10 Things You Must Do To Become a Best Student

10 Things You Must Do To Become a Best Student

1, to learn first.
In their mind, learning is a matter of course, should be prior to entertainment, one heart to learn, indifferent, unrestrained, go all out, selfless preparation.

2, learning everywhere.
Make good use of fragmentary time every day in morning jog, eat, during recess, before class, before break and other fragmentary memory of words, recite formulas, solve problems, adjust emotions. No matter how distinctive, one thing they are the same: to ensure that learning time, learn to use their own spare time, after a long period of time, the effect is impressive.

3, pay attention to management.
The important learning supplies and information booked or pointing installed, classified storage, to avoid using the time looking for. There is a day plan every day, a weekly plan, according to the plan methodical work, not bad or bad.

4, learn to read.
Learn speed reading and intensive reading, improve reading unit. Learn to read a book, a unit’s catalogs, illustrations and illustrations, get ahead of time, and get more efficient information. When the active reader, constantly asking questions, until you understand all the information between the lines, especially to understand the starting point and end point of knowledge, sort out the main points of knowledge.

5, reasonable arrangements.
What to do when doing what, in a reasonable time to do a reasonable thing, does not run counter to. For example, grasp the efficiency of the classroom, when the church listen, when Tongji, Tong Tang understanding, do not understand the words or the day to find time to take the initiative to find a teacher to consult, be dignified and clear. Take good use of time, for example, and encourage yourself to complete the task of learning the day, so that every day Qing. For example, to work and rest, relaxation degree, appropriate movement. For example, adhere to keep pace with the teacher review, not go astray. For example, adhere to diligent eyes open to the eyes of the textbooks on the things to see, do not understand the content can ask.

6, good to take notes.
Top students tend to focus on the one hand while listening to the class, not all-inclusive record, especially good at remembering the teacher to add something, the textbooks are not things, especially thinking method is a serious record. Can organize notes in a timely manner, pay special attention to the important knowledge stressed by the teacher, with particular attention to systematic knowledge of the problem, positive thinking can solve any problem.

7, operating specifications.
Carefully examining questions, calm response, each homework as a college entrance examination, homework neat, step-by-step, terminology norms, expressed rigorous. Norms not only train carefully carefully the quality, develop a more careful habit, so as to stimulate learning potential.

8, diligent thinking, good at thinking.
This is a top priority and should be run through all stages of lectures, homework assignments and review. For example: to finish a question, to the answer, there should be a process of reflection, to find out what is the problem test, what method is used, why such a method, and how to achieve the best bypassed effect .

9, learn from each other.
And students happy to get along with things, pay no attention to be lenient, tolerant open-minded; cherish the friendship between students in learning mutual support and help, often together to discuss learning problems, using different problem-solving methods and exchange ideas. With this harmonious relationship between classmates, we can devote ourselves fully into our study so as to maintain a high learning efficiency.

10, self-adjustment.
Do not avoid problems, problems can be found by looking for teachers or students self-reflection self-regulation, abandon the outside world and their own pressure, consciously put down the burden of thought, the pressure of motivation, whether it is heavy workload or easy and smooth, are to maintain a Ordinary heart. Constantly on their own positive psychological suggestion, in such a constant positive psychological hint, the value of confidence is on the rise, from a little confidence to gradually have a strong unshakable confidence, through hard work, to think about it, to do It’s

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