Why Is Learning Mandarin Tones So Important

Why Is Learning Mandarin Tones So Important

Learning any language requires skills and enthusiasm to learn quickly and in the right way. It might be any language but to perfect it, it is important to learn it with its correct pronunciation and tones as well. The same is the case with the Mandarin language.

There are lots of advertisements and their options available to learn the language in Hong Kong as learn Mandarin Hong Kong courses or Mandarin course Hong Kong too. For all those people who are looking forward to join any of these Mandarin courses Hong Kong or learn Mandarin Hong Kong programs, they must know that they should choose the one which has tones development in it as well. If you are wondering why checking for tones in these learn Mandarin Hong Kong or Mandarin course Hong Kong is necessary, you should know why learning Mandarin tones is so important, through the reasons given below:


Vast Vocabulary

This is a known fact that tones are very important when it comes to Mandarin. This is because the amount of vocabulary existing for even a single word is really, really vast. The same word ‘shi’ has more than 60 meanings to be learnt or known in all. There is even a famous poem by poet Zhao Yuanre named Shi Shi shi shi shi which means The Lion eating Poet in the Stone Den. You would be surprised to know that there are 92 words which make this poem and it is made of no other word than shi in different tones.


Tones Differentiate Meanings

Tones are same word ma when pronounced in the first tone or high pitch means mom but when it is pronounced in the third tone which is a falling and rising pitch, it means horse. Now imagine the whole world of difference it makes and how there is absolutely no connection between the two words at all. Now, there’s surely no one who wants to turn out to be embarrassed insulting someone’s mom especially when all he is trying to say that he is a horse lover.


One-Word Closure

Simply said this means that the tone can lead to a different interpretation of the word which is why the word can change. Now when the word changes it can alter and have the same effect as any other language like the English language. This is the same as when you say where can I BUY some pants or where can I Sell my pants.

Therefore, now that you know the different reasons how tones can totally make you sound foolish even when you have learned the language well you shall greatly put tones as an important factor. This is because you obviously don’t want all your efforts to go down the drain just due to one aspect not being given importance.

Additionally, you should know that the presence of 4 different tones in Mandarin, are obviously not there without any reason at all and that they need to be known and practiced well alongside too.


舌尖上的中国:白切鸡 White Cut Chicken

White Cut Chicken is a classic of Cantonese cuisine.

The chicken is simmered at around 90c for 15 minutes.
烹鸡需要慢火 水温控制在摄氏90度
Then the entire chicken is submerged in icy water so as to ensure the tenderness of the meat.
这是为了保持鸡肉的鲜嫩 15分钟后把整只鸡放入冰水中降温
The chicken skin will be brisk and the meat will be tender and flavorful.
这样的烹调方法使得白切鸡鸡皮爽脆 鸡肉清淡鲜美,原汁原味
Xian, literally “freshness”, is a special taste that only the Chinese can best appreciate.
鲜是只有中国人 才懂得并孜孜以求的特殊味觉体验
It is a great expression in the Chinese language.
鲜,是我们中国人的语言里面 最伟大的一种表达方法
This taste consists of two parts:One is fresh and the other is something that we don’t have in English.
它具备了两种元素 fresh(新鲜)还有英文里说不了的那种
We can only put it as “delicious”.
Xian is about taste,and beyond taste.
鲜既在”五味”之内 又超越了”五味”
It is the most common yet the most esoteric part of Chinese cuisine.
成为中国饮食最平常 但又最玄妙的一种境界
We love cooking.It makes life wonderful.
热爱煎炒焖炖我们在行 精彩生活怎会少了你
Please stay tuned to explore the world of gastronomy.
To enjoy authentic and healthy cooking, and to live a simple and unadorned life is the theme of Zhuang’s program,and also the reflection of his life.
The diverse culinary flavors of the Chinese kitchen not only please the palate,but also allow the Chinese to express their diverse feelings towards the ups and downs of life and all experience.
庄臣的节目和美食专栏中更是他对多年来对美食对人生的总结庄臣的节目和美食专栏中五味使中国菜的味道千变万化 也让中国人在品味 他们各自的人生况味时
They prefer the orchestra of tastes to the solo of any of them.
找到一种特殊的表达语境 在中国人的厨房里
The equilibrium of tastes is what the Chinese chefs pursue.
某种单一味道很难独自呈现 五味最佳的存在方式,是调和以及平衡
Moreover, such cooking philosophy has extended to other realms of the Chinese life and even their notion of running the country.

情景对话:Soccer Emotions 足球情感

Valeria: How are the emotions? How do you live soccer from an emotional point of view?

Daniel: Wow, that’s, if it’s an important match you will really get into it even if you’re not in the stadium you’re watching it like on tele you will shout at the screen and you will shout…
Valeria: Really?
Daniel: Yeah.
Valeria: Which kind of things will you shout?
Daniel: Pretty much insults to all the players and the referee.
Valeria: Insults?
Daniel: Yeah.
Valeria: Like if they are not doing well you insult them?
Daniel: Yeah, obviously.
Valeria: On the television?
Daniel: Even in front of the television, yeah. It might sound, it might sound a bit weird but at the same time we see football and we live football as a kind of stress relief therapy.
Valeria: I see. So if they are doing well, OK, you say like come on let’s go and everything is fine?
Daniel: Yeah.
Valeria: If they are not doing as well as you would like to, you will insult them in front of the television?
Daniel: Yeah, and sometimes with people we get to the point that when they cry if their team loses and I’ve seen that many times.
Valeria: Wait, are you talking about men, Latin American men, crying?
Daniel: Yeah, macho Latino men crying because of football, yeah.
Valeria: I see.


1. The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned out with transferred technology.
2. You’ll pay for the imported technology in the form of royalties apart from a certain initial down payment.
3. We shall pay you 8% on the retail prices of all the goods manufactured with the transferred technology.
4. We require that at the signature of the technology transfer agreement, you will provide us with the bank guarantee for the transfer of all payments.
5. The expenses incurred for this purpose will have to be borne by the Chinese side.
6. We will pay all the expenses involved in documentation and transfer of knowledge.
7. We will pay all the specialists for their services rendered to us.
8. We hope you will continue offering us improved technology without extra charges.
9. To help our joint venture, we hope that you would keep supplying us with advanced management techniques and technologies.
10. We shall help you to update the present and future technology concerned with the production from time to time.