Learn English in Hong Kong – You are being low!

Learn English in Hong Kong - You are being low

Topic1 Tongzhou To Be Beijing’s Second CenterBeijing’s city government recently said that it is going to move part of its administrative functions out of the city center to Tongzhou as part of a plan to better integrate the Chinese capital with its surrounding areas.

As the second administrative center in the government’s planning, Tongzhou has drawn unprecedented attention from people.

What does Beijing government plan to do?

Topic2 Doctors Petition Against Hospital Violence600,000 Chinese doctors signed their names to an online petition calling for the end of violent attacks on medical workers after a physician was injured by her patient in South China’s Guangdong province.

Attacks on healthcare workers have triggered public outrage, and also sheds light on the doctor-patient relationship.

What happened?

Topic3 Innocence lost in ‘racy’ photos of 6-year-old girlCeline Yeung, a six-year-old girl from Hong Kong recently released a photo album. However, it was accused of exploiting the child’s innocence and some are very indecent. Is it proper to take revealing pictures of a tot?

What’s going on?

Topic4 Behaviors that Make People Appear LowTongdaodashu (同道大叔) or Tongdao, a web celebrity, published two posts on his WeChat account, listing the behaviors that make men and women appear mean or low. What are these behaviors? Do you agree with that?

Topic5 Foot massages booming in ChinaChina has seen a boom in foot massage shops, which offer a service that is affordable to most people and a place for businesspeople and politicians to socialize.

How popular is foot massage? And Why?


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