English Idioms – We are the same notorious spendthrift

English Idioms - We are the same notorious spendthrift

In the past, the grandson of a prime minister was a notorious spendthrift. He squandered all the family property and couldn’t even afford his own meals, so he often borrowed rice from others.


Once he borrowed another bag of rice. He carried it half- way and couldn’t go any further, so he rested by the roadside. At this moment, a poor man in rags happened to pass by. He called this poor man, set the pay and let the poor man carry the rice for him.


Unexpectedly, after carrying the rice for some distance, the poor man also panted and couldn’t walk any further. The grandson complained:


“I am the grandson of a prime minister. It is natural that I can neither lift with my hands nor carry on my shoulder anything heavy. But you are from a poor family. Why are you also so useless?”


Unwilling to give in, the poor man glared and retorted:


“How can you blame me? I am not from a poor family. I am the grandson of a prime minister, too.”



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