Business English for Beginners 2 – Take a message

A: Hello A bank.
B: Hello, this is Mike Smith from ABC company speaking. May I speak to Mr.Li.
A: I’m so sorry. Mr.Li is at a meeting now.
B: Can I leave a message to him?
A: Of course, please go ahead.
B: Please tell him to call this number. I need to talk about the loan with him.
A: OK。 I will tell him as soon as the meeting is over.
B: Thank you. Goodbye.
A: Not at all. Goodbye.

A: 你好,A銀行。
B: 你好,我是ABC公司,我可以和李先生說話嗎?
A: 對不起, 李先生正在開會
B: 那我能留個口信嗎?
A: 當然可以, 您請說。
B: 請告訴他回我電話,我要和他說關於貸款的事。
A: 好的。我會在李先生開完會後馬上告訴他。
B: 謝謝,再見。
A: 不用客氣,再見。