Angelica: So the book I’m writing starts with a plane crash.

Corey: What caused it?
Angelica: It doesn’t matter. That’s not part of the story.

Corey: But characters have backstories, so you should have a backstory for the plane crash.

Angelica: Okay, the plane crashed because of mechanical failure, or better yet, pilot error.
Corey: What happened? Was it because the pilot misread the instruments or had a problem navigating?
Angelica: I don’t know.
Corey: Maybe he or she was incapacitated due to an illness. What kind of illness?
Angelica: Forget it. Let’s say instead that it happened because of an act of God.
Corey: Like a lightning strike? That’s not very likely.
Angelica: Okay, how about some problem with the flight crew that caused the cabin to depressurize and the plane to go into a tailspin.
Corey: What was the problem with the flight crew?
Angelica: It doesn’t matter!
Corey: Maybe a member of the flight crew was a hijacker and it was an act of terrorism.
Angelica: Okay, let’s say that’s what happened. Happy?
Corey: But wait! Who was the terrorist? What were his aims and what was his cause?
Angelica: You know what? I think you should put that in your book!


To understand the way in which lawlessness,violence and chaos did make an impact

要理解无法律约束 暴力和混乱

on the not-so-rosy world of 15th-century England,


we have something incomparably richer than the list of battlefields and barons,kings and kingmakers.

我们掌握了比战役和贵族 君主以及拥立国王者的名单 更加详实丰富的资料

We have, in the letters of the Paston family of Norfolk,the very first private correspondence in English,

来自于诺福克的帕斯顿家族通信 是最早的英文私人信件

the authentic voice of middling folk farmers, lawyers, would-be gentry, social climbers.

真正反映了中层民众的心声 包括农民 律师 想成为绅士和攀龙附凤的人

Like many an anxious wife and mother,the Wars of the Roses worried Margaret Paston

如同其他焦虑的妻子与母亲 玫瑰战争令玛格丽特·帕斯顿担忧不已

because they were making England a bad place to make and keep a little fortune.

因为战争使得英格兰的人们 无法获取和积攒财富

God, for his mercy, give grace,for I never heard say of so much robbery and manslaughter in this country as is now.

仁慈的上帝 请赐予我们恩典 因为在这个国家 我从未像现在这般 目睹这么猖狂的抢劫与杀戮

And as for gathering of money, I never saw a worse season.


Seen through Margaret’s eyes,The Kingdom for England might be up for grabs,but the real disaster was shopping.

在玛格丽特眼中 英格兰王国到处烧杀掠夺 但真正的灾难在于物资短缺

As for cloth for my gown,I pray you that you will buy for me three yards and a quarter of such as it pleaseth you that I should have.

用作晚礼服的布料 我希望你能够买足3.25码 并且布料任我选

For a good favor I have done all the drapery shop in this town,and here is right feeble choice.

我已寻遍镇上所有布店 无甚收获


“How can I destroy the Illuminati?”
Illuminati? What’s an Illuminati?
I have no idea how you can do that. You’re gonna have to try to figure out if the Illuminati is real or not.
You throw Bill Cipher at it!
Take over the world?
I’m trying to do the same thing. Find their weak spot and hit ’em where it hurts.
If they’re evil, then try to get a ton of tough guys to help you destroy the Illuminati.
You can destroy conspiracies and theories by investigating it yourself.
If you believe the Illuminati exists, um, good luck. Because I don’t think there’s any way to destroy the Illuminati.
That’s a real dangerous game you wanna play right now, Talkinghotdog, because, likes, triangles-uh-uh. Illuminati? You don’t wanna mess with that.
It’s not gonna happen. They’re here.
There is no destroying the Illuminati. It’s too late.
That’s it. You can’t. The Illuminati… is the greater good.
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上海和天津再次加码 新一轮楼市调控潮或来袭

Starting from last Tuesday first-time home buyers in Shanghai have to pay down payments of at least 35%, buyers of second houses have to make 50% down payments, while buyers of commercial properties pay 70%.

Meanwhile, banks have raised interest rates by 10% for home buyers borrowing from the government’s Housing Provident Fund for a second time, with the maximum sum lowered by 100,000 yuan.
上海和天津再次加码 新一轮楼市调控潮或来袭

Banks are also required to seriously check papers submitted by home buyers to guard against fabrication for speculative purposes. Home buyers will not be able to borrow if their monthly mortgage payment exceeds 40 percent of their salaries.

Tianjin said last Monday that it’ll implement diversified credit policies to cool a red-hot property market. For first-time home buyers the minimum down payment on a mortgage will be 30%, versus 20% earlier.
Those who already own a house and have unpaid mortgages must make at least a 40% down payment when applying for commercial loans for second home.
For non-local residents who plan to buy their first house in Tianjin’s six major districts and Wuqing district, the minimum down payment on a mortgage will be 40%.


There is a rajah in the northern provinces who has much wealth, though his lands are small.

Much has come to him from his father, and more still he has set by himself,
for he is of a low nature and hoards his gold rather than spend it.
When the troubles broke out he would be friends both with the lion and the tiger
with the sepoy and with the Company’s raj.
Soon, however, it seemed to him that the white men’s day was come,
for through all the land he could hear of nothing but of their death and their overthrow.
福尔摩斯探案集 四签名

Yet, being a careful man, he made such plans that, come what might,

half at least of his treasure should be left to him.
That which was in gold and silver he kept by him in the vaults of his palace,
but the most precious stones and the choicest pearls that he had he put in an iron box
and sent it by a trusty servant, who, under the guise of a merchant,
should take it to the fort at Agra, there to lie until the land is at peace.
Thus, if the rebels won he would have his money,
but if the Company conquered, his jewels would be saved to him.
Having thus divided his hoard, he threw himself into the cause of the sepoys,
since they were strong upon his borders.
By his doing this, mark you, sahib, his property becomes the due of those who have been true to their salt.
This pretended merchant, who travels under the name of Achmet,
is now in the city of Agra and desires to gain his way into the fort.


We all will be busy but i’ve seen it in my work in Newark.


The true heroes are those people that do the small things Alice Walker’s book In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens.


To paraphrase her, she says it so eloquently that the real revolutionary.

她的话很有说服力 我转述一下她认为真正的革命者

Is always concerned with the least glamorous of things the raising of a child’s reading level from 3rd-grade to 4th.


The filling out food stamps for people because folks got to eat.


Revolution or not the taking time to listen to your elders and write things down.

不管革命与否花时间听老者讲话 并将内容记录下来

Because they are our connection to our past and the inspiration for future.


This is who we must be people of great goals and big ambitions but who never yield.


From telling our authentic truth in every single day My father and mother told me before I ran for office just.


Knock on folks’ doors, Cory It’s so important. I go, why, mom? Because so I can convince them? She said no.

记得多敲门 科里这是很重要 我说 为什么 妈 让他们信服吗她说 不

Because in life always remember this who you are speaks so loudly.

因为生活中 永远记住这个你是谁就已经能够说明一切了

People can’t hear what you say be love, be kindness.

大家无法听到你说什么成为爱 成为善

Be justice, don’t let it be something you seek let it be something you embody.

成为正义 不要让这些成为你找寻的东西而要让这些成为你所体现的东西

And so I want to end with one final vignette on this idea of vision You see.

关于异象这个概念 我想最后讲一个小插曲你们知道

I left Yale and moved to Newark, New Jersey I feel so connected to this place here.

我离开耶鲁 搬到新泽西纽瓦克我感觉到同这个地方的深刻联系

From Pierson College to my friends at Eliezer I feel so connected here.


But I tell you with all sincerity I had some great professors.



You know how the PennySaver only has my name…-Sheldon!

They didn’t mention you in the article. Only me.
I know. It’s not fair. Let the anger go, buddy. You just…you relax all your muscles.
Except for your pubococcygeus and anal sphincter. Let’s keep those tight.
Uh, that-that’s not necessary.
It is, they’re what hold back the urine and the feces. Look, maybe-maybe you shouldn’t read it. It’ll only make you feel worse.
Cooper and his team?
You should know I had nothing to do with that.
At least they’re talking about the theory. I mean, that’s what’s important.
You know, you’re right. Yeah. You know, it’s like when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man.
Stan Lee may get all the credit, but Steve Ditko knows he was just as important.
Even though Stan Lee gets to be in all the Marvel movies. And-and he’s far richer. And he’s a household name, you know?
Whereas, you know, you say Ditko, and that sounds like a company that makes Dits.
That’s not helping.
Well, I’d give more examples, but, well, everyone in your position’s so forgettable.
Stuart, we’re here.
It’s nice of you to let him keep staying at your mom’s house.
Yeah, well, I tried putting him out on the curb, but nobody took him.


“Yes, I am Zorro, but I am not a bandit. I have principles and I fight for them.

In California we have corrupt political men, cruel magistrates and dishonest people.
I want to change this. I fight to help the poor, the natives and the friars. What are your principles?”
“We want to help the poor, the natives and the friars too,” says one young man. “Our principles are the same,” says another.
“Come with me and we can fight together! We can make California a better place to live,” says Zorro.
“But who are you? Where do you live?” asks a young man.
“但是你是谁?你住在哪里?” 一个年轻人问道。
“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.” says Zorro.
The young men talk together. “Yes, we want to fight with you. We want justices in California. Our new name is The Avengers!” says a young man.
“Yes, we are The Avengers.” they all say.
“Good! We now fight together!” says Zorro and leaves.


This is Scientific American — 60-Second Science. I’m Steve Mirsky.
Got a minute?
The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan for his discoveries of mechanisms of what’s known as autophagy. Break the word down and you get auto and phagy: from the Greek for self, auto, and eating, phagein. So, self-eating. Autophagy refers to a process in cells whereby they destroy themselves and send the parts out for recycling. Cells do this by enclosing their contents in tiny sacks, called vesicles. Those vesicles then get transported to an organelle within the cell called the lysosome. Where the sacks get degraded and the contents are made available for reuse.
Autophagy had been observed a half-century before Ohsumi’s work in the 1990’s while at the University of Tokyo. But it was his research that made clear its fundamental importance. He did that work with baker’s yeast. One way he made his discoveries was to interfere with the process and thus see vesicles involved in autophagy start to build up—this action proved that yeast cells performed autophagy. He went on to identify 15 genes crucial for the process.


Need quick fuel for energy? Autophagy makes that fuel available fast. Need raw materials for maintenance in other cells? Autophagy gets those materials into the system so the body can respond to starvation and other stresses. Infected? Autophagy plays a part in capturing and killing bacteria and viruses. It clears out damaged proteins and organelles, thus helping to fight the effects of aging. At the other end of the life cycle, autophagy is involved in the development of embryos. It’s truly a fundamental process.
Ohsumi is 71 years old. He’s currently an emeritus professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The Nobel Prize comes with a monetary award of about $1.2 million.
Thanks for the minute for Scientific American — 60-Second Science Science. I’m Steve Mirsky.


But what seemed like refinement to Richard,


to the barons was evidence that the king had lost touch with their common interests.

而贵族视之为国王与其在彼此利益上 分道扬镳

Richard’s refusal to continue the war with France was an obvious source of irritation for the nobility.

理查拒绝继续同法国打战 这是贵族不满情绪的明显根源

They had positively prospered from foreign campaigns


and built spectacular castles, like this one at Bodiam,to guard against a French invasion.

并修建壮观堡垒 如这座位于波尔蒂姆的 用来防御法国入侵

But it was the king’s high-handedness that finally stung them into action.

国王的铁腕手段 最终激起了贵族们的反抗

By issuing royal decrees, Richard could bypass parliament,

通过传达圣谕 理查不受议会牵制

and he went out of his way to lavish favours on friends and advisers,


men like Sir Simon Burley and Robert de Vere,who was absurdly promoted to be Duke of Ireland.

如西蒙·波利和罗伯特·德·维尔 莫名其妙地被封为爱尔兰公爵

The lords retaliated with their only available weapon – parliament.


In February 1388, five of the king’s favourites

1388年2月 国王的五位宠臣

were charged with abusing his youth and innocence to promote their own ambitions.

被指控利用国王的年轻和单纯 来实现自己的野心

All were found guilty of treason by what became known as “The Merciless Parliament”.

全部被判叛国罪 因此 英国国会被称为”无情国会”

Robert de Vere, the most hated of the king’s confidants,

罗伯特·德·维尔 宠臣中最遭人厌恶的

escaped before sentence of execution could be carried out,but Simon Burley was not so lucky.

在判决执行前逃之夭夭 不过西蒙·波利就没这么走运了

Richard’s queen pleaded on her knees for Burley’s life,but to no avail.

理查的王后乞求饶过波利一命 没有奏效