The reason why people had better study Korean language

The reason why people had better study Korean language.

For all Chinese ( Mainland Chinese , Hong Kongners,Taiwanese, oversea Chinese)

1. Korean always has very special relation with China as historical , geographical and physical

aspects.). So, Koreans always feel very friendly mind for all Chinese. That is why China, Hong Kong are the biggest partners for Korea.  And, Korean government has very special policy and lawful ordinance for all Chinese people that

Chinese will be eligible to apply Korean residentship called ' Korean Green Card, in case they can invest capital or property more than certain condition according to Korean immigration department.

2. Korean trend such as movies, music, T.V dramas, fashion, foods and so on seem to be very popular

as a trend nowadays in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos,

Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philiphines, Nepal and many other countries ( even there

are lots of fans for Korean trend in U.S.A, France, Spain, Chile, Mexico, India, Iran, Russia…) so even

many people from those countries as mentioned above go to Korea for travel, business, working,

shopping, medical service (plastic surgery and any other medical services.)

For Westerners and other nations.

Even though Korea is not big country on map, but Korea has seemed to be very remarkable and

dynamic country in the world.

Korea had got some negative imaginations until 2000 that many westerners had heard there had been

Korean war (1950~1953) as a result there had been some political tension.

Korea always has succeeded in economy, Korea has ranked as the 7 th .~12 th .country in the world for

economy scale.

And, Korea already hosted many international events such as Seoul Olympic Games(1988), World Cup

games(2002) .

And, Korea is the one of western bloc that Korea has the most important value on the global market

economy as Korean always has been the best partner for USA, EU, Japan even China and so on).

So, Nowadays many people from western countries visit Korea to understand how come Korea could

become successful country rapidly).