Eyes can speak

Much meaning can be conveyed, clearly, with our eyes, so it is often said that eyes can speak.

Do you have such kind of experience? In a bus you may look at stranger, but not too long. And if he is sensing that he is being stared at, he may feel uncomfortable.

The same in daily life. If you are looked at for more than necessary, you will look at yourself up and down, to see if there is anything wrong with you. If nothing goes wrong, you will feel angry toward other’s stare with you that way. Eyes do speak, right?

Looking too long at someone may seem to be rude and aggressive. But things are different when it comes to stare at the opposite sex. If a man glances at a woman for more than 10 seconds and refuses to avert his gaze, his intentions are obvious, that is, he wishes to attract her attention, to make her understand that he is admiring her.

However, the normal eye contact for two people engaged in conversation is that the speaker will only look at the listener from time to time, in order to make sure that the listener does pay attention to what the former is speaking, to tell him that he is attentive.

If a speaker looks at you continuously when speaking, as if he tries to dominate you, you will feel disconcerted. A poor liar usually exposes himself by looking too long at the victim, since he believes in the false idea that to look straight in the eye is a sign of honest communication. Quite the contrary.

In fact, continuous eye contact is confined to lovers only, who will enjoy looking at each other tenderly for a long time, to show affection that words cannot express.

Evidently, eye contact should be done according to the relationship between two people and the specific situation.

Courage and Bravery For Life

A man appears before St. Peter at the pearly gates.

“Have you ever done anything of particular merit?” St. Peter asks.

“Well, I can think of one thing,” the man offers.

“On a trip to the Black Hills, out in South Dakota, I came upon a gang of macho bikers who were threatening a young woman.

I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn’t listen.

So I approached the largest and most heavily tattooed biker I smacked him on the head, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring and threw it on the ground, and told him, ‘Leave her alone now or you’ll answer to me.'”

St. Peter was impressed. “When did this happen?”

“Just a couple minutes ago.”

Please Dress Me in Red

In my dual profession as an educator and health care provider, I have worked with numerous children infected with the virus that causes AIDS. The relationships that I have had with these special kids have been gifts in my life. They have taught me so many things, but I have especially learned that great courage can be found in the smallest of packages. Let me tell you about Tyler.

Tyler was born infected with HIV: his mother was also infected. From the very beginning of his life, he was dependent on medications to enable him to survive. When he was five, he had a tube surgically inserted in a vein in his chest. This tube was connected to a pump, which he carried in a small backpack on his back. Medications were hooked up to this pump and were continuously supplied through this tube to his bloodstream. At times, he also needed supplemented oxygen to support his breathing.

Tyler wasn’t willing to give up one single moment of his childhood to this deadly disease. It was not unusual to find him playing and racing around his backyard, wearing his medicine-laden backpack and dragging his tank of oxygen behind him in his little wagon. All of us who knew Tyler marveled at his pure joy in being alive and the energy it gave him. Tyler’s mom often teased him by telling him that he moved so fast she needed to dress him in red. That way, when she peered through the window to check on him playing in the yard, she could quickly spot him.

This dreaded disease eventually wore down even the likes of a little dynamo like Tyler. He grew quite ill and, unfortunately, so did his HIV-infected mother. When it became apparent that he wasn’t going to survive, Tyler’s mom talked to him about death. She comforted him by telling Tyler that she was dying too, and that she would be with him soon in heaven.

A few days before his death, Tyler beckoned me over to his hospital bed and whispered, “I might die soon. I’m not scared. When I die, please dress me in red. Mom promised she’s coming to heaven, too. I’ll be playing when she gets there, and I want to make sure she can find me.”

Record of Your Time

This is a record of your time. This is your movie. Live out your dream and fantasies. Whisper questions to the Sphinx at night. Sit for hours at sidewalk cafes and drink with your heroes. Make pilgrimages to Mougins and Abiquiu. Look up and down.


Believe in the unknown for it is there. Live in many places. Live with flowers and music and book and painting and sculpture. Keep a read of your time, Learn to read well. Learn to listen and speak well. Know your country, know your history, know yourself.


Take care of yourself physically and mentally. You owe it? to yourself. Be good to those around you. And do all of these things with passion. Give a11 that you can. Remember, Life is short and death is long.

照顾好自己的身体和思想,这是你的责任,友善地对待周围的人,并满怀激情做好这些事情。奉献自己的一切。记住,生 命是短暂的,死亡是漫长的。

As High As A Kite

I was sitting on the beach the other day watching a kite (In the shape of a two winged aircraft) flying high in the sky. It made wonderful acrobatic maneuvers as if piloted by a person with a lifetimes experience of flying. However, we all know a kite cannot fly without the power of the wind. So how real was the performance I was watching?

Firstly, it took a person with great imagination to design a kite shaped like a tiger moth aircraft that can encompass the aerodynamics to be powered by the wind. That accomplishment in itself takes great skill and awareness of the forces of nature.

Secondly, the person who purchased the kite needs to read the instructions and learn how to apply the winds forces to achieve a great display. The mind and hand coordination requires a mastery to attain the required skills.

Thirdly, without the power of the wind, the kite would just be a charming, colorful, textured replica of a Tiger Moth aircraft. We cannot see the wind….but we know it must exist, for we can feel it and see the consequences of its power.

So, we have a relationship between the designer and manufacturer which ultimately will connect to the user. It then needs a power of nature that cannot be seen in order to allow the kite to operate. The display I was observing had a lot of behind the scenes work that needed to be performed, before the show could go on.

Companionship of Books

A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men; and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.

A good book may be among the best of friends. It is the same today that it always was, and it will never change. It is the most patient and cheerful of companions. It does not turn its back upon us in times of adversity or distress. It always receives us with the same kindness; amusing and instructing us in youth, and comforting and consoling us in age.

Men often discover their affinity to each other by the mutual love they have for a book just as two persons sometimes discover a friend by the admiration which both entertain for a third. There is an old proverb, ‘Love me, love my dog.” But there is more wisdom in this:” Love me, love my book.” The book is a truer and higher bond of union. Men can think, feel, and sympathize with each other through their favorite author. They live in him together, and he in them.

A good book is often the best urn of a life enshrining the best that life could think out; for the world of a man’s life is, for the most part, but the world of his thoughts. Thus the best books are treasuries of good words, the golden thoughts, which, remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comforters.

Books possess an essence of immortality. They are by far the most lasting products of human effort. Temples and statues decay, but books survive. Time is of no account with great thoughts, which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their author’s minds, ages ago. What was then said and thought still speaks to us as vividly as ever from the printed page. The only effect of time have been to sift out the bad products; for nothing in literature can long survive e but what is really good.

Books introduce us into the best society; they bring us into the presence of the greatest minds that have ever lived. We hear what they said and did; we see the as if they were really alive; we sympathize with them, enjoy with them, grieve with them; their experience becomes ours, and we feel as if we were in a measure actors with them in the scenes which they describe.

The great and good do not die, even in this world. Embalmed in books, their spirits walk abroad. The book is a living voice. It is an intellect to which on still listens.

盗贼与母亲The thief and his mother

A boy stole a textbook from one of his school fellows, and took it home to his mother。
She didn’t beat him, instead she encouraged him, he next time stole a cloak and brought it to her, when she yet further praised him.
The youth, advanced to man’s estate, continued to steal things of greater value. At last he was taken in the very act, and having his hands bound behind him, was led away to the place of public execution. His mother followed in the crowd and violently beat her breast in sorrow. The young man said, “I wished to say something to my mother in her ear.” She came close to him, when he quickly seized her ear with his teeth and bit it off. The mother called him unnatural child, but he answered, “Ah! If you had beaten me, when I first stole and brought to you that textbook, I should not have come to this, nor have been thus led to a disgraceful death. ”

Chasing After Your Dream

Dreams! How nice do they sound? I am not talking about the dreams we have when we are asleep but about the life long aspirations in each one of us. I am sure many or rather shoud I say all of us have goals in our lives. It could be the goal to be the next millionaire or to be a popular celebrity. Even if your goal is something small, you should be proud that you do have a goal.


Some never tend to think about goals in life. Although this may sound as a surprise it is ture. These people take life as it comes without planning and go with the flow of events in their life. But again there are many who love planning for everything in their life.


In fact, having a goal in life would make anyone more focused and determined in reaching that target. Wish to get a job as a web designer? Your dream can come ture if you work on your dream. How, you might ask? Start learning web-designing skills and when you’re skilled, you will find that you can get your desired job easily. So, do you see that all it takes for your goals to materialize is some work on your part? I have heard some grumble that their dreas are just dreams and can never become true. Well, it all depends on what kind of goals you’re aiming at. If you’re dying to be the next star in Hollywood but you’re camera-shy and you don’t know anything about acting, your dream to make it big in Hollywood might remain as a dream. But if you’re very determined to make it and you’re already enrolling yourself in agting classes and talking to experiencedacors about acting, you can be pretty sure that you’re already half-way there to make your dream into a reality. After all, if one is willing to put in the efforts, their goals can become within reach.


So never say that your dream will forever be a dream. Go ahead, plan on making that dream a reality and watch how easily you can attain that target.


Good luck.

Think it over

We have more compromises, but less time;

We have more knowledge, but less judgment;

We have more medicines ,but less health;

We have multiplied out possessions, but reduced out values;

We talk much, we love only a little, and we hate too much;

We reached the moon and came back, but we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbors;

We have conquered the outer space, but not our inner space;

We have higher income, but less morals;

These are times with more liberty, but less joy;

We have much more food, but less nutrition;