Why Hong Kong people don’t speak Cantonese to me

Why Cantonese people don’t speak Cantonese to me?

The reasons of local people only speak English to foreigners:

1. Historical Factor

(1860-1950)hk as a transit port between China and western countries and hk played an important role of sino-foreign trade. English is an indispensable language for us communicating with foreigners. That’s the reason we are used to speak English to foreigners.

2. Social Factor

hk people start to learn English since kindergarten because their parents know how important English is. For each DSE gtaduate, they have been learning English for 15 years due to the education policy in hk. If they are undergraduates, masters or even doctors, they will have more advanced English levels than ordinary people. We have learn English for so many years, why don’t we practice English with the foreigners?

3.Economic Factor

Hong Kong as an international financial centre and English is publicly known to be an international language. There is no doubt that we regard English as our second language and speak English to foreigners. Recently, the Value of Central District has been discussing by hk citizens. Many people critisize it is a sign of hk value. However, you can realize that most of people in Central speak English. English is a advanced culture for us.

The reason of foreigners are trying to speak Cantonese or Mandarin to the

1. Internal Factor(social acceptance)
there is an old proverb says,’ Do in Rome as the Romans do.’  Foreigners in hk no matter they are running business, immigrating or travelling in hk, they want to blend into hk culture. And the first thing they must to do is to learn Cantonese or Mandarin as soon as possible. They want to practise their Chinese with local people to improve their Chinese. Most importantly, they want to make friends with local people.

2. External Factor
China is the second super country  all over the world. China has a big market to develop(economics,energy, crops etc). That’s why so many foreigners want to learn Chinese and communicate with them.