Life is only worth living when there are things to explore

Life is only worth living when there are things to explore

Omain Rolland once said:


“Most men die at twenty or thirty;


thereafter they are only reflections of themselves,


for the rest of their lives they are aping themselves,


9 Key Factors That Make You Success in your life

repeating from day to day more and more mechanically and affectedly what they said and did and thought and loved when they were alive.”


Recently, I suddenly realized that this quote is talking about me.


I chose a stable job back as a civil servant in my hometown under my parents’ advice after I graduated from college.


The job is easy. And my workload is quite small.


So I have plenty of time of my own to spend.


I bought my car and my house and went on dates which are arranged by my parents.


Everything goes well in my life.


But, last month I went to a classmates reunion. And it crashed my heart.


When we were having the meal. Some of my classmates talked about their interesting jobs and interesting challenges in Internet companies. Some of them were talking about strategies for investing in fund and stocks. Some of them were talking about all the new skills they have been learning, which I hadn’t even heard of.


But I? All I could talk about was that my wife just got pregnant.


And now it seems like my child is about to take the same boring path that I have taken.


Is this the life that I want?


Is this even life?


This suddenly becomes so horrible to me. I can’t live like this.


And that’s why I started to search for a new job. I don’t want to die when I am thirty.


Life is only worth living when there are things to explore.


What is the effect of lack of sleep to the heart?

What is the effect of lack of sleep to the heart

In a new study, researchers find that sleep deprivation can cause noticeable changes in the heart。


In the new study, presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany looked at professionals in emergency medical care, who often work erratic hours and late-night shifts while enduring significant stress。


How important is your sleep to your health

About twenty healthy radiologists had their hearts imaged before and after a 24-hour shift where they got an average of three hours of sleep。 The also had their blood pressure and heart rate measured, and they provided blood samples。 Comparing the two images showed increases in heart strain, which can be a precursor for heart problems。 The doctors also showed increases in blood pressure, heart rate and thyroid hormones, which are released in response to stress。


The study size was very small, and more research is needed to fully understand the relationship between sleep and heart health。 But the researchers point out that their study is one of the first to look at the real effects of sleep deprivation on the heart, and since there are many people who do regular shift-work, continued research could provide meaningful insight into the health effects of working on little sleep。

Learn How to Quickly Fall asleep


How important is your sleep to your health

How important is your sleep to your health

Through his work, he’s determined that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to be less healthy and have lower energy levels than those who get the recommended amount of shut-eye per night.


After analyzing the results of 20 separate studies, he’s found a strong correlation between how much people sleep and how long they live. In summary: The less you sleep, the shorter your life will be.


This is a problem, particularly because many of us are conditioned to equate sleep with laziness. “We want to seem busy, and one way we express that is by proclaiming how little sleep we’re getting,” he told The Guardian. “It’s a badge of honor.”


When he gives talks, he says people will wait until afterwards to whisper to them that they need eight or nine hours of sleep at night, similar to how someone might confess a crime. But they shouldn’t — they’re the ones making the healthier choice.


Learn How to Quickly Fall asleep

In one study, for instance, adults age 45 and older that slept less than 6 hours each night were 200% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke during their lifetime compared to participants who got seven or eight hours.


In other studies, sleeping less has been associated with an increased risk of weight gain, developing Alzheimers, and relapses in addition disorders. On a basic level, lack of sleep also lowered participants’ immune systems.


“I’m not going to say that the obesity crisis is caused by the sleep-loss epidemic alone,” says Walker. “It’s not. However, processed food and sedentary lifestyles do not adequately explain its rise. Something is missing. It’s now clear that sleep is that third ingredient.”


Walker’s suggestion for people: Avoid pulling all-nighters. After you’ve been awake for 19 hours you’re essentially as cognitively impaired as a drunk person.


Also, think of sleep like a job. Just like going to the gym, you need to make sure you go to bed.


“People use alarms to wake up,” Walker told The Guardian. “So why don’t we have a bedtime alarm to tell us we’ve got half an hour, that we should start cycling down?”


The difference between British English and American English

The difference between British English and American English

As you probably know, people speak English as their first language in the USA and the UK. However, Americans and British people do not sound alike!

Both nations have very similar grammar, and the spelling is almost always the same. Some words are written only somewhat differently.

For example, in America, they write “color, C-0-L-O-R”, while in the United Kingdom, the spelling is “C-0-L-O-U-R”.

Even if there are differences in the written language, the differences in the spoken language are much easier to spot. You are certainly going to be able to hear that there is a difference when they speak.

So, can you hear the difference between an American and British accent?

If you are curious to test yourself, you can take a look at this interesting video that will show you some of the differences between American and British English!

Thousand‘s American People are Lining up for Sichuan Spicy Sauce

Learn English Today – Let’s learn some adjectives

Learn English Today - Let's learn some adjectives

Todd: OK. Sophie, we’re going to talk about opposites. OK. What is big?


Sophie: An elephant.


Todd: OK. What is small?


Sophie: A mouse.


Todd: A mouse, OK. Are you afraid of mice?


Sophie: No, not actually.


Todd: OK. What is expensive?


Sophie: A yacht.


Todd: A yacht! Have you ever been on a yacht?


Sophie: Yes, actually I have.


Todd: Oh, really! What was it like?


Sophie: Rough!


Todd: Really! The sea was really rough!


Sophie: Yes. I was sick.


Todd: OK. Oh, that’s not fun.


Sophie: No.


Todd: Oh, that’s a..that’s a..that’s bad. OK. Um..what is cheap?


Sophie: Cheap is onigiri.


Todd: Onigiri. What is onigiri?


Sophie: Onigiri is the best thing to eat in Japan for lunch.


Todd: Oh, so it’s the, the rice ball.


Sophie: Yeah, the rice triangle.


Todd: Ok, yeah, yeah. That’s very good. Good stuff. Um..What is heavy?


Sophie: A tractor?


Todd: Yeah, a tractor is heavy. Ooh, it’s getting really loud! Um..uh..what is light?


Sophie: A feather.


Todd: A feather. Oh, that’s good. OK. Thanks.


English Grammar Study – The difference between of and from

Tell me something about China – Learn English in Hong Kong

Tell me something about China

Todd: OK, Phil, you just got back from living in China.


Phil: Yeah, I lived in China about two years ago.


Todd: Wow. What was China like?


Phil: China was an eye-opener. It’s a very old culture, but there’s not many new, there’s not many old things around in China, through wars, through the cultural revolution, a lot of stuff’s been burnt, a lot of stuff just’s been knocked down. One of the few old things that is there is the Great Wall of China. It’s very famous this wall, very big. They are doing some efforts to try and build the wall up again, but when I was there, I believe it was August, 2002 it was still mostly old stuff.


Todd: Yeah, what else did you see in China?


Phil: Ah, I went to Xian and I saw the Terra-cotta warriors. Terra-cotta warriors were discovered shortly after Mao died in the late 70’s by a farmer who was digging a well, and he was digging this well and he found all these stone warriors,literally hundreds of them, and it’s a national treasure now.


Todd: Wow! That’s fascinating.


Phil: Yeah, it’s really an impressive thing to see. Those are the two really old man-made things that I saw in China.


Todd: Was there anything else that was really spectacular?


Phil: The Three Gorges tour was really good. Sadly they are all under water now because of the dam project, but I was able to go shortly before it was flooded and really, really enjoyed it. Saw a lot of beautiful things. Surprisingly enough the water was a lot cleaner than I thought and I actually went swimming in it.


Todd: Oh, cool.


Phil: Yeah, for, this is the Yangzhe River in China and if you’ve ever seen the Yangzhe, most parts of it, you certainly wouldn’t want to swim in it, but these parts were pristine.


Best Things to do When Studying in the US

Best Things to do When Studying in the US

Best Things to do When Studying in the U.S

Todd: OK, Yoko! 洋子!

Yoko: Hi! 你好!

Todd: We’re going to talk about your trip to America. 我们来聊聊你在美国的旅行。

Yoko: Trip to America. OK. 美国的旅行,好的。

Todd: OK. When did you go to the U.S.? 你什么时候去的美国?

Yoko: It’s about 4 years ago. 大约4年前。

English Course Hong Kong – How do you like Canada?

Todd: And what did you do? 你都做了什么?

Yoko: Actually, I went to Michigan and I worked as a volunteer teacher in public school. 事实上,我去了密歇根州,在一所公立学校中做志愿者老师。

Todd: OK. What was the public school like? 那所公立学校怎么样?

Yoko: It was not big, and so it was not big. I don’t know how to say that, so what should I say…. 不大,那所学校不是很大,我不知道怎么说,我该怎么说呢……

Todd: It was just a small school? 那是一间小学校?

Yoko: Yeah. Small school. So only maybe 200 students I think. 是的,一所很小的学校。大概只有200名学生。

Todd: Oh, really! 真的!

Yoko: Yeah, it was really small. 是的,真的很小。

Todd: Wow, that is small. 哇,很小啊。

Yoko: Yeah, yeah. 是的。

Todd: Did you know all the students? 你认识那儿所有的学生吗?

Yoko: I don’t think so. I just visited some classes. Yes. 我不这么认为。我只是去了几节课。

Todd: So what did you think of America? 你对美国有什么看法?

Yoko: I think it is a great country for many people who wants to try new things. 我认为美国是一个伟大的国家,在美国,人们想要尝试一些新的东西。

Todd: OK. 好的。

Yoko: You know, so for example I did not have any special skills to teach, but they let me to work there as a volunteer, and they gave me a great oppurtunity to meet a lot of students, who are really nice I think. 例如,我没有教书的特殊技能,但校方允许我作为志愿者在那里工作,他们给了我一个机会去接触那里的学生们,学生们都很友好。

Todd: Ah, OK. I agree. What were your students like? 哦,好的,我同意。你的学生怎么样?

Yoko: They were really motivated to learn Japanese, but they didn’t learn a lot. They just, they just wanted to play with me, from other countries. Who is from, sorry! 他们对学习日语很积极,但他们并没有学多少。他们只是想和我玩,和来自其他国家的人玩。

Todd: OK. Do you have any special memories from your trip? 你对这次美国之旅有没有留下什么特殊的记忆?

Yoko: Yes, I visited lots of places by myself and I was really afraid of speaking English to people there but they tried to understand me, and they helped me a lot and I really think OK, they are lots of people who are nice all over the world. 是的。我自己去了很多地方。我真的很害怕和当地人说英语,但他们总是努力地理解我,他们帮了我很多很多,这让我觉得全世界有很多好心人。

English Course Hong Kong – How do you like Canada?

English Course Hong Kong - How do you like Canada

Todd: OK, hello!


Jeff: Hello!


Todd: How are you doing?


Jeff: Good Morning. Good.


Todd: Could you introduce yourself please?


Jeff: I’m Jeff Eagar.


Todd: Jeff. OK. And where are you from?


Jeff: I’m from Canada.


Todd: Oh, OK, where in Canada?


Jeff: I’m from a little island on the east coast of Canada. A small island called Cape Breton.


Todd: Cape Breton!


Jeff: Cape Breton!


Todd: OK. and where, where do you live now?


Jeff: I’m living in Japan now, in Saitama.


Todd: Oh, OK. Alright, um, so tell me about Canada!


Jeff: Mm, big, big country, very big..


Todd: Yeah!


Jeff: Nice country! Clean. Um, friendly, friendly people.


Todd: Yeah.


Jeff: Cheap. Nice..cold, cold winters, long winters, very long.


Todd: Oh, OK. How much longer do you think your gonna be in Japan?


Jeff: In Japan? I like Japan. Nice place, and I have a Japanese girlfriend now so I’m not sure that’s, with her I’m not sure what, what I’ll do so it, it’ll be a little while.


Todd: OK.


Jeff: But, I like it.


Todd: Oh, great. All right thanks.


10 Things You Must Do To Become a Best Student

10 Things You Must Do To Become a Best Student

1, to learn first.
In their mind, learning is a matter of course, should be prior to entertainment, one heart to learn, indifferent, unrestrained, go all out, selfless preparation.

2, learning everywhere.
Make good use of fragmentary time every day in morning jog, eat, during recess, before class, before break and other fragmentary memory of words, recite formulas, solve problems, adjust emotions. No matter how distinctive, one thing they are the same: to ensure that learning time, learn to use their own spare time, after a long period of time, the effect is impressive.

3, pay attention to management.
The important learning supplies and information booked or pointing installed, classified storage, to avoid using the time looking for. There is a day plan every day, a weekly plan, according to the plan methodical work, not bad or bad.

4, learn to read.
Learn speed reading and intensive reading, improve reading unit. Learn to read a book, a unit’s catalogs, illustrations and illustrations, get ahead of time, and get more efficient information. When the active reader, constantly asking questions, until you understand all the information between the lines, especially to understand the starting point and end point of knowledge, sort out the main points of knowledge.

5, reasonable arrangements.
What to do when doing what, in a reasonable time to do a reasonable thing, does not run counter to. For example, grasp the efficiency of the classroom, when the church listen, when Tongji, Tong Tang understanding, do not understand the words or the day to find time to take the initiative to find a teacher to consult, be dignified and clear. Take good use of time, for example, and encourage yourself to complete the task of learning the day, so that every day Qing. For example, to work and rest, relaxation degree, appropriate movement. For example, adhere to keep pace with the teacher review, not go astray. For example, adhere to diligent eyes open to the eyes of the textbooks on the things to see, do not understand the content can ask.

6, good to take notes.
Top students tend to focus on the one hand while listening to the class, not all-inclusive record, especially good at remembering the teacher to add something, the textbooks are not things, especially thinking method is a serious record. Can organize notes in a timely manner, pay special attention to the important knowledge stressed by the teacher, with particular attention to systematic knowledge of the problem, positive thinking can solve any problem.

7, operating specifications.
Carefully examining questions, calm response, each homework as a college entrance examination, homework neat, step-by-step, terminology norms, expressed rigorous. Norms not only train carefully carefully the quality, develop a more careful habit, so as to stimulate learning potential.

8, diligent thinking, good at thinking.
This is a top priority and should be run through all stages of lectures, homework assignments and review. For example: to finish a question, to the answer, there should be a process of reflection, to find out what is the problem test, what method is used, why such a method, and how to achieve the best bypassed effect .

9, learn from each other.
And students happy to get along with things, pay no attention to be lenient, tolerant open-minded; cherish the friendship between students in learning mutual support and help, often together to discuss learning problems, using different problem-solving methods and exchange ideas. With this harmonious relationship between classmates, we can devote ourselves fully into our study so as to maintain a high learning efficiency.

10, self-adjustment.
Do not avoid problems, problems can be found by looking for teachers or students self-reflection self-regulation, abandon the outside world and their own pressure, consciously put down the burden of thought, the pressure of motivation, whether it is heavy workload or easy and smooth, are to maintain a Ordinary heart. Constantly on their own positive psychological suggestion, in such a constant positive psychological hint, the value of confidence is on the rise, from a little confidence to gradually have a strong unshakable confidence, through hard work, to think about it, to do It’s

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