Learn English Word – Overblown

Learn English Word - Overblown

今天我们要学的英语单词是overblown。 Overblown,是过份,夸张的意思。截至到星期一早上,全球范围内感染甲型H1NI流感的人数已经接近一千人,成为几天来媒体报道的焦点。与此同时,有分析人士认为,”The media coverage of the H1N1 flu has been overblown,” 媒体对甲型H1N1流感的报道有些夸大其词。

母乳喂养有利孩子健康,这是毫无争议的。但是母乳真能让孩子更聪明吗?”Some experts believe that the reported benefits of breast feeding may be overblown,” 有的专家提出,某些有关母乳喂养的好处可能有些言过其实。

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Learn English in Hong Kong – Family Characters

Learn English in Hong Kong - Family Characters

Akane: Hey, Ruth.


Ruth: Hi, Akane


Akane: So we’ve been talking about your family a little bit. Um, I’d like to know a little bit more about the specific people in your family.


Ruth: Sure.


Akane: So who is the funniest person in your family?


Ruth: The funniest person! Probably my mom actually. She’s really funny. She’s got a really good sense of humor, and she plays tricks on people, and she’s really silly but everybody in my family has a good sense of humor.


Akane: Oh, good. Now who is the most serious person in your family?


Ruth: Serious. Do you know, actually, I don’t think anybody in my family is serious.


Akane: Oh, really.


Ruth: I don’t think we have any very serious members.


Akane: Do you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing?


Ruth: I think it’s a good thing although occasionally, I think it’s a bad thing.


Akane: Right! Now who is the hardest worker?


Ruth: Oh, can I say me?


Akane: Sure.


Ruth: No, I don’t think that’s true actually. Well, both of my parents work very hard, and they both have very different jobs, but they both work very hard and always have done.


Akane: Well, parents do tend to be hardworking.


Ruth: That’s true, yeah!


Akane: And who is the most generous person in your whole family?


Ruth: My brother is really generous and he makes me feel bad because he’s so generous in buying me things and giving me things, and I would say my brother.


Akane: Really, what’s the last thing he bought you.


Ruth: Ah, that’s a good question. He bought me some clothes actually before I came to Japan.


Akane: And who do you talk with the most in your family?


Ruth: All of them really, but I suppose deep down I maybe talk to my mom the most. I tell her most things.


Akane: Really! What kind of things do you tell her?


Ruth: Just everything that’s going off in my life, really, because she’s a really good friend to me so, I’m just very open with her, and she’s open with me.


Akane: That’s excellent. Who do you resemble the most in your family?


Ruth: Some people say I look like me mom and some people say I look like my dad but most people say I look like my brother, so maybe my brother.


Akane: Your brother.


Ruth: Yeah.


Akane: Do you have a picture of him?


Ruth: I do have one, yes. I’ll show you later.


Akane: I’ll look forward to that.


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银行英语情景口语 公司信贷业务 贴现业务

银行英语情景口语 公司信贷业务 贴现业务

A: Mr Ludlow,Hello. It’s good to see you again. What can we do for you today?


B: Hello, I’m sorry it’s been such a long time. I’ve been away on business. I’d like to discount this.


A: No problem. Could I please see the bill and all of the other documents?


B: Yeah, sure. Here they are. Take your time going through them, I’m in no hurry.


A: There’s no problem here, everything’s in order. I can transact that for you now.


B: Do I need to pay anything? Like a handling fee, or something?


A: No, you don’t need to pay anything on top. We just simply deduct the discounting interest.


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What Happened in Brazil after Olympic Games

What Happened in Brazil after Olympic Games

Times Insider shares insights into how we work at The New York Times. In this article, we will learn from Simon Romero explains how his job as Brazil bureau chief has evolved to include all sorts of additional (and unlikely) roles since friends and colleagues from around the world descended on Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games.

“时报内情”(Times Insider)专栏为读者呈现《纽约时报》所发报道幕后的故事。西蒙·罗梅罗(Simon Romero)在这篇文章中讲述的是,自从世界各地的朋友和同事为奥运会纷纷现身里约之后,他作为巴西分社社长的工作如何逐渐演化,囊括了其他种种(出人意料的)职责。

Reaching the favelas at the heights of Complexo do Alemão is nothing less than breathtaking.

抵达阿莱茂住宅区(Complexo do Alemão)最高处的贫民区,绝对是一个激动人心的过程。

An awe-inspiring aerial tramway connects the densely populated hillsides, their maze of passageways a testament to resilience and ingenuity in the face of hardship. Brazil would be awash in more medals if an Olympic category existed for the young kite fighters practicing their sport at the precipice where the gondola car makes its last stop.


But I knew I had truly arrived in Alemão when I heard the spine-tingling sound of gunfire.


“It’s coming from down there,” said one of the boys, kite string in hand, pointing to the sprawling agglomeration of dwellings below. He couldn’t have been older than 10. He and his friends didn’t even flinch when the shots echoed around them, as if the sounds were as normal as the birdsong of Rio’s great kiskadees.


“What are you doing in Alemão?” he asked.


Some of the best questions come from those who are being interviewed.


The Rio Olympics were starting, and thousands of journalists from around the world were swarming around the city’s new sports venues. As the bureau chief here for The Times, I was also excited about the Games. But I felt the need to report outside the Olympic bubble, especially in Alemão, where the long war between drug gangs and the police was flaring up once again.


The actors in this conflict didn’t get the memo that Rio wasn’t supposed to be a theater for gun battles during the Olympics. The authorities had promised that the city would be safe during the Games, deploying tens of thousands of troops to patrol the streets. Still, I found entire families cowering in their hovels in Alemão as the fighting raged around them.


This disconnect — Olympic festivities alongside Rio’s brutal drug war — reflects the city’s fault lines. Of course, many of the journalists parachuting in for the Games are expressing awe about what they see. The city, with its teeming beaches and soaring granite peaks, remains as enchanting as ever. Television crews couldn’t ask for a better backdrop.


At the same time, some of the impressions I’ve come across remind me of that oldie but goody from The Onion, “Woman Who ‘Loves Brazil’ Has Only Seen Four Square Miles of It,” about a dental hygienist from the United States who is enthralled after soaking up the atmosphere at a luxury resort on Rio’s outskirts without ever making it into the city proper.

与此同时, 对这个国家的一些印象让我想起了洋葱网(The Onion)上的一篇文章——《“热爱巴西”的女人只看到四平方英里之内的巴西》(Woman Who ‘Loves Brazil’ Has Only Seen Four Square Miles of It),说的是一位来自美国的牙科工作者,完全沉侵在里约郊区一个奢华度假村所制造的氛围之中,连市区都没去过,却已深深地爱上了巴西。文章是很早以前发的,但其中的一些说法至今依然适用。

I’m also still enthralled with Brazil after covering the country for more than a decade, based in Rio for much of that time. The Olympics have been thrilling. The opening ceremony, sublimely choreographed by Deborah Colker, was uplifting. I’ve cheered for Brazil’s volleyball teams in Maracanãzinho alongside my wife and kids, who are proud Brazilian citizens.

我报道巴西新闻已有十多年之久——很多时候是以里约为根据地——至今却也依然对这个国家感到着迷。奥运会一直都是激动人心的。由德博拉·库克尔(Deborah Colker)精心编排的开幕舞蹈令人振奋。我曾在马拉卡纳齐诺体育场(Maracanãzinho)内为巴西排球队欢呼,以身为巴西公民为荣的妻子和孩子当时就坐在我身旁。

But it’s been surreal to see Rio, a place normally on the global news back burner, turn into something of a media circus during the Olympics.


As friends and colleagues descend on the city, my own job of bureau chief has evolved to include additional roles like ticket procurer, restaurant critic, translator, security adviser and consultant on the attributes of Rio’s pés-sujos, the great unkempt neighborhood watering holes that Cariocas call “dirty feet.”


I’ve relished the coverage of the Games by visiting colleagues from The Times, some of whom are seeing Rio for the first time. Now I know how Belize cheers for Simone Biles; what synchronized divers say to one another before the plunge; how easily table tennis balls crumple; how Brazil’s judo champion, Rafaela Silva, emerged from Rio’s favelas.

到访的时报同事对奥运会的报道让我读得津津有味,他们中的一些人是首次来到里约。现在我知道了中美洲国家伯利兹如何为西蒙·拜尔斯(Simone Biles)欢呼;知道了双人跳水运动员纵身一跃之前会跟对方说些什么;知道了乒乓球有多容易会变瘪;知道了巴西的拉斐拉·席尔瓦(Rafaela Silva)如何走出贫民区,成为柔道冠军。

When Brazil’s Olympic moment is finished, Rio, like some cities in the United States, will still be grappling with vexing levels of inequality and bloodshed. Certain favelas, the urban areas here that largely coalesced as squatter settlements, are festering with ire over the Games — especially those that were literally torn apart to make way for the Olympic overhaul.


Long before the Olympics began, I started chronicling the complex war for control over Complexo de Alemão, the vast maze of favelas thought to be named for Leonard Kaczmarkiewicz, a Polish immigrant who once owned the land in Rio’s north zone where squatters put down stakes. (A light-skinned foreigner in Brazil is still often called “alemão,” or German.)

在奥运会开幕很久之前,我就已经逐年记录对阿莱茂住宅区控制权的争夺所引发的复杂冲突。这是一片巨大的迷宫般的贫民区,其名字被认为取自波兰移民莱昂纳德·卡茨马基维奇(Leonard Kaczmarkiewic),此人一度拥有里约北部这片供棚户区居民安营扎寨的土地。(在巴西,肤色较浅的外国人至今依然常常被称作“alemão”,意为“德国人”。 )

Some of the stories I’ve covered in Alemão have been heartbreaking, like that of Alda Rafael Castilho, a young police officer who dreamed of being a psychologist. At the age of 27, she was fatally shot when gunmen stormed her police outpost. I still shudder when remembering how hard it was to interview the parents of Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira, the 10-year-old boy who was shot dead last year by the police in Alemão.

我报道过一些关于阿莱茂的令人心碎的故事,有一篇文章写的是阿尔达·拉斐尔·卡斯蒂略(Alda Rafael Castilho),一名曾梦想成为心理学家的年轻警察。27岁那年,她被冲进她所在的警察哨所的枪手射杀。而每当回想起10岁男孩爱德华多·德热苏斯·费雷拉(Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira)去年被阿莱茂的警察枪杀后,采访他的父母有多艰难,我仍然感到不寒而栗。

Someday, I hope to take the tramway in Alemão again all the way to the last stop, to visit friends who live in the Favela das Palmeiras. If they tell me that the echo of gun battles has become a distant memory, as peace finally breaks out, that would be a triumph to rival all the stunning feats I’ve witnessed during the Rio Olympics.


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Things you don’t know about cats

Things you don't know about cats

1. Nose-to-nose greetings between cats are unusual, as it puts both in a vulnerable position. However, cats who know each other well but have been apart for a while feel safe enough to do this to confirm visual recognition and gain information about how the other cat is, to learn where he has been and what he has been doing.


2. Purring usually indicates contentment, however, a deep purr can also indicate pain. If you know your cat well you will be able to tell the difference in his demeanor.


3. Cats start to purr at one week old and can do so continually as they inhale and exhale.


4. Young cats purr in a monotone, while older ones do so in two to three resonant notes.


5. Scientist still do not know exactly how the purring sound is made, although some believe that it originates in the cardiovascular system rather than the throat.


6. Cats appear to retain their kitten vocal signals to communicate with their owners, but they use an adult repertoire of sound with other cats.


7. Like dogs, cats can also get sick or die from eating chocolate.


8. Cats like to nap rather than sleep but if relaxed enough to enter a deeper sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.


9. Cats blink and narrow their eyes when they accidentally make eye contact. To make friends with an unfamiliar cat, blink and look away when you catch his eyes.


10. A cat’s pulse is between 160-240 beats per minute, depending on the age of the cat (the younger he is, the faster the heartbeat.)


11. Cats cannot understand punishment as humans do, they must be praised and rewarded for desired behavior instead.


12. Giving your cat a strip of raw meat everyday to chew on will keep his gums and teeth in good condition. Suitable meats include poultry, rabbit, or beef that has been deboned.


13. If your cat appears to be able to tolerate heat very well this is because the ancestors of cats were originally desert-living animals.


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English language course – The good thing about kitten yoga

English language course - The good thing about kitten yogaThe good thing about kitten yoga is that there are adoptable kittens!


The bad thing about kitten yoga is that you have to share these wonderful baby animals with other people. These other people will try to hog all the kittens, picking them up and holding them as they pretend to move through a sun salutation.


The kittens will step on your mat as you flip into a warrior pose. You won’t get the best workout to learn kitten yoga, but it’s hard to care when your classmates are so fluffy.


“Kitten yoga is a great opportunity to get some exercise and [for] kittens to get some social interaction with potential adopters,” Best Friends Animal Society PR manager Hannah Stember tells The Post about the new class, which will be offered monthly. Plus, she adds, “yoga is a stress reliever.”


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Learn Cantonese – How to end a conversation

Learn Cantonese - How to end a conversation

A:Oh,it’s getting late. I’ve got to run.It was nice talking to you,karren.哦,好夜喇,我要走喇,好开心同你倾偈,凯瑞。ngòh ,hóu yeh lā ,ngóh yīu jáu lā ,hóu hōi sām duhng léih kīng gái ,hói seuih .

B:Thanks,Tim.Nice meeting you,too.多谢你,Tim.我都好开心认识你。dō jeh léih ,Tim.ngóh dōu hóu hōi sām yahn sīk léih .

A:I guess we’ll see just around.我念我地应该会再见面。ngóh nihm ngóh deih yīng gōi kúi joi gin mihn .

B:Ye,I hope so.well.Take it easy.系啊,希望系喇。咁你保重啦。haih ā ,hēi mohng haih lā .gám léih bóu chùhng lā .

A:You too.你都系。léih dōu haih .

详细解说:1.Oh,it’s getting late.哦,好夜喇。ngòh ,hóu yeh lā .

关联用语:1.Actually.I have another appointment.我仲有其它事。ngóh juhng yáuh gēi tā sih .

2.I’ve got to run.我要走喇。

同义词句:I’d better go.我要走喇。ngóh yīu jáu lā .

I’d better be on my way.我要走喇。ngóh yīu jáu lā .

I’ve got to get going.我要走喇。ngóh yīu jáu lā .

3.It was nice talking to you ,karren.好开心同你倾偈,凯瑞。。hóu hōi sām duhng léih kīng gái ,hói seuih ..

间接用语:Good to have met you.好开心认识你。hóu hōi sām yahn sīk léih .

Nice meeting you.好开心认识你。hóu hōi sām yahn sīk léih .

4.Take it easy.保重。bóu chùhng .

关联用语:Take care.保重。bóu chùhng .

see you later.搵日见。wán yaht gin .

Bye.再见。joi gin .

So long.再见。joi gin .

Stay in touch.保持联络。bóu chìh lyùhn lok .

Keep in touch.保持联络。bóu chìh lyùhn lok .

Let’s meet at some time.搵天再出来倾啦。wán tīn joi chēut làih kīng lā .

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Learn Cantonese Phrases for Beginners

Excuse me. 唔好意思 mh hóu yi sī

Is this seat taken? 呢度有冇人坐啊? nē dohk yáuh móuh yàhn chóh ā ?

Go ahead. 你随便啦. léih chèuih bihn lā

Feel free. 唔使客气. mh sái haak hei

Have you got the time? 请问你知唔知宜家几点啊? chéng mahn léih jī mh jī yìh gā gēi dím ā ?

Could you help me? 可唔可以请你帮个忙啊? hó mh hó yíh chéng léih bōng go mòhng ā ?

Do you need help? 需要帮忙吗? sēui yīu bōng mòhng mā ?

Are you new here? 你系唔系新来架? léih haih mh haih sān làih gá ?

Nice to meet you. 好高兴认识你. hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih .

Happy to know you. 好高兴认识你. hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih .

Take care. 保重. bóu chùhng .

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English Learning Hong Kong – How much is the rent?

English Learning Hong Kong - How much is the rent

Good evening,Mr.Roberts.How are you?
Fine,thanks.My wife was not able to come and have a dinner party to go at eight,so I think I can check only one apartment tonight.
No problem.I’ll change the appointments for the other flats later on.
Mr.Roberts,would you please sign an inspection record for me?May I have your identity number for reference?
(After a few minutes driving,Lu Chen and Mr.Roberts are at the entrance of Robinson Garden with the security in the lobby.
Hello,I’m Lu Chen from ABC company.Here is my business card.
(Larry signs the visitor list.Then Chen and Mr.Roberts take the Elevator to 18/F,Chen has the key and he opens it.)
Here it is,Mr.Roberts.
One the left is the kitchen.At the back of the living room are three bedrooms.the largest one is the master bedroom.
You see the kitchen has basic appliances including a stove,refrigerator,dryer and washing machine.
Also,you’ll notice the living room is large.
The landlord will also provide furniture if you need it.
How about the bedroom?
Let me show you.
This is the master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.The view is delightful.
The other two bedrooms are for children.
It looks great to me.Can my wife and kids check it out tomorrow?
Also,do you know if there is any discount for the rent?
‘m afraid not,Sir.
The average rent in this area is around forty five thousand Hong Kong dollars per month.
Since the landlord is in a hurry to lease the apartment,he has already lowered the rent.
I see.How much deposit should I pay?
Two months deposit and one month’s rent payable in advance.
How about the management?
I have to check this out with the landlord.
Sure.I’ll let my family decide after they have looked at the apartment tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
Don’t mention it.See you tomorrow.

English Class in Hong Kong – Renting a Property

English Class in Hong Kong – Renting a Property

English Class in Hong Kong - Renting a Property

Hi,Sir.May I help you?
Yes,please.I am looking to lease an apartment.
This is my business card.I am Lu Chen.Nice to meet you.
Thank you.I am Sam Roberts.
I am looking for an apartment of around one thousand square feet for my family.
Mr.Roberts,are you familiar with this area?
Yes,I am living in Rose Garden now,but the lease will expire in two months.
The landlord is going to sell his apartment.
I see.I guess you prefer remaining in the same neighborhood.
Let me check the computer’s property data for you first.
(After a few minutes.)
Sir,do you know Robinson Garden?
No,I’m sorry to say.
(Lu Chen points out the location of Robinson Garden from the map.)
Robinson Garden is only two years old.
The first floor has a prestigious lobby and a car park entrance.
The second and third floor are for car parking only.
The fourth floor is the clubhouse,which includes a fitness center and one swimming pool.
Over the platform are two of thirty level residential buildings.
There are four units on each floor.
The unit areas are between eight hundred square feet and one thousand three hundred square feet.
The mid_level has one vacant unit for lease.
The gross area is one thousand three hundred square feet and the net area is almost one thousand square feet.
The layout of the unit includes one huge living room,one dining room and three bedrooms.
The maid’s room is attached to the kitchen.
Is it furnished or non_furnished?
It is a fumished apartment with necessary home appliances.
How much is the rent?
The asking rent is forty-five thousand Hong Kong dollars per month.
Okay.I would like to check the house with my wife tomorrow right after seven.
Also,can you show me two more apartments for comparison at the same time?
Sure,Mr.Robert.I’ll arrange things for you tomorrow right.
May I have your telephone number in order to confirm the appointment?
Yes,my office number is 25242524.
In case I am not in my office,you can also contact my mobile phone.
The number is 90887766.
Thank you.Mr.Roberts.
I’ll have all the information and get back to you as soon as possible.

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