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我们应该从大学里面学习什么 What Should We Learn From University

When students go to college to learn, of course they feel honored and excited to be part of the wisdom. They expect the wonderful life in college because they have been implanted the idea that campus life is free. But the fact turns out that study occupies the important role. Besides, learning to deal with all kinds of relationships is the necessary course.

As a student, study comes before everything. Many students turn lazy to have any lessons and do not put much attention on study, because they need amusement and their goal is to pass the exam. They are not very passionate on their majors and don’t have . It is a pity for them to waste time on playing and miss the chance to arm themselves with advanced knowledge at the best age.

Besides study, the ability to deal with relationships is the key to be successful. Campus is a small society, which sets the stage for students to get accustomed to future life. If they learn to get along with roommates and classmates, there is no doubt that they are equipped with high EQ.

So during the campus life, we should make use of all kinds of resources and make us stronger.