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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Treasure Hunt 寻宝

Jana: So, Peter, you mentioned treasure diving. How did you find out about this? 嘉娜:彼得,你之前提到过寻宝潜水。你是怎么知道这个的? Peter: Oh, well, I had this friend and he actually […]

Shipwrecks 沉船

Jana: So, Peter, I’ve been asking you about hunting for treasure. Can I ask you a few more questions? 嘉娜:彼得,我之前问过你寻找宝藏的事情。我能再问几个问题吗? Peter: Sure. 彼得:可以。 Jana: So […]

Soccer Moms 足球妈妈

Todd: So, Julia, now you are a parent. 托德:朱莉娅,你现在已经当妈妈了。 Julia: That’s right. 朱莉娅:没错。 Todd: And have you heard of all these terms that we have […]

权利的游戏 西班牙面临分裂亟待改革

Leaders Centrifugal Spain 先驱 沙盘上的西班牙 Umbrage in Catalonia 阴云笼罩卡泰罗尼亚 Even though the spectre of secession is an unwelcome distraction, Spain still needs to change 分裂的阴影分散了西班牙的注意力,尽管不受欢迎,但这个国家依旧需要变革 […]

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