Learn English every day – Go easy on me

Learn English every day - Go easy on me

Nikki: I said, “Word.” It means, “I fully agree!”

Wen: Oh. I’m not too good with slang. Go easy on me, alright?

Nikki: Aight. Try this out…kill that set so we can hop over to Angles Hair Design. We gotta look fly while we gettin’ our groove on tonight. You down?

Wen: Uh…is there a dictionary I can use or something?

Nikki: Ha-ha! I said, “Turn off the TV, so we can go to a salon. We have to look good while we’re dancing tonight. Is that OK with you?”

Wen: Word.

salon (n.)

(专供美发或美容的)沙龙。Angles Hair Design则是文中某家美发沙龙的名字

A: Where are you going?


B: To the salon to get a hair treatment.


slang (v.)

俚语。本篇常用的黑人俚语,都可以在pp. 38-41的说明页找到更详尽的解释

A: I have no idea what this actor is saying.


B: Me, either– Movies these days are filled with too much slang.


妮琪: 我说,「西底。」意思是「我完全同意!」

小雯: 喔。我对俚语不在行。别为难我,好吗?

妮琪: 厚啦。那妳听听看这个……呷电视关起来,阮丢ㄟ塞企天使发型屋,今暗企跳舞,阮爱穿卡趴ㄟ。厚呒厚?

小雯: 呃……有没有字典之类的东西让我查?

妮琪: 哈哈!我说,「关掉电视,我们就可以去美容院。我们今晚去跳舞得看起来美一点。这样好不好?」

小雯: 西底(我完全同意)。

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