How to choose a corporate Mandarin training course






How to choose a corporate Mandarin training

With the popularization of Putonghua, more and more enterprises have begun for staff professional training in Putonghua. Corporate Mandarin training, unlike traditional language, corporate Mandarin training more professional, more specifically. Under normal circumstances, is based entirely on business needs, the quality of staff, post pursuing, as well as the Putonghua proficiency of the participants. These are very sophisticated skills of the training institutions, the training of a high professional level of requirements for agencies. ‘S corporate Mandarin training too many on the market now, but the market is mixed, how to select a most suitable Putonghua training institution became the most worrying problem.

Enterprise for professional training in Putonghua, select training institutions from these four aspects.

First, the training institution brands: preferred choice. A lot of people may be in the form of a misunderstanding, that brand is nothing that many small institutions can also reach this level, select brands also need to spend more money, paying for the brand, this view is too one-sided. What is a brand? Brand means authoritative, professional, experienced, and the atmosphere. Therefore, corporate Mandarin training in institutions choices can always select from numerous agencies out 5 institutions and compare the five brands, service, set up time, history, trophies and more. Among them, the brand should be used as a factor of first choice.

Second, consider training teachers no matter what training institutions, teachers consider as a good object, in particular, Putonghua training. Putonghua training for the trainers of the pronunciation, intonation is very elegant, it can be said to be highly professional. If you study a faculty weak institutions, the uneven quality of the teacher, teachers couldn’t teach too good students. Can even be said, such teachers are wasting students ‘ time.

Third, select one to understand individualized, prescribe the training institutions. Like said before, every employee of an enterprise level is different, therefore should prescribe, individualized approach to education and guidance, and only in this way can the student has the best description of his Mandarin be a qualitative improvement. Therefore, when choosing a training institution, to choose a sense individualized, tailor-made training courses for every student body.

IV, select a service training institutions. A training institution to have a good attitude and good training services, shows not only the institutions are the responsibility of the professional, can also give students a better learning experience, you can even have a multiplier effect. Therefore, when choosing a training institution, service is also a big factor to consider.


Year-old boy mimic star

Ryker Wixom wears all the latest trends and can strike a pose…and he’s only 4. Meet the tiny tot who is proving that kids can be stylish, too.
Given how fast his Instagram star is rising, you’re likely to at least hear about him before long.

the Horse pregnant couples get together to avoid the students baby sheep

Some people are born lucky. Parents in China, however, would rather not leave their kids’ fate to chance.
For the past few weeks, many couples have been trying desperately to conceive, racing against time to have a baby in the fortuitous Year of the Horse. Their reasoning: No one wants a baby born in 2015, the dreaded Year of the Sheep.
Sheep are meek creatures, raised for nothing more than slaughter. Babies born in the Year of the Sheep, therefore, will grow up to be followers rather than leaders, according to some superstitions. The children are destined for heartbreak and failed marriages, and they will be unlucky in business, many Chinese believe. One popular folk saying holds that only one out of 10 people born in the Year of the Sheep finds happiness.
Health professionals say fertility consultations have spiked in recent months. Some doctors even have expressed worries that there may be a corresponding jump in abortions later this year, as couples realize they missed the horse-year cutoff.
According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Sheep (also called goat or ram) begins Feb. 19, 2015, so the window for conception closes around the end of this month.
Many patients have inquired about early delivery via Caesarean section to ensure a horse-year birth, said Li Jianjun, an obstetrician at Beijing’s United Family Hospital.
Some doubt the furor will have a significant effect on the Chinese birthrate this year. But the babymania is so widespread that the state-run China News Service issued a report trying to debunk the “unfounded” myth of bad luck for those born in Year of the Sheep.
It’s unclear how the Year of the Sheep came to acquire its bad reputation.
Each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac has it virtues and faults. The undisputed favorite is the dragon, often followed by the tiger and the horse — an energetic animal closely associated with success, according to Chinese sayings.
Even rats (considered clever and agile) and snakes (which look like mini-dragons) are considered lucky. But sheep have fewer advantageous qualities, according to some interpretations.
Those born in sheep years are thought of as passive, loyal, generous and kind. Some of those virtues may be wonderful in an ideal world, but not so useful in the dog-eat-dog real world.
“It’s an unfair and outdated superstition,” said Dong Mengzhi, 74, honorary president of Beijing’s Folk Literature and Art Society. “But it’s a convenient way for many to explain an unpredictable world.”
“这是个不公平的、古老的迷信说法,” 74岁的北京民间文艺家协会名誉主席董梦枝说,“但对很多人来说,这是一种便于解释不可预知的神秘世界的方法。”

American Hero 8 year old boy was killed to save her sister

A community in Richmond, Virginia, is reeling after an eight-year-old boy was beaten to death while trying to protect his 12-year-old sister from a rapist.
The boy, identified as Martin Cobb, was pronounced dead at the scene in the 200 block of Brandon Road Thursday night. His sibling was taken to a hospital.
At around 6.30pm Thursday, the brother and sister were playing by the train tracks near their home when a stranger approached the 12-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her and slashed her face, the kids’ aunt and stepfather told WRIC.
When her 8-year-old brother tried to intervene, the teenage attacker turned on him, throwing a rock at his head. Martin died instantly.

Afghanistan landslides are expected to exceed 2100 people were killed

Afghan officials gave up hope on Saturday of finding any survivors from a landslide in the remote northeast, putting the death toll at more than 2,100, as the aid effort focused on the more than 4,000 people displaced.
Officials expressed concern the unstable hillside above the site of the disaster may cave in again, threatening the thousands of homeless and hundreds of rescue workers who have arrived in Badakhshan province, bordering Tajikistan.
“More than 2,100 people from 300 families are all dead,” Naweed Forotan, a spokesman for the Badakhshan provincial governor, told Reuters.
巴达赫尚省的一位政府发言人Naweed Forotan告诉路透社:“300个家庭的2100多人全部死亡。”
Villagers and a few dozen police, equipped with only basic digging tools, resumed their search when daylight broke but it soon became clear there was no hope of finding survivors buried in up to 100 meters of mud.

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan said the focus was on the more than 4,000 people displaced.
Their main needs were water, medical support, counseling support, food and emergency shelter, said Ari Gaitanis, a spokesman from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.
联合国驻阿富汗救援团的发言人Ari Gaitanis表示,目前灾民们的急需物资包括水、医疗支持、咨询服务、食物和应急避难处。
The impoverished area, dotted with villages of mud-brick homes nestled in valleys beside bare slopes, has been hit by several landslides in recent years.

Edinburgh Zoo’s new giant pandas have become the victims of a jealous penguin rage.

Unsuspecting visitors waiting to see Edinburgh Zoo’s new giant pandas have become the victims of a jealous penguin rage.

The UK’s only pair of such pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, arrived from China last month and the zoo has seen a noticeable increase in the number of people coming to catch a glimpse of them.

But not everyone is excited by the new arrivals.

The BBC reports several rockhopper penguins, whose enclosure neighbours the pandas’ enclosure, could be suffering from a case of “monochrome jealousy” and are taking their envy out on innocent bystanders.

A 41-year-old zoo-goer, who didn’t want to be named said: “We were queuing to see the pandas when a man in front shouted out in surprise that his jacket had been hit by a big dollop of penguin poo.

“It was really oily and stank of fish. It was disgusting.”

Gary Wilson, director of business operations at the zoo said the birds have been particularly interested in the pandas ever since they arrived at their new home.

“[They’re] extremely curious birds, they often gather next to the wall to see what’s happening below. We’re hoping it’s not a case of monochrome jealousy, but one or two of our rockhoppers seem to have had surprisingly good aim,” Mr Wilson said.

Most of those unfortunate enough to cop the brunt of the poo pelting have laughed it off, however, the zoo plans to install a glass panel to protect visitors from future attacks.








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A social media-obsessed Los Angeles woman who was unhappy with her looks had plastic surgery to look hotter in her online pics.
Skype and Facebook-obsessed Triana Lavey, 39, might once have used virtual nip and tuck apps like Photoshop, but the talent agent went further with $15,000 worth of chin and nose surgery, fat grafting and Botox injections.