Study finds longer people spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes

Longer time spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes

Study finds longer people spend preparing food,the worse their health becomes
研究表明:做饭时间越长 身体越不健康

Home cooking may not be as healthy as you think.


The longer people spend preparing meals, the worse their health becomes, a study found.


The result contradicts the popular public health message that it is better to cook from scratch than rely on ready meals.


And it suggests that food isn’t healthy just because it is cooked at home.


Possible reasons include home chefs being extra generous with unhealthy ingredients such as butter and salt and feeling they have to eat more because of the time and effort that went into preparation.


Frequenting tasting of food as it is being prepared can lead to pounds creeping on over time.


It is also possible, say the researchers, that convenience foods have become healthier.


The researchers, from Rush University in Chicago, analyzed 14 years of data provided by more than 2,755 women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.


This included information on how long they spent cooking and the results of annual health checks for something called metabolic syndrome.


This is the medical term for when someone has three out of five risk factor that raise the odds of heart disease and strokes.


Warning signs include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.


The women who spent the longest cooking and clearing up meals were more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, the journal Preventive Medicine reports.


Similarly, if a woman started to spend more time cooking, her odds of metabolic syndrome rose more quickly than average.


However, females who did less cooking as time went on cut their odds of health problems.


Researcher Dr Brad Appelhans said that we may have to rethink public health policies that make home cooking a ‘cornerstone’ attempts to improve health.


He said:‘In the past three or four decades, the proportion of our food that we prepare at home has decreased, and the prevalence of obesity has increased. Noting this, public health experts frequently promote home cooking as a way to curb the obesity epidemic and reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. However, our research with over 2,700 women that greater time spent preparing food each week is actually linked to increasing odds of having risk factors for heart disease and diabetes over time.


‘While the reasons underlying this association are still unclear, we think these findings indicate the need to revise our public health messaging, including the need to emphasize healthy cooking methods and to consider the potential benefits of healthy convenience meals.’


He added that it is important to cook healthily, not just frequently.


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Basic Cantonese Course – Nice to meet you

Basic Cantonese Course - Nice to meet you

A:Excuse me,is this seat taken?

A:  唔好意思,呢度有冇人坐啊?

A:  mh hóu yi sī ,nē dohk yáuh móuh yàhn chóh ā ?

B:Er…no, go ahead

B:  冇,请随便坐啦!

B:  móuh ,chéng chèuih bihn chóh lā

A:  You work upstair,right? I think I have seen you before.I’m Karren,Karren Brown.

A:  你公司系楼上系唔系啊?我好好似见过你,我是凯瑞,凯瑞 布朗。

A:  léih gūng sī haih làuh séuhng haih mh haih ā ?ngóh hóu hóu chíh gin gwō léih ,ngóh haih hói seuih ,hói seuih bou lóhng .

B:  Nice to meet you ,Karren.I’mTim Wang.

B:  好高兴认识你Karren,我系Tim Wang。

B:  hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih Karren,ngóh haih Tim Wang.

A:  Happy to know you ,Tim.

A:  好高兴认识你,Tim。

A:  hóu gōu hīng yahn sīk léih ,Tim.

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Statistics show women are easier satisfied than men

Statistics show women are easier satisfied than men


The Office for National Statistics has been taking happiness measurements for six years following former prime minister David Cameron’s push for statistics that would describe the state of the nation in emotional rather than numerical terms.


Over that time, the figures show, all of us are generally happier. In the five years between the late summer of 2012 and September last year, the general level of happiness went up by more than 3 per cent, they indicated.


ONS statisticians linked the general rise in happiness last year to economic improvements, but gave no reason why women should have been cheering up more than men.


Nor could they explain why the improvements in well-being were detected in English while there was no noticeable change in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


The well-being ratings are produced from questions asked of more than 300,000 people in the ONS Annual Population Survey.


The four well-being questions ask whether people felt happy, if their lives were worthwhile, whether they were satisfied with their lives, and how anxious they felt on the day before they took part in the survey.


The ONS report said: ‘Over time, women have consistently reported higher levels of life satisfaction and worthwhile every year, but have also reported higher levels of anxiety since we first began collecting data in 2011.’



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Learn English in Hong Kong – Fire Fighters

Learn English in Hong Kong - Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters 消防员

There are about 5 ,000 fire fighters in Chicago.大约有5、000年在芝加哥消防战士。

Tim is one of them. He is on duty eight hours every day. 蒂姆就是其中之一。他值日每天八小时。

During his shift, he eats and sleeps at the firehouse.在他的转变,他吃和睡在消防站。

The fire fighters have to be ready to answer消防员必须准备回答

an alarm at any hour of the day or night. 闹钟在一天中的任何时间或晚上。

Most of the alarms are for small fires. 大多数的警报是为小火灾。

They can be put out in a few minutes.他们能够熄灭几分钟。

Big fires are very dangerous. Most of the time, 大火灾是非常危险的。大多数时候,

the greatest danger comes from smoke. 最大的危险来自烟。

Sometimes, fire fighters have to enter burning buildings 有时,消防战士已经进入燃烧的建筑物

in order to rescue the people inside.为了营救里面的人。

Tim has been a fire fighter for five years.蒂姆已经火战斗机五年了。

He’s proud of himself and of his service.他是骄傲的对自己和自己的服务。

He does exercise every day to stay strong.他每天都做运动保持强劲。

WORD BANK in English and Chinese

fire fighter n.救火队员


firehouse n.消防队 消防站

put out扑灭;熄灭

dangerous adj, 危险的

in order to为了


proud/ praud/adj自豪的; 得意的


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Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91

Hugh Hefner

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91.

He launched Playboy in 1953 with an issue that featured nude photos of actress and model Marilyn Monroe, and helped push along a revolution in views on sex as the magazine reached a peak of more than 7 million subscribers by the 1970s.

The company said Hefner died Wednesday of natural causes at his Playboy Mansion home in Los Angeles.

Beyond the magazine, the Playboy brand expanded into a multimedia empire that at various times included editions of the magazine in 20 countries, night clubs, casinos, a cable network and a film production company. In addition to nude pictures, the magazine also included writing from famous authors such as Ray Bradbury, John Updike, Vladimir Nabokov and Joyce Carol Oates.

Hefner himself starred for a five years in a reality TV show called “The Girls Next Door,” which followed his life at the Playboy Mansion along with some of the magazine models who lived at the site.

He was known for his style of silk pajamas paired with a smoking jacket and a pipe, and a hedonistic lifestyle that went along with the parties at his mansion.

Hefner was married three times and had four children.

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Facebook founder: We obviously made mistakes in protecting user information

protecting user information
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a rare television interview Wednesday Facebook clearly made a mistake in its part in an illegal data collection scandal.

“This was a major breach of trust. I am really sorry this happened. We have a basic responsibility to protect people’s data,” he told cnn.

Zuckerberg did not elaborate on what mistake Facebook made, but he promised to check all apps and do a full forensic audit.

He also told cnn he is sure someone is trying to meddle in the upcoming November midterm U.S. congressional elections. He said Facebook is “really committed” to stop anyone from interfering in the elections through Facebook, including upcoming votes in Brazil and India.

Facebook disclosed Friday that it has known since 2015 that British researcher Aleksandr Kogan illegally shared users’ information with a research firm, after collecting that data legally through an application for a personality quiz.

The research firm is alleged to have illegally used the data of an estimated 50 million Facebook users to build profiles for U.S. political campaigns, including the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Facebook has been criticized for failing to alert its users to the incident in 2015. Wednesday was the first time Zuckerberg publicly addressed the issue.

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5 New But Odd Ways People Are Trying To Lose Weight that you have to learn!


Cold Therapies for Weight loss

Also known as Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), this method using localized chilling temperatures may seem like a far-out, sci-fi method to lose weight, but it’s here, and it has people raving. Not only does WBC help you shed pounds but it soothes irritated nerves and helps reduce symptoms associated with chronic conditions.

This method came out first in Japan in 1978 to treat things ling skin conditions and lesions, decrease pain and spasms and improve recovery time for athletes. And the reaction caused by the cold temps improves blood flow, supplies tissues with needed nutrients and oxygen, and stimulates your body’s systems to eliminate toxins. Where do we sign up?



这个方法最早出现在 1978,当时被拿来治疗皮肤病,也能缓解运动员的疼痛和痉挛的症状并加速康复。低温带来的反应能加速血液流动,为身体提供营养物质和氧气,还能刺激身体排毒。

Hot Baths for Weight loss

If you love to take baths, then this replacement workout is just what you need, and want. Soaking in the tub has touted benefits forever but can it help us lose weight, too? The truth is, it can. While we once thought that rising temperatures through sweat-induced exercise was the best way to improve health, it turns out that passive heating of the body, such as a bath, can produce these health effects, too.

Studies show that the effects of a bath were not as intense as a workout but that an hour in a hot bath did equate to a 30-minute walk and burns about 140 calories. Not only that, blood sugar response was better for the bathers than for the workout-ers. The bath also showed a higher anti-inflammatory response, meaning that your body is stronger and more able to fight off diseases and keep chronic inflammation at bay.



研究表明,虽然洗澡的好处不像激烈的运动那么明显,但一个小时的热水澡和步行30分钟的效果差不多,能燃烧 140 卡路里。不仅如此,泡澡的血糖水平比出去锻炼的人更好,而且还能增强你对抗疾病的能力。

Workout Pill for Weight loss

While this article clearly states that this pill is being released for people unable to workout, we all know it’s the next step to a workout pill so people don’t have to workout. The drug could produce similar effects of exercise such as more endurance and weight loss, without any real exercise in sight.

The problem, of course, is that this new drug, like other pharmaceuticals, is likely to be abused if and when they do make it on the market. But the benefits of this drug, to people who truly cannot exercise, not just lazy people who crave instant satisfaction, may outweigh the risks. For instance, kids with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who die in their teens from inactivity and muscle wasting, would no longer have to accept their short-lived fate. The potential life-saving pill could help people with acute kidney injury, side effects from cardio-bypass surgery and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and anyone bound to a wheelchair.

Ronald Evans is the director of the gene expression laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. He concludes his findings with this, “People are designed to move. But if they can’t, it’s not healthy to be sedentary. That’s why we are developing this drug. We are trying to take science out of the laboratory and bring it into the clinic in a way that can change people’s lives. If we can do that, it would be a game-changer.”




Ronald Evans 是加州萨克生物研究所的主任,他说:“人生来就应该运动,如果不动,就不健康,所以我们才研发了这种药。我们现在努力让科学走出实验室,走进临床,这样才能拯救生命。”

Hypnosis for Weight loss

As crazy as it sounds, hypnosis may be the way out of exercise and into good health. “Hypnosis can successfully ‘turn off’ cravings, end emotional eating, end self-sabotage, and help a person find the motivation to stay on track,” according to Holly Stokes. Stokes is a certified Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming author who teaches and writes about hypnosis as a way to lose weight by a reprogramming of sorts.


听起来很疯狂吧。“催眠能‘关闭’欲望和精神性饥饿,还能帮助一个人走上正轨,” Holly Stokes 说。Stokes 是 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (神经语言编程)的作者,也是一位注册的催眠师,目前正在教授催眠的课程、撰写相关的书籍。

hCG for Weight loss

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. You take this hormone as part of the HCG diet but unless you are doing in through a doctor, your hCG supplements are not truly hCG. This diet does work, and you will lose weight, but it comes with a price. Not for faint of heart, hCG requires you stick to a very strict food list, that you must adhere to. Not only that but you are allowed only 500 calories a day. Yup, you read that right, 500 calories for your whole day.

Most people consume more than that in one meal alone. Not only is this diet extremely restrictive but honestly, it’s unsafe. With such little calories and next to no “fat” intake, you stand to suffer from gallstones, irregular heartbeat, and electrolyte imbalance, not to mention crabbiness and hungriness for the length of your regimen.

At the end of the day, there is no better replacement than eating right and exercising for a healthy lifestyle. But if you’d rather chill yourself or have someone hypnotize you, these plans may work just as well.


HCG 就是人绒毛膜促性腺激素,这是女性在妊娠期间分泌的荷尔蒙。你可以在通过补充这种荷尔蒙来减肥,但一定要在医生的指导下进行。这种方法确实有效,但代价比较大,你必须严格控制你的饮食,并且坚持下去。不仅如此,你一天只能吃 500 卡路里的食物,是的,你没看错,一天,500卡。


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How can we live and work better in the digital age?


Americus Reed, professor of marketing, Wharton School of Business

阿梅里卡斯•里德(Americus Reed),沃顿商学院(Wharton School of Business)营销学教授

Social media can rob you of your humanity, if you let it. I usually take to social media once a day and I use other online tools to disseminate messages across multiple platforms. I use it purposefully — not just for random musings that cross my mind whimsically, but ideas that are connected to my professional interests and goals, and my own unique, personal identity.


Treat it like a favourite naughty treat — I recognise that I really like it, but too much will be ultimately be bad for me.


Grant Reid, chief executive, Mars

格兰特•里德(Grant Reid),Mars首席执行官

Technology has enabled global connections, global thinking and global business like never before. This can make it increasingly difficult for employees to switch off from work. To be always on is not sustainable for the individual and, ultimately, the business. Performance will suffer.


There needs to be balance and the opportunity to recharge. Even Michelangelo needed to know when to put the chisel down. The best thing any leader can do is to lead by example, and create a climate that allows others to do the same. I turn off from work to spend quality time with my family. I am also passionate about martial arts, and put time aside for it because it gives me physical energy and mental resilience.


Rana Foroohar, the FT’s global business columnist

拉娜•福鲁哈尔(Rana Foroohar),英国《金融时报》全球商业专栏作家

Read books. Novels in particular. They force you to slow down, and in the case of fiction, to see things from a more emotional perspective. We spend most of our day in the analytical, left brain space, often moving at high speed. But I find many of my best and most creative ideas come when I move into a quieter space.


A lot of the smartest business people I know, particularly financiers who are looking to understand not the minute-to-minute trends but the really big picture stuff, have told me the same thing. I tend to keep both fiction and non-fiction going at the same time.


Right now, I am reading A Fine Balance, by Rohinton Mistry, which is a terrific novel about India in the 1970s, and Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a collection of Joan Didion’s essays on California in the 1960s, which is in some ways a strange alter-image of our extreme politics today.

最近我在看罗欣顿•米斯特里(Rohinton Mistry)的《微妙的平衡》(A Fine Balance),这是关于1970年代印度的一本很棒的小说。我同时在读《向伯利恒跋涉》(Slouching Towards Bethlehem),这是1960年代琼•狄迪恩(joan didion)所写的关于加利福尼亚的散文集——在某些方面,那个年代有着我们当今极端政治的怪异影子。

Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice in organisational behaviour, London Business School

琳达•格拉顿(Lynda Gratton),伦敦商学院(London Business School)组织行为学领域的管理实践教授

We are not only going to be working into our seventies, but we will be working in an environment that will change drastically. The skills we have now will not necessarily be those we need in future.


To cope, my advice is to take time to learn new things. This be done in small slivers of time each day. It could be anything from reading the FT, to planning sabbaticals to learn a completely new skill.


But this takes planning, so you need to be organised. Everyone needs to think about how tech is going to change our work: it is likely going to take away the easy tasks and help us do more complex things better, but it will take preparation.


Lynda Gratton is the co-author of ‘The 100 Year Life’

琳达•格拉顿是《百岁人生》(The 100-Year Life)的作者之一

Michael Skapinker, the FT’s business and society columnist

迈克尔•斯卡平克(Michael Skapinker),英国《金融时报》商业与社会专栏作家

I was an early entrant to the online world. About 20 years ago, during a dreary supermarket shop, I saw a table with an invitation to do my shopping from home. I signed up, received a CD-Rom and became one of the first cohorts of online consumers.


Every development since then has improved my life: the transition from computer dial-up to broadband; music on demand; family message groups and, especially for the directionally confused, satellite navigation.


But I have largely stayed away from social media, engaging only with Twitter, which, while time-consuming, has provided leads to interesting articles. But Twitter is a trap: because you see what your friends are up to, you imagine you have seen them.


It was sometimes a shock to discover how long ago I did see them. That prompted a vow: to make sure to have lunch with friends, to have people around, to meet up with them. So in this tech driven world, make sure you socialise, face-to-face.


Pip Jamieson, founder and chief executive, The Dots

皮普•贾米森(Pip Jamieson),The Dots创始人、首席执行官

Make tech work for you, not the other way around. Ask yourself: what do you value and what tech tools can you utilise, to improve how you live and work? If you value learning and health then kill two birds with one stone and listen to books via Audible while at the gym.


If you want a more flexible career then online professional networks, video conferencing tools and cloud software make it easy to work remotely or on a freelance basis.


So many technology products (including social media platforms and news sites) have become experts in driving addictive behaviour, as they derive revenue mainly from advertising. But is browsing endless newsfeeds, or chasing likes, really adding value to your career or life? Is it time well spent? If not, then delete the app — life is too short.


Other tips to take back control of your tech consumption include turning your phone to aeroplane mode at night and weekends; restrict your home screen to only those essential apps; and turn off social media notifications.


David Steinberg, founder and chief executive, Zeta Global

大卫•斯坦伯格(David Steinberg),Zeta Global创始人、首席执行官

A chief executive does not have to be chained to a desk or tethered to an office to keep tabs on a global organisation. Smartphones free us up to be mobile. I always travel with two external batteries and keep my phone in a Mophie charger case wherever I go.


However, an effective executive should not be tied to his or her phone. No matter where I am, I turn off my phone at 11pm to read, reflect and catch up with my wife.


离开手机你是否能正常生活? Can you survive without a mobile phone?

Women should love themselves

Women should love themselves

Women should love themselves, tot everyone reciprocates the gesture.

This is a hard truth but it’s true.

If other people poured the same amount of effort into me as I pour into them, things would probably be different, but things aren’t always equal in friendships and relationships.

I honestly think that we should help other people and take care of them because it’s a good thing to do, not because we want something back.

But by the same token, if we’re not getting anything back to sustain us when we need it, we shouldn’t help people to the point where we drain our own resources.

I’m not being selfish.

Putting yourself first feels so wrong when you first start doing it.

If you’re used to erasing your own needs to look after others, it seems too self-indulgent.

But actually,the only way to consistently and effectively help other people in the long-termis to make sure you’re in a good place yourself.

I’m important too.

It actually took me a while to get to the point where I can say this, but there’s no reason why my own wants and needs shouldn’t matter as much as the other people in my life.

I deserve to have the same level of support and I certainly deserve to get where I want in life.

I deserve to be happy.

Helping people has always made me happy and it still does, but I’ve come to understand I want another kind of happiness too – pride in my own achievements, emotional resilience, stuff that’s really to do with me and not anyone else.

It’s time to make that happen.

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