English Beginner Course – What She makes for Breakfast

English Beginner Course - What She makes for Breakfast
Portait of an attractive young female cooking in the kitchen at home

Todd: So, Adrienne, what did you have for breakfast today?

Adrienne: This morning, I forgot to eat breakfast.

Todd: Nothing! You had nothing?

Adrienne: I had grapefruit juice.

Todd: Grapefruit juice! That’s not a very healthy breakfast.

Adrienne: I know. Don’t tell my mother.

Todd: I’m gonna tell her. She’s gonna listen. She’s gonna hear this on ELLLO and she’s gonna be very upset.

Adrienne: Please don’t tell my mother. You’re right. She’ll be very upset if she hears that.

Todd: Mothers know we must have breakfast.

Adrienne: Hmm.

Todd: I never miss breakfast. So normally, when you do have breakfast, what do you have?

Adrienne: Ah, usually I have yogurt and fruit.

Todd: Yogurt!

Adrienne: Yes.

Todd: Now, do you get like the fruit-swirly kind or do you just get the plain white yogurt?

Adrienne: No, no, I like the plain.

Todd: Oh, really.

Adrienne: Really. The sweetened yogurt tastes to chemical to me. It’s got all kinds of strange sweeteners and things in it that I don’t like, so I prefer to buy plain yogurt. Maybe sweeten it myself with honey or molasses or fruit, something natural. It tastes better.

Todd: Well, what fruit do you put in your yogurt? Do you put the fruit in the yogurt or do you have it separate?

Adrienne: I don’t know. It depends on if I’m in a hurry I guess.

Todd: Right. Right. So assuming that you cook breakfast sometimes…

Adrienne: Rarely.

Todd: OK. But when you do cook breakfast, what do you make?

Adrienne: My favorite breakfast to cook is spinach and cheese omelet

Todd: That sounds good.

Adrienne: It’s really good – with turkey bacon and hash-browns.

Todd: Turkey bacon!

Adrienne: Yeah.

Todd: So is that bacon that tastes like turkey, or…

Adrienne: Bacon made out of turkey meat.

Todd: Does it have the fat and stuff just like the normal bacon?

Adrienne: Yeah, it’s not as fatty. I think that’s why I like it so it’s crunchier. It’s crispier.

Todd: OK

Adrienne: So to me it’s has a better taste, but a lot of people really dislike it, so you have to…. it ‘s kind of an acquired taste I guess.

Todd: Right. Right.

Adrienne: But my mom often cooks turkey bacon in with the regular bacon for breakfast for everyone so that you can’t really tell the difference cause it has that bacon fat taste to it, so it kind of defeats the purpose of being healthy about the bacon but, anyway.

Todd: Yeah, but it tastes good. That’s all that matters.

Adrienne: For a big breakfast like that, it’s true.


Learn English – Please stop driving after you drink

Learn English – Please stop driving after you drink

Learn English - Please stop driving after you drink


1. 酒驾频现引起广泛关注

2. 酒驾的危害



Currently, as a mass of reports on deaths and injuries caused by drunken driving are all over the news,the phenomenon of drunken driving has aroused nationwide concern.

Drunken driving will undoubtedly give rise to severe consequences if we turn a blind eye to it.In the first place, it will put the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians under threat by causing traffic accidents, injuries or even deaths.After that, it means a mournful waste of time and money to treat the injured and fix the crashed cars.In addition, the irresponsible behaviors of the drunken drivers may lead to the stabilization of the society.

Prompt and effective measures should be taken to reduce drunken driving before things get worse.On the one hand, it is essential that laws and regulations should be strictly enforced to impose heavy penalty on those who violate the rules.On the other, more efforts should be made to arouse public consciousness, such as propagating the bad influence of drunken driving.Only in this way can drunken driving be reduced.


Learning Mandarin – Can you teach me how to drive?

English Composition – It is so difficult to start a business

English Composition - It is so difficult to start a business



Nowadays on the one hand colleges and universities recruit a large number of students every year, on the other hand students will be in a more competitive labor market than before after four years’ study. But there are still many graduates go home without job.

With more graduates and less job opportunities, students are encouraged to start business on their own when they graduate from university. They can start anything they are interested in, make decisions on their own, and obtain the fruit of their own labor. Only by this way will graduates become more independent, confident and creative.

However this process is supposed to get the support of government. So the government should provide these students with special policies, and lead them into a right road.


Under the pressure of finding job, running a business is most fresh graduates’ dream. But it is not as easy as speaking.

But a recent survey showed that such ambition lacks necessary support and still remain dreaming stage. The Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center polled 1,276 graduates from several universities and colleges in the city, and showed 59.78 percent of respondents think it is possible to set up a company or a small store, but they just stop at the ‘thinking’ stage. The top reason for not releasing this dream is a shortage of investment and a lack of business opportunity.

In a word, it needs all kinds of factories to start a business. And when a person is going to run a business, he should arm himself with the necessary knowledge.


Business Mandarin – The cost of new housing in China rose

English Movie – Olympus Has Fallen




Are you seriously trying to rope-a-dope me? That’s an old man’s move.


God forbid people know we kiss.


My own little retirement party?


You keeping 180 degrees awareness? I thought you said it was 360.


They’re over-rated.


Yeah, I know. I’ve been working the late shift. Yeah, non-stop action over there at the Treasury.


Yeah. You guys got a big day coming up, huh?


Nah, I mean, you know. Business as usual.


English Movie - Olympus Has Fallen


Mike. Look, you gotta learn how to get back into the real world.

Who knows what other tricks they have up their sleeves?

And withdraw all 28,500 American troops from the Demilitarized Zone.

He was on the president’s protection detail for a few years.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America!

Your leader is out of his mind.


Mike: Good evening, Mr. President. Five minutes, sir.

President: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Evening, ma’am.

First Lady: Merry Christmas, Mike. The president gets us off our dependence on foreign oil, yet he cannot help a wife choose an earring.

Mike: Uh, small one. Classic look for a classic lady.

First Lady: Good chat.

President: Kiss ass.

First Lady: Well, I love you both but I am going with the long.

President: I hate going to these fundraisers. Why don’t you go for me?

First Lady: Oh, honey. You’re perfect. God forbid people know we kiss.

Mike: Now the real bloodbath starts when your mom catches you playing this.

Connor: You suck.

Mike: You suck worse. Come on.

First Lady: Well, he likes it when you call him Dries because it makes him feel like, I don’t know, you’re pals or something. Hey, love. You wanna open a gift before we go?

Connor: It’s not love, and I’m gonna wait ’til everyone else is here.

First Lady: Keep forgetting. Sorry.

Connor: Do I really have to come with you guys? I mean, I’ve been on so many.

Mike: Re-election’s hard work, buddy.

First Lady: Sorry, pal.

Connor: Can I at least ride with Mike?

President: You’ll have to ask him. He’s the boss.

Connor: Mike, do I get to ride with you?

Mike: Okay. All right. Okay, Diaz. You’re riding in the Beast tonight. Merry Christmas.

Diaz: Thank you, sir.

Mike: You okay to stay back and watch the fort tonight?

Forbes: You kidding me? In this weather? Get out of this monkey suit, sit by the fire, watch “Breaking Bad?” Fine by me. My own little retirement party

Mike: Leave the babysitter alone, all right?

President: Are you going to wear that hat?

Connor: I like the hat.

First Lady: I think it’s fine. It’s age appropriate.

President: You take it off when you get inside.

First Lady: No, the girls dig it.

Mike: Mustang, this is Big Top. Bringing out the full package. Let’s go.


Beginner English Lesson – Talking about my favorite movie

English reading and listening – I am learning Japanese

English reading and listening - I am learning Japanese

Todd: So, Eli, how are your Japanese classes going?


Eli: They’re going OK. Japanese is a very difficult language and I think as someone who has never learned another language before I’m struggling more than other kids are. I feel that a lot of the other, say European kids, that this is there third or fourth language, that they can speak fluently, they pick it up very quickly, and for me it’s slightly more difficult. As I say, our school is quite advanced and it moves very, very quickly in conversation. We’re not learning any Kanji, which is kind of difficult cause that’s one thing you really do need to learn if you’re living here, but the conversation moves very quickly and we learn a lot of new stuff, so it’s quite difficult to practice it all. I think that’s the problem I’m finding, and a lot of my friends say the same thing: they’re learning it all but then they don’t have time to practice. It’s actually crazy to think, you’re in Japan but it’s quite difficult to actually practice the Japanese language. You see all my Japanese friends they want to practice English with me, so, you actually end up being very lazy, and not talking that much Japanese, so I think that is the problem, just you have to have conversation through conversation all the time and I’m not really doing that at the moment, so yeah, it’s difficult. I think I’ll get there. I’m just about starting to understand stuff now.



Mandarin Lesson – Do you like to eat Japanese food?

Cooking Meat Balls at Home with my family

Cooking Meat Balls at Home with my familyCome here. You do us a baba and we’re going to doquenelles.

你来吧 你做朗姆酒蛋糕 我们做肉丸子

So, this will be the… Hello, pet. Hello!

这将会是…你好 宝贝儿

This will be the posh way of serving your baba.


The posh way of serving a baba.

是的 奢华方式

Let’s not get this wrong.

非常奢华 不要做错了

Shall we have a little trail of red currants on the side?


Oh, look! Look at that!


Now that’s a quenelle. Yes!


Are you going to do yours now? No. You’re fired!

你准备做你那份了吗 不 你被炒鱿鱼了

So that’s kind of one way of a baba.


Now the other way,we’ll do the way my mam would do it. Go on, Dave, go on!

另一方面 我们要按照我们妈妈的方式做 再多加一点

You just pipe the cream in the middle, like that.

把奶油挤在中间 就像这样

And then you put a cherry on the top, like so.


My mother would be proud.


Rum babas.


What a day, and what a celebration of mums’ cooking.

多么美好的一天 多么盛大的庆祝活动

From China to Sri Lanka, Jersey to middle England, we’ve shared and collected hundreds ofrecipes.

从中国到斯里兰卡 泽西到中部英格兰 我们分享、收集了数百份食谱

But Kingy, that’s only part of what today is about.


I know, Dave. The smells that have been coming out of the mums’ kitchen tent have beensomething else.


And now we finally get the chance to taste what they’ve been slaving at all day.You’re right.


Bring on the banquet.


Grub’s up, everybody!

大伙们 饭好了


Chinese language study HK-Cooking Dinner

Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitution

Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitutionBBC news with David Austin.


The Chinese communist party has elevated its current leader Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitution. The BBC’s China editor says the new face of communist China’s development signals the party’s aim will be discipline at home and strong aboard.


Kenya’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga has again called on his supporters not to take part in Thursday’s re-run of the presidential election, saying it will be a shame. The original vote in August was annulled by the supreme court for irregularities and re-run order.


The U.N secretary general is due to arrive in the central Africa republic later on Tuesday on his first visit to the peace keeping mission there since he took up the role. Officials say fighting between Muslim and Christian militias has been escalating, despite the presence of peacekeepers.


The United States has denounced the limited measures against Myanmar in response to the treatment to its rohingya Muslim minority. It said military assistance will be withdrawn from Burma’s units and offices, involved in the violence against Rohingyas.


Hong Kong’s top court has granted bail to two activists jailed for their prominent part in the pro-democracy protests in 2014. Joshua Wong and Nathan Law were originally ordered to do community service and were jailed in August after prosecutors appealed.

香港高级法院下令假释两名活动积极分子, 因在2014年的民主抗议活动中发挥了显著作用。黄之峰和罗冠聪原本被勒令进行社区服务,但是八月份,检控官上诉之后,他们被监禁。

Germany’s newly elected parliament will begin its first session today, with lawmakers from the far-right alternative for Germany taking their seats for the first time. It is likely to be an immediate clash over the AFD’s choice for one of the six parliamentary vice presidents.


New Zealand’s incoming prime minister has confirmed her country will hold a referendum on the legalization of recreational cannabis by 2020. If legislation is enacted, New Zealand will be come the first country in the region to allow recreational use of the drug.


Those are the latest stories from BBC.



English Course in Hong Kong – News in the US

Listen to the best songs – Hotel California

Listen to the best songs - Hotel California

Hotel California (The Eagles)

on a dark desert highway,行驶在昏黑的荒漠公路上,

cool wind in my hair.凉风吹过我的头发。

warm smell of colitis,温馨的大麻香,

rising up through the air.弥漫在空气中。

up ahead in the distance,抬头遥望远方,

i saw a shimmering light.我看到微弱的灯光。

my head grew heavy my sight grew dim.我的头越来越沉,视线也变得模糊。

i had 2 stop 4 the night.我不得不停下来过夜。

there she stood in the doorway;她站在门口那儿招呼我

i heard the mission bell.我听到远处教堂的钟声。

and i was thinking 2 myself,我在心里对自己说

“this could b heaven or this could b hell”.这里可能是天堂也可能是地狱。

then she lit up a candle,然后她点燃了蜡烛,

and she showed me the way.给我引路。

there were voices down the corridor.沿着走廊传来阵阵说话声。

i thought i heard them say…我想我听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel California!欢迎来到加州旅馆!

such a lovely place!如此美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的的面容!!

plenty of room at the hotel California!加州旅馆有充足的房间!

any time of year,u can find it here!一年的任何时候,你都能在这找到房间。

her mind is Tiffany-twisted,她的心为珠宝所扭曲,

she got the Mercedes bends.她拥有豪华奔驰车。

she got a lot of pretty,pretty boys.她有许多漂亮的小伙子。

that she calls friends.她称之为朋友。

how they dance in the courtyard,他们在庭院里翩翩起舞,

sweet summer sweat.夏日的香汗伶俐。

some dance to remember!有些舞是为了回忆!

some dance to forget!而有些舞是为了忘却!

so i called up the captain,于是我叫来领班,

“please bring me my wine.”请给我来些酒。

he said”we haven’t had that spirit here,他说我们这不供应列酒 since nineteen sixty nine.”从1969年起。

and still those voices are calling from far away.远处仍然传来他们的话语。

wake u up in the middle of the night.在半夜把你吵醒。

just 2 hear them say…只听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel California!欢迎到加州旅馆来!

such a lovely place!如此美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的的面容!

they livin’ it up at the hotel California.他们在加州旅馆尽情狂欢。

what a nice surprise,好得令人吃惊,

bring your alibis.使你有来到这的借口。

mirrors on the ceiling,天花板上镶嵌着的镜子,

the pink champagne on ice.冰镇着的粉色香槟

and she said”we are all just prisoners here-她说我们都是这的囚徒

-of our own device”.但是是我们自愿的。

and in the master’s chambers.在主人的卧房里。

they gathered 4 the feast.他们为宴会聚在一起。

they stabbed it with their steely knives.他们彼此间用钢刀相互砍杀。

but they just can’t kill the beast.但他们甚至不能杀死野兽!

last thing i remember,我所记得的最后一件事

i was running 4 the door.是我跑向门口。

i had 2 find the passage back,我必须找到来时的路,

to the place i was before.回到我过去的地方。

“relax”,said the night man,守夜人说放宽心,

“we are programmed to receive.我们只是照常接待

u can checkout any time u like.你想什么时候结帐都可以。

but u can never leave!”但你永远无法离去!


Great English Song – Forever young

Best Ways to Make your Weaknesses Stronger

Weakness on Warning Road Sign.

Making Your Weaknesses Relevant

One on the most misunderstood statements today is this: “Focus on your strengths and make your weaknesses irrelevant.” Every time I hear or read it, I cringe and think, “What if your weaknesses are relevant?”

Excuses for Weaknesses

Have you ever heard people make excuses for poor performance? Then they followed it by an explanation like this: “That’s just the way I am; it’s part of my DNA.” Or, “That is one of my weak points.” Or, “I’m just not good at that.” Then they blow it off like it’s acceptable.

How much respect would you have for someone who is always late and says, “I’m sorry, but it’s awfully hard for me to be on time.”

How successful would a tennis player be who is exceptional at every part of his game, but can’t serve?

How far within your organization would a person get who does his or her job well, but can’t communicate effectively with co-workers?

Or, think about the young father who is a dedicated dad but has a real problem with his temper. How do you think his relationship would be with his wife and children if he thought, “I’m so good at everything else, I‘m just not going to worry about my temper? They will have to accept me the way I am”?

For most of us, our weaknesses are relevant and the worst thing we can do is to ignore them or discount their importance.

Deal With Your Weakness

Author Nathaniel S. Summers said, “The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses.”

When I started my entrepreneurial career 31 years ago, my English was awful. (It had been my worst subject in school.) It quickly became clear to me that if I wanted to be successful, I would have to focus on my written communications and make them a strength. Today, I proof all my emails and consider the little things I can do to improve my messages, even if they’re casual emails going to my family and friends.

I am an extreme introvert but, because I consciously work on it, no one would ever know if I did not tell them. I realized if I were going to be successful, I would have to push myself outside my comfort zone and work on my people skills and make them a strength.

How do you feel about your weaknesses? Are you intentional about working on them or have you fallen into the trap of thinking they don’t matter? Do you think or say, “That’s just the way I am. I can’t help it. Don’t expect me to change”?

If your co-workers sat in a conference room and made a list of your greatest weaknesses, what would be on the list? As you consider the things they would discuss, how many of those things could you improve tomorrow, if you were intentional?

If your spouse or significant other were to make a list of the things you do that bug him or her, what would be put on the list? As you think of the most likely answers, how hard would it be to stop doing those things, if you really tried?

Rewards for Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

What many people don’t realize is that their weaknesses are holding them back from enjoying more meaningful relationships, advancing their careers, improving their self-images and confidence, and living happier lives.

I am a firm believer that when you do the little things that you know you should do, without excuses, you feel better about yourself and the person you are becoming. When you blow them off or discount them, your subconscious knows the truth. When you repeatedly fail to do the things you know you should do, it’s impossible to feel good about yourself.

The fact is that 95% of the weaknesses I see holding people back are things they could change today, by simply being intentional.

My Three Challenges For You

1. Change Your Attitude.

Never again allow yourself to think or believe that weaknesses are irrelevant. You can change weaknesses into strengths.

Michael Jordan said, “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”

2. Acknowledge your weaknesses.

The first step towards improving your weaknesses is to openly acknowledge them.

3. Be Intentional.

Choose one weakness and start today to work on it at home, at work, and in your social circles.

For most people, it’s not the lack of focus on their strengths that holds them back; it’s the lack of focus on their weaknesses!


Learn Mandarin – Your Painting Skill Improved

How to ease your nervousness when having a date

How to ease your nervousness when having a date

17. 我在冒冷汗

Don: Herb, why are you still sitting here?

唐: 赫伯特,你怎么还坐在这边?

Herbert: I’m too 1) nervous. Look! 2) I’m in a cold sweat!

赫伯特: 我太紧张了。你看!我在冒冷汗。

Don: It’s OK to be nervous. It’s only 3) natural!

唐: 紧张没有关系。这是正常的。

Herbert: You’d be nervous, too.

赫伯特: 换做是你也会紧张?

Don: Me, nervous? Never. But most people would be.

唐: 我,紧张?从来不会。但大多数人都会。

Herbert: I just don’t want 4) to make a fool of myself.

赫伯特: 我不想让自己看起来像个傻子。

Don: Think of something fast, Herb. She might leave soon.

唐: 快想办法啊,赫伯特。她可能快走了。


A: It’s your turn! Spin the wheel!


B: Gambling always makes me so nervous!


【It’s OK to be… (发生什么事)没关系】

It’s only natural. 这是很自然的反应。

You’ll do fine. 你会没事的。


1) nervous (a.) 焦虑的,紧张的

2) to be in a cold sweat 冒冷汗

3) natural (a.) 自然的

4) to make a fool of myself 让自己显得愚蠢


Mandarin class HK-How was your blind date yesterday?