Top 10 Miao Dresses and Adornments

The Most Gorgeous Miao Dress
Woman’s dresses from Shidong of Taijiang are the most gorgeous Miao dresses because of their intricate embroideries and silver adornments. Known as embroidered dresses, Miao dresses from Shidong have beautiful patterns on the two sleeves, front and two shoulders. It is also known as a silver dress due to its silver flakes with embossed patterns, silver bubbles and silver bells on the back, front part and cuffs.
是雷山桥港苗族。不盈6寸的超短裙,无下罕见,但却是世居深山的桥港苗族女子喜爱的裙装。桥港苗女,内穿青布紧身大襟衣,外穿深红缎对襟短衣。6寸长的细 褶裙,层层缠绕腰间,使臀围显得特大。短裙外,前围腰长及膝部,后围腰长至脚跟。系织花腰带,又垂8根花带于身后,如锦鸡羽毛。下着青布紧腿裤,脚穿翘尖 绣花鞋,头绾大髻,戴凤雀银钗,身佩各种银饰。穿裙最多的是台江岩板苗。岩板苗族女子身着右衽大襟短衣。自制的细褶短裙达30至40条之多,裙厚近40厘 米,以显示自己富有和聪明。其身前系一条织花长围腰,垂至脚面,腰间缠4至5条花腰带,均系结飘于身后,裹绑腿,穿花鞋,服式较奇。
The Shortest Skirt
The skirt of the Miao people in Qiaogang of Leishan Mountain is the shortest of all Miao skirts, only 6 cun (1 cun equals to 1/30 meter). But the Miao women of Qiaogang who live deep in the mountain like such skirts. They wear blue tight garments with buttons on the right inside and dark red short silk jacket with buttons down the front outside. The 6-cun long skirts with tiny pleats are surrounded on the waist in layers, which make their hiplines look larger. Outside the skirts are waist protectors reaching the knees in the front and heels in the back. They also wear decorated waistbands. Eight colorful ribbons dro down the waistbands, just like feathers of golden pheasants. On their heads are big hair buns, silver hairpins in the shapes of phoenix and sparrow.
The Largest Number of Skirts on
The Miao people from Yanban of Taijiang wear the most of skirts . Miao women in Yanban wear garments with buttons on the right. They also have 30-40 homemade skirts with tiny pleats on them, as thick as nearly 40 cm. This way, they can demonstrate their wealth. They also have embroidered waist protectors that reach to their feet, four to five colorful waistbands on their waists with the knobs floating behind them. They wrap their legs and wear colorful shoes.
The Most Gorgeous Men’s Suits
While offering sacrifices to their ancestors, Miao men from the Bakai region of Rongjiang wear very gorgeous suits with great ethnic characteristics. They have hoops with silver drum nails on their heads. The hoops represent thunder, which is said to have the ability to drive away evil spirits and ghosts.
The Most Ancient Men’s Suits
Men of the Miao minority group from Basha of Congjiang have maintained their lifestyles unchanged for thousands of years. They cut away the hair on the front part of the heads and leave the hair on the back half of the head disheveled on the back. When they grow up, they make the hair into buns on the central part of their heads and wear an embroidered ribbon on their foreheads.
The Longest Head Kerchief
While wearing formal suits, Miao men in Jiuyang of Jianhe County use kerchiefs that are 3-4 zhang long (1 zhang equals to 3.33 meters) to wrap their heads into large hats, and then decorate them with fresh flowers and feathers.
The Biggest Silver Points
Miao women in Xijiang region of Leishan Mountain use the biggest silver points in their headware. At 70 cm high and 50 cm wide, the silver points have the embossed pattern of a double dragon trying to find treasure. At the central part of the silver point is a big silver fan, which is called palm leaves and silver flower by the locals.
The Oldest Silver Adornments
Maidens of the Miao group in Daluo Village of Leishan County wear “W” shaped head adornments and column shaped twisted neck adornments. These adornments are said to have a history as long as that of lusheng music instrument.
The Heaviest Silver Adornments
When formally dressed, women of Miao in Xijiang region of Leishan County wear beautiful silver adornments all over their bodies and on their heads. They also wear necklaces and ornamental chaplets around their necks, silver locks on their chests, silver flakes with embossed patterns, silver chains and silver bells on the back. All the gorgeous silver adornments weigh more than 10 kg.
The Largest Number of Silver Adornments on
Women of the Miao group in Shidong of Taijiang have silver adornments all over their bodies. They wear several chain necklaces and flake chaplets. They also have large, heavy silver locks on their chests and several silver bracelets of different shapes on their wrists. This group is the Miao group with the largest number of silver adornments.


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