10 Reasons To Tell You Why You Should Immediately Learn French Language

10 Reasons To Tell You Why You Should Immediately Learn French Language

French is one of the most beautiful language to hear and speak in the world, French language might not be as popular as English language in other countries, but the beauty of French is getting more and more aware by more and more people around the world, there are so many reasons why you should learn French language as a second language to learn.

1. A world language

More than 200 million people on five continents speak French or taking French lessons. The French-speaking world organization Francophone consists of 68 states and governments. French is the second most frequently learned foreign language after English, and is therefore the ninth most common language in the world. In addition to English, French is the only language that is taught in every country in the world. France has the most important network of international cultural institutions, which provides French courses for approximately 750,000 learners.

2. A language for the work market

An ability to talk French and English is a plus on the international job market. A knowledge of French opens the doors of French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the planet (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and North and sub-Saharan Africa). because the world’s fifth biggest economy and number-three destination for foreign investment, France may be a key economic partner.

3. The language of culture

French is that the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. French-speaking people can use original French and appreciate literary works, including movies and songs.French is that the language of Hugo , Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Piaf , Sartre , Alain Delon and Zinedine Zidane.

4. A language for travel

France is that the world’s number-one tourist destination and attracts quite 70 million visitors a year. a touch French makes it such a lot more enjoyable to go to Paris and every one the regions of France (from the mild climes of the Cote d’Azur to the snow-capped peaks of Alps via the rugged coastline of Brittany) and offers insights into French culture, mentality and way of life.

French is also useful when traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Monaco, Seychelles and other places.

5. Educational Language

Spoken French offers you the opportunity to study at prestigious French universities and business schools, which are one of the highest educational institutions in Europe and the world. Honest French-speaking students are eligible to receive French government scholarships to study graduate courses in any discipline in France and are eligible for an internationally recognized French degree.

6. the opposite language of diplomacy

French is both a working language and a politician language of the United Nations , the ecu Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. French is that the language of the three cities where the EU institutions are headquartered: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

7. A language that exposes the planet

After English, Chinese language and German, French is that the third most used language on the web , before Spanish. a capability to know French offers an alternate view of the planet through communication with French speakers from all the continents and news from the leading French-language international media (TV5, France 24 and Radio France Internationale).

8. A language that’s fun to find out

French is a simple language to find out . There are many methods on the market that make learning French enjoyable for youngsters and adults alike. It doesn’t take long to succeed in A level where you’ll communicate in French, Plus French is definitely not as hard as you might think at the beginner.

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9. A language for learning other languages

French may be a good basis for learning other languages ​​(especially romantic languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) and English), because currently 50% of English vocabulary comes from French.

10. Feelings and rational language

First of all, learning French is the fun of learning gorgeous, rich, and pleasant language (often called emotional language). French is also an analytical language that can construct ideas and develop critical thinking, which can be a valuable skill for discussion and negotiation.

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