English Course for Business Use – let’s find somebody then



Zina:          OK, let’s find somebody then.

吉娜:         好吧,那我们就再找个人。


Vince:  Good. I’ll take care of it.

文斯:  好。我来处理这件事。


Zina: Wait a second, Vince. You know what? Why don’t you let me handle it?

吉娜:         等等,文斯。这样吧,不好我来处理好了。


Vince:  Are you sure? 1) Do you have somebody in mind?

文斯:         你确定?你心目中有人选吗?


Zina:  Yeah. Let me see if he’ll do it, and I’ll get back to you.

吉娜:  有。我先去看看他做不做,再跟你说。


Vince:        OK. Just keep in mind it has to be somebody who can 2) get along with Elvin.

文斯:  好。切记这个人得要能跟艾文处得来。


Zina:           3) Don’t sweat it. I know just the guy.

吉娜:         你别多虑了。我知道最适合的人选。




A: If you need any help, just call.



B: Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.



I’ll get back to you. 我再回复你。】


当有人问起你一些事情或是讯息,若你无法立即答复,得要先去研究研究的时候,就可以用上这句话 I’ll get back to you.“我会再回复你。”表达等你一有结论就会主动联络对方的诚意。


A: How much are these machines going to cost me?


B: Let me check my figures, and I’ll get back to you on that.



Don’t sweat it.别花这心思。】


sweat 是“流汗”,而若是碰到要费一些周折才能解决的事,流点汗肯定是免不了的。于是sweat 也可以用作名词,表示“苦差事”,引申做动词也就成了“费苦心”的意思,Don’t sweat it 这句短语就是指“别花力气、心思在这上头”。目的是告诉对方不必大费周折,白花力气。


A: I’m sorry I forgot your birthday party.


B: Don’t sweat it. I had a good time anyway.



1) Do you have somebody in mind?  你心目中有人选吗?文后的keep…in mind 则是指“谨记在心”。

2) get along with…  与……处得来

3) Don’t sweat it  别白费力气了。

Business English Letters – The 9 Perfect Sample Sentences

Business Chinese Course – Did it work?

SCENE ③  C  电话响起



Zina:           Hi, Dave. This is Zina.

吉娜:  嗨,戴夫。我是吉娜。


Dave:  Zina? Zina the Snake?

戴夫:         吉娜?诈包吉娜?


Zina:           I got your e-mail a couple of months back.

吉娜:         几个月前我收到了你寄来的电子邮件。


Dave:  Yeah? Which one was that?

戴夫:         是吗?是哪一封?


Zina:  The one that said, "You’re a 1) creep. / From me you won’t hear another 2) peep. / I hope you3) wreck your jeep."

吉娜:         上面写着:“你这讨厌鬼。/休想我会再理你。/望你吉普车会撞毁。”


Dave:  Right. That one. 4) Did it work?

戴夫:         那一封啊。灵验了吗?




A: I told dad you wrecked the car!



B: You’re not going to get away with this. It was your fault, not mine.



Did it work? 灵验了吗?】


要注意work 并不专指“工作”,有时指“灵光、有效”。


A: My brain doesn’t seem to work well today.


B: You’re better take a walk outside. But be back soon. We have a lot of work to do this  afternoon.



A: I understand you had a bad cold yesterday.


B: It’s gone. My grandma’s prescription really works.



1) creep  (n.) 令人讨厌的人

2) peep  (n.)  小的声音。这里是指“消息”。

3) wreck  (v.)  撞毁

4) Did it work?  有用吗?有效吗?

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Business English Course – hold a grudge

SCENE④ A  电话响起   戴夫与吉娜继续说话 



Zina:           No, Dave. I haven’t wrecked my jeep. I’m calling to 1) offer you a job.

吉娜:  不,戴夫。我的吉普没有撞毁。我打来是要提供你工作机会的。


Dave: With InfoKing? No, thanks.

戴夫:         去“资讯王”?免了吧,多谢。


Zina:           I’d like you to manage a new online auction site we’re building.

吉娜:         我希望你能管理我们新架设中的线上竞标网站。


Dave:          I’m not interested, Zina.

戴夫:         我没兴趣,吉娜。


Zina:  Don’t play hard to get. The 2) pay is good. You’d be working with Elvin again.

吉娜:         你别欲擒故纵了。薪水很高的。你会跟艾文再度共事。


Dave:          I don’t think so.

戴夫:         我想不妥吧。


Zina:  Elvin doesn’t 3) hold a grudge, if that’s what you’re worried about.

吉娜:         艾文并没有怀恨在心,若你是在担心这个的话。




A: Life is too short to hold grudges. C’mon, talk to me again.



B: Well, if you put it that way…

  1. 既然你这样说……那好吧。


play hard to get 欲擒故纵】


在人际的关系当中,好比男女关系或是聘雇之间的关系,有时候一方会采取不置可否的态度,让人觉得对方若即若离的,在要与不要之间,真叫人拿捏不定。也许你会觉得对方其实是想要,只是爱欲擒故纵、搞神秘,这种情况在美语中就可以用 play hard to get “欲擒故纵”来形容。

A: I don’t think Lisa likes me.


B: Yes, she does. She’s just playing hard to get.


1) offer (v.)  提供(工作机会等)

2) pay  (n.)  薪水,酬劳

3) hold a grudge  心怀怨恨,挟怨

English Composition – It is so difficult to start a business

English Learning Course – We don’t meet people by accident

English Learning Course - We don't meet people by accident

We don’t meet people by accident.

Every person you meet will have a role in your life, be it big or small. Some will help you grow, some will hurt you, some will inspire you to do better. At the same time, you are playing some role in their lives as well. Know that paths cross for a reason and treat people with significance.

The best teachers are those who don’t tell you how to get there but show the way.

There is no better joy then helping people see a vision for themselves, seeing them go to levels higher than they ever would have imagined on their own. But that doesn’t mean you have to fix them or enable them; instead, guide them to the source of their own power. Offer them support and motivation as they find their own way and show you what they’re capable of. All you have to do is believe in them.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

We like to think of life as a meritocracy, so it’s easy to look down on someone who isn’t as successful or accomplished or well educated as you are. But you have no idea how far that person has already climbed or where they will end up. Time could easily reverse your positions, so be sure you treat everyone with dignity.

Appreciate those who have supported you, forgive those who have hurt you, help those who need you.

Business is complicated, life is complex, and leadership is difficult. Treat all people–including yourself–with love and compassion, and you can’t go wrong.

Treat people the way you want to be treated and life will instantly get better.

An early get up person is more successful in life

Business English Course Lesson 1 – Changing the light Bulb

Business English Course Lesson 1 - Changing the light Bulb

English Lesson One
A Burnt out Light Bulb
One of my light bulbs is burnt out.
Which one?
It’s over the mirror in the bathroom.
I’ll ask the Maintenance Department to send someone to change it
May I have your room number?

Chinese Lesson Two
Television Problems
I’m having a problem with my TV.
What seems to be the problem?
I can’t get the satellite signal.
I’ll inform the Maintenance Department immediately.
They’ll send someone up to check it.

English Composition – It is so difficult to start a business



职场英语: 系统化的职业规划方法可以概括为:自我探索(知己过程)→探索工作世界(知彼过程)→决策与求职行动→自我再评估,获得新发现→知觉与承诺。而今天说的性格探索是自我探索的重要部分。


因此,为了招揽合适的人才,在实际的招聘过程中,很多企业会设置性格测试的部分,目的就是运用性格测试的工具与评估应聘人员与所招聘职位的匹配度。通过了解自己的性格,可以利用自己的性格找到适合自己的职位和公司,而反之则可能让自己的性格成为自己职场之路的绊脚石(stumbling block)。




在性格理论中,心理学家嘉芙莲•谷嘉•布里格斯(Katharine Cook Briggs)和伊莎贝•碧瑞斯•迈尔斯(Isabel Briggs Myers)所创立的MBTI理论(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)最为经典,它继承和发展了心理学家卡尔•荣格 (Carl Jung)的性格理论。MBTI理论将性格分为4个维度(dimension),在能量获得途径方面分为外向型(Extravert)和内向型(Introvert);在注意力的指向方面分为感觉型(Sensing)和直觉型(Intuition);在决策判断方式方面分为思考型(Thinking)和情感型(Feeling);在采取行动方式方面分为判断型(Judging)和知觉型(Perceiving)。4个维度将性格分为了4种不同的气质类型和16种不同的性格类型,当然也就有了与之相对应的不同类型的职业。



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Language Learning Hong Kong – Language Barriers Blamed for Miscues

Language Learning Hong Kong - Language Barriers Blamed for Miscues

Language Barriers Blamed for Miscues


Nearly half the executives at global companies believe language barriers have spoiled cross-border deals and caused financial losses for companies, says a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a business research unit of Economist Group, the Economist magazine’s parent.

The report, sponsored by language-training company EF Education First, was based on a poll of 572 senior executives world-wide.

Executives at companies based in Brazil and China said they were most affected by misunderstandings, with 74% and 61%, respectively, reporting financial losses as a result of failed international deals.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said that misfires in their internal cross-border communications resulted in lost productivity. Among Brazilian managers, the figure jumped to 77%.

To improve communications, many global companies are trying to adopt English as an official language. A multilingual approach ‘is inefficient and can prevent important interactions from taking place and get in the way of achieving key goals,’ Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley wrote in this month’s Harvard Business Review

经济学人信息部(Economist Intelligence Unit)的一篇报告说,近半数跨国公司的高管相信,语言障碍曾让跨境交易流产,给公司带来经济损失。经济学人信息部是《经济学人》(Economist)杂志母公司经济学人集团(Economist Group)旗下的商业研究机构。

该报告的委托方是语言培训公司英孚教育(EF Education First),以对全世界572名高管的调查为基础撰写而成。



为改善交流,很多跨国公司都在努力采用英语作为工作语言哈佛大学商学院(Harvard Business School)教授尼利(Tsedal Neeley)在本期《哈佛商业评论》(Harvard Business Review)上撰文说,采用多种语言会降低效率,可能使重要的互动无法进行,并阻碍关键目标的实现。

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英语阅读 87:不那么愚蠢

英语阅读 87:不那么愚蠢

Two men are sitting together in an airplane.两人在飞机上坐在一起。

They are on a long journey. One man is a teacher.他们是在一个漫长的旅程。一个人是一个老师

The other is a farmer.另一个是农民。

They sit for a while, then the farmer says,他们坐一会儿,然后农夫说,

” Let’s do something to pass the time.“让我们做些事情来打发时间。

Let’s ask each other riddles.”让我们问对方谜语。”

“Let’s make the rules first.“让我们使规则第一。

and let’s make the game more interesting.让我们使游戏更加有趣。

If we don’t know the answer to a riddle,如果我们不知道谜底,

we have to pay, ” says the teacher. .我们必须支付,”老师说。。

The farmer thinks about this for a while, then he says,农夫想了一会儿,然后他说,

“That’s not fair. You’re a teacher,“这是不公平的。你是一个老师,

you know more things than I do.你知道的比我更多的事情。

I am just a farmer. ” “Yes, that’s true!我只是一个农民。”“是的,这是真的!

What do you think we should do?”你认为我们应该怎么做?”

the teacher asks. “If you don’t know the answer老师问。“如果你不知道答案

to a riddle you pay me $100.一个谜你付给我100美元。

If I don’t know the answer to a riddle,如果我不知道谜底,

I’ll pay you $50. “我将付你50美元。“

The teacher thinks about this, then he says,老师认为,然后他说,

“OK. That’s fair. Who’ll go first?”“好吧。这是公平的。谁会先走?”

“I will,” the farmer says.“我会的,”农夫说。

“Here is my riddle. What has three legs when it walks ,“这是我的谜题。有三条腿什么当它走,

but only two legs when it flies?”但只有两条腿当它飞?”

The teacher repeats the riddle,老师重复这个谜语,

“Oh, this is a good one.“哦,这是一个很好的人。

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.”恐怕我不知道答案。”

He gives the farmer.他给了农夫。

$100, then says, “Tell me the answer.100美元,然后说,“告诉我答案。

What has three legs when it walks, 有三条腿什么当它走,

but only two legs when it fLies?”但只有两条腿当它飞?”

“I don’t know,” the farmer says,“我不知道,”农夫说,

and gives the teacher $50.和给老师50美元。


airplene n.飞机

journe n.旅行,旅程


fair adj.公平的

英語語法 – 人称代词

學習英語 – 避税港

學習英語 - 避税港

英語每天一詞。今天我们要学的词是tax haven。 Tax haven,避税港,指不用交税或是税率很低的国家和地区。美国总统奥巴马星期一公布了税法改革计划。”The Obama administration hopes to raise $95.2 billion over the next ten years by cracking down on overseas tax havens,” 奥巴马政府希望通过对海外避税港的打击,在今后十年里避免952亿美元的流失。

四月初的时候,”Leaders of the G-20 Summit also pledged to clamp down on tax havens,” 二十国集团领导人在伦敦召开峰会,也保证要对避税港加强监管。好的,今天我们学习的词是tax haven…

英語語法 – 代詞 – 連接代詞 Connection pronouns 10

English course – I want to be the greatest salesman

English course - I want to be the greatest salesman

Harry wants to be a great salesman,哈利想成为伟大的推销员,

so he goes to a building and speaks to the manager.所以他去一个建筑和经理说话。

“I’m the best salesman in the world,”“我是世界上最好的推销员,”

he says, “Give me a job as a salesman. “他说,“给我一个推销员的工作。“

“You must prove you’re the best , ” the manager says.“你必须证明你是最好的,”经理说。

The manager takes a box of candy out of his desk.经理需要一盒糖果从他的办公桌。

“Last week, I bought l, 000 boxes of this candy.“上周,我买了l,000箱这糖果。

If you can sell them all before the end of the week,如果你能卖掉所有本周结束前

you can have the job. “你可以拥有这份工作。“

“That’s very easy, ” Harry says.“这很容易,”哈利说。

He takes the box of candy and leaves the office.他把盒子里的糖果和离开办公室。

Every day and all day he goes from shop to shop,每一天,他整天就会从商店购物,

trying to sell boxes of the candy, but he can’t sell one.试图出售盒糖果,但他不能卖一个。

The candy is so bad that he can’t even give it away.糖果是如此糟糕,他甚至不能让它离开。

At the end of the week he goes back to the manager.在这周结束的时候,他又回到了经理。

“I’m sorry, sir,” he says, “I am wrong about myself.“对不起,先生,”他说,“我错了我自己。

I’m not the best salesman in the world, but I know who is.”我不是世界上最好的推销员,但我知道是谁。”

“Oh, who? “the manager asks.“哦,是谁?”经理问。

“The person who sold you l,000 boxes of this candy. ““卖给你的人1,000箱的糖果。“




manager n.经理

prove/ pru:v/v.证明,证实

candy n.糖果;冰糖


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