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中国医师节Chinese Doctors’ Day

In 2017, the government had decided to name August 19th as the Chinese Doctors’ Day, in the purpose of showing respect of the work of the doctors. Indeed, thanks to these doctors, most people get well treated and live the happy life. They save people’s lives all the time, so they are called angels.

In 2003, people must remember the big disaster, a horrible virus call SARS attacked China and many people got killed. The world seemed to come to the end. At this moment, the doctors and nurses chose to fight again the virus. Some of them got infected and died, but they were not scared. The public saw the work of doctors and felt so moved. They were angels and saved so many lives.

Today, we still can see the positive news about doctors. It has been reported that a doctor insisted to do operation for more than 17 hours. After a short break, he continued to do his job. Though there are also some negative information about this career, the public believe that doctors are angels all the time.