How do we effectively teach this language?

How do we effectively teach this language?

For Beginners:
In beginner’s level, our teacher will give a brief introduction about the Arabic language in a way that sounds interesting, informative and something fun that the student will be looking forward to learn.

Next we will start the drawing of the Arabic Alphabet( 28 letters ) so in a matter of 5-6 classes the very beginner student can recognise the Arabic letters on his own if he spots a sign on the street or a headline newsfeed and can even make the effort to read on his own or at least practice handwriting a word he saw somewhere.

We will practice with beginners how to perfectly read a word in Arabic after they are done with the Arabic alphabets.

For intermediate and advanced levels:

In intermediate level, we focus on using the language more in a practical way so we teach formal and informal greetings, most common phrases to use in public( airport, hotel, street etc..) plus the ability to effectively listen to a conversation and recognise what it is all about(we use YouTube, Aljazerah Arabic and BBC Arabic Radio ).

In the advanced level the focus will be with students on handwriting or keyboard writing, reading more confidently plus the ability to get engaged in real life conversations.

We also offer corporate courses which is an intensive course for business people in HK who have business links in Dubai and Middle East and want to enhance only the speaking ability in order to integrate in the business culture in the Middle East, for that purpose we can only focus on speaking skills and conversations so the learner can confidently use the most common phrases in that regard. That can be done (one on one ) so the quality of the content can be maximised and delivered efficiently.