6 Ways To Quickly Learn Cantonese In Hong Kong

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6 Ways To Quickly Learn Cantonese In Hong Kong

If you are looking for some courses to learn Cantonese Hong Kong style or in Hong Kong, or are searching for Cantonese course Hong Kong, then you are finally at the right place. There might be many ways for you to learn Cantonese Hong Kong style or opt for a Cantonese course Hong Kong. However, the 6 best ways to quickly learn Cantonese Hong Kong style through a Cantonese course Hong Kong are given below:


Make A Decision

The first and the most important thing to consider, is to make a choice whether you want to learn the traditional alphabets or simplified ones. Simplified ones are 1/3 less than the original ones so it is a lot easier to learn the simplified ones. Simplified is ideal for beginners and more common in education and business too.


Go for Phrases

If you aim for learning phrase rather than separate words, it will definitely help you. Learning all the Cantonese words will take a lot of time so finding different phrases to focus on is very important. Just like any other language there are different meanings for each word which is why it is more beneficial to learn phrases that will improve the vocabulary in all.


Focus Tones

Cantonese is a tonal language. This is why it is important that you focus on the tones because this helps to develop the habit to distinguish between tones to produce them correctly while speaking. This is important because the tone can change the meaning of the word and it can cause poor communication or embarrassing misunderstandings at times too. So, focusing on them from the start is probably the best way to go.


Have A Style

You should choose the style that suits you the most for learning. People learn in different ways and you can know this by trying different methods and programs. It could be books or language learning CDs, online tutorials, special course with online tutors etc. Also you could make use of many apps like Google Helpouts to do the same.


Listen to Music

Listening to Chinese pop music can really help you. This music helps to break down barriers and understand the language and culture more. This way the vocabulary is also increased if you listen to the lyrics closely as singing along will improve the pronunciation too. You could search anywhere to find Cantonese Chinese music, fill it in your MP3 player and practice anywhere at all.


Accentuate On Spoken Words

This is one of the most useful tips when it comes to learning Cantonese. This can be known from the fact that children learn any language by simply learning the words that are spoken over and over again. Therefore, you can listen to many such recordings or conversations and try to reproduce them as well. You just need to know their meaning first so you can actually set them in your mind. A bad pronunciation is harder to correct later so make sure you focus on this aspect well.

Hence, now that you know the 6 tips for learning Cantonese, make sure you speed up your learning process effectively and efficiently.

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