10 Best Reasons for you to Learn Spanish – Read before you Learn the Language

10 Best Reasons for you to Learn Spanish - Read before you Learn the Language

10 Best Reasons for you to Learn Spanish – Read before you Learn the Language

Many foreigners in Hong Kong are learning Mandarin or Cantonese, on the other hand, many Chinese students want to learn an European language besides English, but they do not know which one is better. Sometimes they are always hesitant to choose from French, German or Spanish. Today I will tell them the benefits of learning Spanish and why you should take Spanish class.

1. The second most spoken language in the world

Spanish is the second most important language in the world after Chinese. At present, the number of native speakers of Spanish has reached 437 million, and it is the second largest language in the United States besides the official language of 31 countries.

There are more than 20 countries with Spanish as the official language, and Spanish is also one of the six working languages ​​of the United Nations.

The overseas expansion of Spanish in the 16th century made Spanish a global language. With the economic rise of Central and South America, the importance of Spanish has become more and more significant. In the United States, Spanish is the most popular foreign language for Americans. In Japan, more than 20 universities have established departments of Spanish. You absolutely can’t help but know this amazing world pulse. .

Therefore, learning Spanish can bring a lot of work, travel, life or social opportunities. In addition, you will also get information and cultural opportunities that are difficult to obtain in other ways.

2. Easy to learn

Spanish is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn. Many Spanish words have similarities with English, and written Spanish is almost entirely in phonic, rather than other European languages. Even if you play any Spanish word randomly, it is easy to tell how it is pronounced. Although mastering Spanish grammar is a challenge, the basic grammar is very simple and you can complete meaningful conversations with only a few lessons.

If you know English, you will be shocked by the large number of similarities between English and Spanish. As two languages ​​of European origin, they have many similarities in grammar and writing, and even some words are exactly the same.

Of course, although this still needs to be learned, because there is a lot of Spanish information on the Internet, it will be more fun to practice Spanish by listening to Spanish music and watching Spanish movies.

3. Competitive advantage

At present, mastering English is no longer a guarantee for finding a job, but if you master Spanish on your resume, you will be more competitive not only in the workplace, but even in your daily life.

In the past decade or so, the scale of trade between China and Latin America has increased by more than 20 times, and the economic and trade relations between the two sides have become increasingly close. At present, China has become the second largest trading partner of Latin America, and it is also the largest and second largest trading partner of many Latin American countries.

With the introduction and construction of the national “One Belt One Road” initiative, China-Europe Express, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China-Latin America Railway, Port Interconnection Project, Piraeus Port in Greece, Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, and many other projects have rapidly increased It is not difficult to find one of the biggest problems in the progress. The supply of multilingual talents in the domestic market is in a hurry. . Li Yuming, former deputy director of the National Language Work Committee, once said: “We are walking along the “Belt and Road”, and one of the most lacking things in our luggage is language talents. ”

4. Open a door to other languages

Since there are many similarities in languages ​​in the same language family, mastering Spanish will allow you to understand Portuguese, Italian and French at the same time. In addition, it will also strengthen your English.

5. Relations between China and Spain and Latin America

From 2000 to 2009, the volume of trade between China and Latin America increased by 1,200%. And the trade relations between China and Latin America and Spain are also growing. This undoubtedly brings a lot of employment opportunities in China, Latin America and Spain.

6. For travelling

Although you can use English to travel to Latin America and Spain, if you master Spanish, you can better communicate with locals and learn about local culture on the way, and find delicious dishes and beautiful attractions that only locals know without any obstacles. At the same time It will also purchase items at a more favorable price to avoid being deceived and using local products and services without barriers.

7. Improve yourself

Learning Spanish not only means learning a new language, but you will also gain a new way of seeing and thinking about the world, and will perfectly blend the best parts of this culture with your culture. In addition, relevant data shows that language learning can improve people’s cognitive ability, and long-term learning can also reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Have fun

Latin American culture is considered open and interesting. Mastering Spanish will give you the opportunity to experience Latin American cultural activities and experiences. In addition, you can learn dancing, new dishes, watch Spanish movies, Western dramas, and read a lot of books that are only available in Spanish. Of course, you can. Make a lot of good friends.

9. Latin America

When it comes to Spanish, you may naturally think of Spain as a country, but perhaps you did not think of Latin America, which is full of opportunities.

Latin America has a total population of 650 million. Although the economy is not developing at a rapid rate, it has been continuously developing. In fact, many Latin American countries already have very important business ties with China, and more and more Chinese companies are investing in Latin America instead of Asia and the United States.

Spain and other developed countries have small labor markets and fierce competition. Latin American countries, as developing countries, will give you better job opportunities.

10. Now is the best time to learn Spanish

Due to the various advantages mentioned above, there is an increasing demand for talents who can speak Spanish in China, but the number of people who master Spanish is relatively small, so there are many employment and academic opportunities for mastering this language.