.

I never eat white bread. It’s almost devoid of nutrients. I never use white sugar. I cook with olive oil.

I never fry anything. I sometimes make sliced potatoes, or sweet potatoes, or broccoli, carrots, or other veggies, with olive oil and spices, but broiled or baked. Not fried.

I do eat meat, but mostly chicken or turkey, and never eat charred meat. Burned food is carcinogenic.

I try to never eat anything that doesn’t have some nutritional value about it.

I meditate every morning before eating, thank God for giving me life, and ask for wisdom, guidance, and compassion.

How to lose weight after Chinese New Year

Money is not everything, but it’s necessary

Money is not everything, but it's necessary

Sure, money cannot buy you everything.

But no one can deny that it’s necessary.

I need money to have a shelter so that I won’t freeze to death when winter comes.

I need money to buy food so that I can live a healthy life.

Plus, with money you can see a lot of things much more clearly.

And there’s something really precious which you can only get through money.

It is the privilege to say “No.”

With money, you can protect those who you love.

With money, you can fight against the evil in the world course.

I don’t know why so many people despise money and those who found their way to make money.

Yes, sometimes fortune brings corruption.

But that’s because it’s a double-edged sword.

It’s not money who made the decision.

So I’m not ashamed to say that I cherish money, not at all.

There’s nothing more honorable than making money with your own hands legally, period.

Why Chinese People have to pay more money at the airport?



1. If someone pissed you off, what you should focus on and learn is not how they did it but how you can manage your own emotion.

2. Don’t be the one who always complains. Nobody likes someone like that. Everyone will finally leave you if you do.

3. There are problems that you have to solve all by yourself. Don’t always count on others. Nobody has the duty to help you.

4. Keep moving, then everyday will be a new start. Staying where you are can only make things worse.

5. How people judge you is not important. What really matters in life is being honest to yourself.

6. You don’t live to love. You love to live.

7. Being ordinary is never something to cherish.

8. You have to have a hobby. Even playing games can do.

9. Never be afraid of what’s new.

10. Never make a same mistake.

What age of students do you like to most?


付出爱,就会收获爱Several years ago, I was deploying overseas so I decided to leave my black cat Larry with my mother.

It was hard. Because I love my cat so much. I couldn’t imagine living without him.

But I had to do that.

Plus, my mother had been feeling alone lately, and I hoped he would change that.

Those days were difficult, because Larry was already like a son to me.

I asked mother to share video of Larry online as frequently as possible.

After two years, I was ready to get him back.

Before I could do that, I got a call from my mother.

She said she had fallen asleep earlier and woke up to him on her chest, meowing and pushing her face.

He had never done that before.

She smelled something funny, jumped out of bed, and found the kitchen on fire.

Oh God, my mom is alive because of Larry. He had been protecting us in his way. He really sees us as his family.

I guess this is what love is. It doesn’t matter whether you are a human or a cat. You give love and you get love.

And I know that Larry loves us, just like we love him.

Oh, by the way, he’s my mother’s now. She just couldn’t leave Larry after that.

And I’m totally OK with it.

6 speeding skills to improve English communication skills

Smart APP helps you to try clothes when you shop online

 Smart APP helps you to try clothes when you shop online

Today’s English lesson we are going to talk about how App can change your daily life.

Software applications let smart phone users do a lot with their photographs.

Apps such as Snapchat already give users the ability to add dog ears, colorful rainbow tongues and other images onto smart phone photos.

Virtual mirrors are a little different. They are designed to let users see what they would look like wearing products that they might want to buy. Some examples are earrings or other jewelry, lipstick and eyeglasses.

These smart mirror applications are gaining popularity among retail businesses, which want to get people into their stores.

A smart mirror is simply an app that turns the screen of a smart phone or other mobile device into a mirror, using its camera function. As users look at the image, the app will make it appear as if they are wearing the product.

Peter Johnson is with FaceCake Marketing Technologies. He said, “Virtual try-on offers people the ability to try on numerous products, many more than they would be able to try on otherwise.”

Recently, Johnson demonstrated how an app called Dangle works. The software program lets store customers try on different earrings without touching a single pair.

Dangle can be used on a computer tablet. It uses the tablet’s camera and the app’s facial recognition technology to make it appear as if the user is wearing earrings.

The digital earrings in the image appear almost real. They move with the user, providing a realistic experience. With Dangle, retailers can show customers all of their earrings in a short period of time — something almost impossible without technology.

There are other good reasons to use the app. Trying-on products with the virtual mirror means there is nothing to damage, lose or at risk of being stolen.

“In-store jewelry, even costume jewelry, in now quite expensive,” noted Peter Johnson.

“This is a way to keep inventory secure, while people are making decisions about what they want to wear,” he said.

A makeover for shopping outside of the home

Virtual mirrors work with another product that takes time and effort to try on: makeup.

A company called MemoMi has developed an augmented reality app that lets customers virtually put on makeup. At Neiman Marcus stores, customers can use the app on a mobile device to see how beauty products would look on them.

The MemoMi software also is designed to teach users how to use the products. The app can record a beauty care expert putting makeup on a model, along with notes and spoken directions. The recording can then be shared with others on social media.

Alec Gefrides is with the American technology company Intel. He said the app can help people use products the way experts suggest and allows them to repeat the process at home.

Getting people to shop in stores again

Smart mirror apps are an example of how retail stores are turning to online services inside their stores to attract customers.

Online shoppers already expect experiences that are in some ways interactive, easy to use and involve social media. Online shopping also makes it easy to pay for products.

A virtual mirror app like Dangle, supporters say, will enable stores to offer a huge number of products with many of the benefits of online shopping.

The MemoMi app lets stores collect information about its users. The information can include what products customers like, dislike and what they bought in the past. Many shopping websites already do this.

Stores hope that by using customer information, salespeople can make better suggestions to customers and sell more goods.

Gefrides believes that stores across the country will improve their businesses as these technologies improve.

“We always hear about the big store closings,” said Gefrides. “But Intel sees technology becoming more important in providing customers with a better experience.”

I’m Mario Ritter.

Please use your smart phone in a smart way