Smart APP helps you to try clothes when you shop online

 Smart APP helps you to try clothes when you shop online

Today’s English lesson we are going to talk about how App can change your daily life.

Software applications let smart phone users do a lot with their photographs.

Apps such as Snapchat already give users the ability to add dog ears, colorful rainbow tongues and other images onto smart phone photos.

Virtual mirrors are a little different. They are designed to let users see what they would look like wearing products that they might want to buy. Some examples are earrings or other jewelry, lipstick and eyeglasses.

These smart mirror applications are gaining popularity among retail businesses, which want to get people into their stores.

A smart mirror is simply an app that turns the screen of a smart phone or other mobile device into a mirror, using its camera function. As users look at the image, the app will make it appear as if they are wearing the product.

Peter Johnson is with FaceCake Marketing Technologies. He said, “Virtual try-on offers people the ability to try on numerous products, many more than they would be able to try on otherwise.”

Recently, Johnson demonstrated how an app called Dangle works. The software program lets store customers try on different earrings without touching a single pair.

Dangle can be used on a computer tablet. It uses the tablet’s camera and the app’s facial recognition technology to make it appear as if the user is wearing earrings.

The digital earrings in the image appear almost real. They move with the user, providing a realistic experience. With Dangle, retailers can show customers all of their earrings in a short period of time — something almost impossible without technology.

There are other good reasons to use the app. Trying-on products with the virtual mirror means there is nothing to damage, lose or at risk of being stolen.

“In-store jewelry, even costume jewelry, in now quite expensive,” noted Peter Johnson.

“This is a way to keep inventory secure, while people are making decisions about what they want to wear,” he said.

A makeover for shopping outside of the home

Virtual mirrors work with another product that takes time and effort to try on: makeup.

A company called MemoMi has developed an augmented reality app that lets customers virtually put on makeup. At Neiman Marcus stores, customers can use the app on a mobile device to see how beauty products would look on them.

The MemoMi software also is designed to teach users how to use the products. The app can record a beauty care expert putting makeup on a model, along with notes and spoken directions. The recording can then be shared with others on social media.

Alec Gefrides is with the American technology company Intel. He said the app can help people use products the way experts suggest and allows them to repeat the process at home.

Getting people to shop in stores again

Smart mirror apps are an example of how retail stores are turning to online services inside their stores to attract customers.

Online shoppers already expect experiences that are in some ways interactive, easy to use and involve social media. Online shopping also makes it easy to pay for products.

A virtual mirror app like Dangle, supporters say, will enable stores to offer a huge number of products with many of the benefits of online shopping.

The MemoMi app lets stores collect information about its users. The information can include what products customers like, dislike and what they bought in the past. Many shopping websites already do this.

Stores hope that by using customer information, salespeople can make better suggestions to customers and sell more goods.

Gefrides believes that stores across the country will improve their businesses as these technologies improve.

“We always hear about the big store closings,” said Gefrides. “But Intel sees technology becoming more important in providing customers with a better experience.”

I’m Mario Ritter.

Please use your smart phone in a smart way

How to lose weight after Chinese New Year

How to lose weight after Chinese New Year

Instead of gulping your food, try eating more slowly.It may help you drop those unwanted pounds, a new study by Japanese researchers suggests.


Also helpful: Avoiding after-dinner snacks and eating anything in the two hours before you go to bed, the researchers said.


The study linked those simple changes to a smaller waist, and lower rates of obesity and overweight.


Compared with people who gobbled their food, those who ate at a normal speed were 29 percent less likely to be obese.But those who ate slowly were up to 42 percent less likely to be obese.


In addition, slow eaters tended to be healthier and to have a healthier lifestyle than those who ate quickly or at a normal speed.


This study could not, however, prove that eating speed causes or prevents obesity, only that it appears to be associated, the researchers noted.They were led by Dr. Haruhisa Fukuda from the Department of Health Care Administration and Management at Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Fukuoka, Japan.


But, eating slowly may very well play a role in curbing obesity, said Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Derby, Conn.He had no part in the study.

但是,位于康涅狄格州德比的耶鲁-格里芬预防研究中心主任 David Katz 博士说,慢慢地吃东西很可能会在控制肥胖方面起到一定作用。尽管他没有参与这项研究。

Practices that impose some mindfulness and discipline on eating may help with both losing weight and staying healthy, Katz said.He’s also president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

兼任美国生活方式医学学院院长的 David Katz说:“那些在饮食上施加一些专注力和自制力的做法可能有助于减肥和保持健康。”

Slow eating is characteristic of a more mindful approach.Food choice is more conscious, and eating is appreciated for quality rather than just quantity, he said.


Avoiding food in the hours just before sleep also suggests a more thoughtful approach to diet that involves some reasonable constraints, Katz said.


The research team’s findings came from analysis of health insurance data on nearly 60,000 Japanese residents with diabetes who had made insurance claims and had regular checkups between 2008 and 2013.


The checkups included weight and waist size measurements and the results of blood, urine and liver function tests.Participants also were asked about their lifestyle, including eating and sleep habits and alcohol and tobacco use.


At the start of the study, more than 22,000 people routinely ate quickly, while nearly 33,500 ate at a normal speed and almost 4,200 ate more slowly.


Although reductions in waist size — a sign of a potentially harmful midriff bulge — were small, they were greater among those who ate slowly or at normal speed, the study found.


Snacking after dinner and eating within two hours of going to sleep also were linked to changes in weight.Skipping breakfast was not.


Previous research has linked eating quickly to impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.The study suggested that this might be because fast eaters consume more food before feeling full.


Slow eaters, however, become aware of feeling full before they’ve consumed too much.


Slow eating has its pros and a few cons, said Samantha Heller, a senior clinical nutritionist at New York University Medical Center in New York City.

纽约大学医学中心的资深临床营养师Samantha Heller说:“慢食既有优点也有缺点。”

On the one hand, slow eating gives our bodies time to register a sense of satisfaction and fullness, so we tend to eat less, she said.


We are more likely to savor the taste, texture, subtle flavors and mouth feel of foods, said Heller, who was not involved with the study.”Research suggests that slow eaters consume fewer calories, have increased feelings of fullness and a decreased sense of hunger.”


On the other hand, the longer some people linger with food in front of them, the more they eat, she said.


That said, speed eating appears to be far more deleterious, Heller said.”People who speed eat, as many of us do, scarf down far more calories than they need.”


Eating quickly has been associated with a higher risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, Heller said.


In many European countries, slow eating is a way of life, she said.”In America, speed eating takes the lead.Thus, we need to encourage a cultural shift to adopting an approach of slower eating and a true enjoyment of food.”


The study was published online Feb. 12 in the journal BMJ Open.


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Learn English – The Mathematical Marriage Predictor

Learn English - The Mathematical Marriage Predictor

You might not think that mathematicians have anything particularly relevant to say about your love life. But you’d be wrong–if we’re talking about James Murray, a mathematician at the University of Washington in Seattle who teamed up with Psychologist John Gottman to explore the rocky road of romance. Here’s what the two did. They videotaped hundreds of volunteer couples discussing such things as sex and money. You know–the sorts of things on which everybody always agrees, Learn English right? 

Then they broke down behavioral responses to these high-pressure discussions into recognizable groups, such as whether partner A can be persuaded by partner B, or whether partner A takes offense when partner B makes a cutting remark. A set of equations was drawn up that represented the interactions of these different factors in mathematical form, leading to…Ding!…a prediction as to whether this marriage would last.

Sound like a stretch? Think you can’t possibly tell that much about a couple from a single interview and some calculations? Four years later Murray and Gottman did a follow-up to see whether the equation had made the right prediction. It sure had–their Mathematical Marriage Predictor was right an astonishing ninety-four percent of the time.
Some conspicuous findings included the fact that, in marriages that lasted, laughing occurred five times more frequently than in couples destined for break-up. The team also found that the one behavior that most consistently predicted divorce was the appearance of a contemptuous or mocking facial expression on one partner’s face when the other one spoke. According to the Mathematical Marriage Predictor, it’s “roll your eyes and say goodbyes.”

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Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the Country mouse saw the City mouse; he said, “Do come and see me at my house in the country.” So the City mouse went. The City mouse said, “This food is not good, and your house is not good. Why do you live in a hole in the field? You should come and live in the city. You would live in a nice house made of stone. You would have nice food to eat. You must come and see me at my house in the city.” The Country mouse went to the house of the City mouse. It was a very good house. Nice food was set ready for them to eat. But just as they began to eat they heard a great noise. The City mouse cried, ” Run! Run! The cat is coming!” They ran away quickly and hid. After some time they came out. When they came out, the Country mouse said, “I do not like living in the city. I like living in my hole in the field. For it is nicer to be poor and happy, than to be rich and afraid.”





made of由…制成

nice food美味的食物



ran away逃跑


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English Reading Practice – Dating Crisis

English Reading Practice Dating

Greg: Hey, sorry, I can’t come to the phone now. Just leave a message . . .


Dave: Greg, greg. Where in the world are you? Hey, man. I’m in hot water, and it’s all your fault! I thought you said Cindy was single and available!! Man, were you wrong!! You should have told me that your sis had just broken up with a seven-foot gorilla named Butch. I mean the guy is huge, and he caught me dropping her at her place, and he nearly strangled me before I could get in my car. And the guy’s dog. You might have warned me about his vicious beast dog. The thing nearly ripped off my arm.

English Reading

Well, once I peeled out of the drive way, the maniac started chasing me in his monster truck and nearly ran me off the road. And man, you could have told me that your car didn’t have much gas ’cause it ran out in the middle of this dark parking lot, and I’m now hiding in the men’s room of the gas station. Now, pick up the phone . . . pick it up , . . . Oh, no I can hear the guy outside and . . . hey, and your phone is going dead . . . Ah, man . . . you might have told me that this thing couldn’t hold a charge . . . Ah man . . . I should have stayed home and done the laundry . . . I shouldn’t have listened to your wacky idea of going out tonight . . . Greg, Greg? Where are you?

1. What is the relationship between Greg and Cindy?

A. They are coworkers.

B. They used to go out together.

C. They are family.

2. Where did the man first run into trouble?

A. outside of Cindy’s house

B. inside a club named Palace

C. at the city zoo

3. What happened while the man was trying to get away from Butch?

A. The car almost crashed off the road.

B. The man attempted to steal the car.

C. The man jumped on top of the car.

4. Where is the man at the time of this phone call?

A. at home

B. in a restroom

C. in his car

5. What does the man say he should have done that evening instead?

A. He should have done his homework.

B. He ought to have relaxed and read a book.

C. He should have washed his clothes.


1. They are family.

2. outside of Cindy’s house

3. The car almost crashed off the road.

4. in a restroom

5. He should have washed his clothes.

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Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong – Beauty is subjective

Beauty is subjective

Every now and then, someone tries to make a case for objective beauty – the notion that there is a quasi-scientific way to judge whether something is beautiful or not.

They poorly analyze survey data. In the end, all this so-called objectivity simply serves what they themselves want to express.

Beauty is subjective. Period.

We each dictate what it is, how it is, and why it is.

We assign degrees of beauty to those around us according to preconceived parameters.

They coincide with what we value in life.

They bounce off of our belief systems, our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, and some, of righteous or sinful.

A guy’s heart is broken by a beautiful woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes.

It forever alters his experience of those properties on a woman.

A man’s life is saved in the jungle by a woman with corncobs on her head and a plate in her lip.

She is kind, caring, nurturing, and loving.

He will forever see such women through new eyes. His inner eyes have opened to reveal beauty where once he was blind to it.

I’m really tired of seeing all those dispute about beauty online.

I hope my words can bring you all some inner peace if you need it.

Handsome men and beautiful women often…

Learn English in Hong Kong – Travelling in China

Learn English in Hong Kong - Travelling in China

Todd: OK, Phil, you just got back from living in China.

Phil: Yeah, I lived in China about two years ago.

Todd: Wow. What was China like? Do you understand the Chinese language?

Phil: No I only understand English. China was an eye-opener. It’s a very old culture, but there’s not many new, there’s not many old things around in China, through wars, through the cultural revolution, a lot of stuff’s been burnt, a lot of stuff just’s been knocked down. One of the few old things that is there is the Great Wall of China. It’s very famous this wall, very big. They are doing some efforts to try and build the wall up again, but when I was there, I believe it was August 2002 it was still mostly old stuff.

Todd: Yeah, what else did you see in China?

Phil: Ah, I went to Xian and I saw the Terra-cotta warriors. Terra-cotta warriors were discovered shortly after Mao died in the late 70’s by a farmer who was digging a well, and he was digging this well and he found all these stone warriors, literally hundreds of them, and it’s a national treasure now.

Todd: Wow! That’s fascinating.

Phil: Yeah, it’s really an impressive thing to see. Those are the two really old man-made things that I saw in China.

Todd: Was there anything else that was really spectacular?

Phil: The Three Gorges tour was really good. Sadly they are all under water now because of the dam project, but I was able to go shortly before it was flooded and really, really enjoyed it. Saw a lot of beautiful things. Surprisingly enough the water was a lot cleaner than I thought and I actually went swimming in it.

Todd: Oh, cool.

Phil: Yeah, for, this is the Yangzhe River in China and if you’ve ever seen the Yangzhe, most parts of it, you certainly wouldn’t want to swim in it, but these parts were pristine.


Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


China was an eye-opener.

An ‘eye-opener’ is a surprising or shocking experience. The phrase refers to when you open your eyes really wide if you are surprised. Notice the following:

Living with him was an eye-opener to his real personality.

Although the vacation was relaxing, it was also an eye-opener.

knock down

A lot has been knocked down.

To ‘knock something down’ is to destroy it until there is nothing left. This is when construction companies hit a building with a big heavy ball. Notice the following:

My brother knocked down my sand castle.

The office building was almost completely knocked down by the hurricane.


Wow! That’s fascinating.

Something that is very interesting is ‘fascinating.’ Notice the following:

This book that I’m reading is absolutely fascinating.

Don’t you think that archaeology is fascinating?


Those are the two really old man-made things I saw in China.

Something that is ‘man-made’ is not natural and has been built or constructed by humans. Notice the following:

The man-made bridge was very difficult engineering accomplishment.

Is the lake natural or man-made?


These parts of the Yangtze were pristine.

If a place is ‘pristine’ it is pure, natural and people have not changed it. Notice the following:

The scenery was so pristine that you felt like you were in a painting.

Behind the house there is a huge pristine woods.

English lesson in Hong Kong – Traveling in China in Jiayuguan Pass

English Course Hong Kong – My Favorite Food

English Course Hong Kong - My Favorite Food

Ron: Hi, I’m Ron from Hawaii. I’m here with Mari from Japan. Today we’re gonna be talking about food. So Mari, what’s your favorite cuisine?

Mari: I think I like American and English food.

Ron: What type of American food? What about Chinese food?

Mari: I like hamburgers.

Ron: Hamburgers. Is that your favorite dish as well?

Mari: That is my favorite dish. My favorite hamburger place is right near where I went to university and they have this hamburger called the Danish Burger, and the Danish Burger has blue cheese inside the hamburger, so I love … my favorite dish has to be the Danish Burger.

Ron: Do you like any side things like french fries with your hamburger?

Mari: I love french fries but I know that eating hamburger and french fries is a little bit unhealthy so I always replace the french fries for a salad.

Ron: A salad. OK. What about dessert? What’s your favorite dessert?

Mari: My favorite dessert has to be chocolate cake.

Ron: Chocolate cake. Anything else? Do you like to eat it with anything?

Mari: No, I like chocolate cake by itself. Anything else? I like brownie sundaes, like brownies and choc … brownies with vanilla ice-cream. I guess my favorite dessert is anything chocolaty.

Ron: Sounds good. So before you said you like to eat a salad. What type of salad, what type of vegetables do you like?

Mari: I like all vegetables. I like them cooked or raw but I don’t like raw onions.

Ron: Not raw onions.

Mari: I really can’t eat onions raw. That’s probably the only vegetable I can’t eat raw.

Ron: That’s interesting. Thanks Mari.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


What’s your favorite cuisine?

‘Cuisine’ talks about a style of cooking or kinds of food from different countries. Note the following:

Thai cuisine is too spicy for me.

I prefer Italian to French cuisine.

side things

Do you like any side things like french fries with your hamburger?

A side thing or side dish is a small amount of food serverd with the main course. Note the following:

I never order side things like fries, just burgers.

The set includes side things like soup and salad.


I always replace the french fries for a salad.

At a restaurant we can sometimes change one dish for another. Note the following:

Can I replace the soup with a salad?

It’s time to replace the battery in my watch.

has to be

My favorite dessert has to be chocolate cake.

‘Has to be’ is simlar in meaning to ‘must be’. Note the following:

The greatest golfer ever has to be Tiger Woods.

Whoa! It has to be the hottest day of the year.


I really can’t eat onions raw.

‘Raw’ means not cooked. Note the following:

Sushi is basically raw fish.

Raw vegetables are healthier than cooked vegetables.

Do you know what these Chinese food mean during CNY?